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November 11,  
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In This Issue
Thank You!

Courtney Coules, Food Justice & Nutrition Action Group Intern- Healthy Campus Initiative and 
Vice President of UNC Asheville's Advocates for a Healthier Tomorrow wrote to OLLI member Deborah Freeman, who organized the Food Justice drive here at OLLI: 

"I just wanted to give you a huge congratulations and an even bigger thank you for the successful OLLI food barrel!!! Amazing job in obtaining food donations for the Food Equity Initiative. OLLI members were more than generous for this drive and we are eternally grateful for what they provided us with. We want OLLI members to know how much we appreciate their charity. Thank you for all your personal hard work in accomplishing this achievement. You're a rock star!"

We also want to thank Deborah and all of the generous OLLI members who responded to this call to help members of the UNC Asheville community. 

Hunger Doesn't Take Time Off for the Holidays
When you are at OLLI, please remember to drop some change in the contribution jar for the Asheville Terrace Apartments food pantry. Money collected in the jar (located near the exit of the Reuter Café, by the recycling bins), helps provide nutritious food to the over 200 low-income senior citizens living at Asheville Terrace Apartments. A poster next to the jar explains the partnership between volunteers from OLLI, Asheville Terrace Apartments and the MANNA Foodbank that supports this effort. Thanks for your help!

Our Lost and Found drawer at the Reuter Center remains very full.  We have been rounding up coffee cups and water bottles and putting them in the sink areas on the upper and lower levels.  We have a number of items left by OLLI members for others to pick up that remain unclaimed.

If you may have lost a jacket, cushion, notebook, bag of art supplies or any of the many things you bring to the Reuter Center or if you have left something for an OLLI member to pick up, please check in the OLLI office.  
On November 14, 2018, we will take all remaining items to a local donation center.

Providing Tens of Thousands of Meals a Day
 to Hungry People

Using Music to Teach Social Skills, Boost Academics and Build Confidence

Changing Lives One House at a Time
Make A Difference!

Meditation SIG
"Walking and Moving Meditation"
with Ginny Goodin
Monday, November 12, 4:15 p.m.
Reuter Center Room 120

Ginny Goodin
Ginny Goodin will share a simple walking meditation practice that increases the flow of chi in our bodies.  In this meeting, we will explore alignment and how it opens the spine and increases our fluidity.  We will practice deep relaxation as we walk, inviting our energy to flow more freely, and we will work with body awareness to facilitate these exercises.

Ginny Goodin is a tai chi, qigong and meditation instructor, personal development coach, and a long-term student of centering practices.  With 30 years of tai chi practice, she has experienced how energy moves through the body and how profoundly we can affect our daily life with these awareness-expanding tools. 

All OLLI members are welcome at the Meditation SIG.

Meditation SIG contact:  Sally Ekaireb

Free Individualized Medicare Counseling
for OLLI Members
  November 13 and 14

The Council on Aging will again be providing Medicare counseling for OLLI members on November 13th and 14th.  

To schedule an appointment, call the Council on Aging of Buncombe County at  828.277.8288 and tell the receptionist that you are an OLLI member and want to schedule an appointment at OLLI. 
McIntosh County Shouters
Master Class, Thursday, November 15, 
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
UNC Asheville's Lipinsky Auditorium

Performance, Thursday, November 15, 7 p.m.
UNC Asheville's Lipinsky Auditorium

McIntosh County Shouters
The McIntosh County Shouters  will bring the "ring shout" - one of the oldest surviving African-American performance traditions in North America - to UNC Asheville for a rousing evening concert, and an afternoon master class.
The ring shout - a fusion of dance, call-and-response-singing, and percussion with hand-clapping and sticks, is African in origin and was first described in detail by outside observers during the Civil War in the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. The ring shout tradition was thought to have died out in second half of the 20th century, but in fact lived on in the small low country community of Bolden in McIntosh County, Georgia.
When the tradition became known to outsiders in 1980, the people of Bolden organized the performance group, the McIntosh County Shouters - to present authentic recreations of their community tradition that had been passed down from their enslaved forbearers.
The McIntosh County Shouters performed in Washington, D.C. at the opening festival for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, and at the John F. Kennedy Center and the Library of Congress. They also have received the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and a Governor's Award in the Humanities in Georgia.
Tickets are $10 for OLLI members 
The master class is free and open to everyone, and will take place from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on 
Thursday, Nov. 15 in Lipinsky Auditorium.
Support for the UNC Asheville appearance of the McIntosh County Shouters comes from Biltmore Farms Hotels, and BPR (Blue Ridge Public Radio), Our State magazine.

Friday, November 16, 5 p.m.
Reuter Center Lower Atrium

"Death Café" is an engaging gathering that includes storytelling and conversation about a topic that too often alienates people in our death phobic culture. At Death Café, participants break into small groups of five or six people and discuss personal stories related to the death of loved ones, loss of jobs, relationships or marriages or loss or death of parts of ourselves. These programs are facilitated by Karen Sanders, Greg Lathrop and Sa'id Osio from Third Messenger. Find out more at deathcafe.com
Reuter Center Singers Concert
20th Year Anniversary Concert 
Part II:  Celebrating Our Heritage
Sunday, November 18, 3 p.m.
Biltmore United Methodist Church
  376 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

The Reuter Center Singers has 20 years as a singing organization; this concert "Celebrates Our Heritage" through music drawn from past concerts.  Eight different mass settings will be performed including the opening movement of Rutter's Requieum,  Vivaldi's Gloria  and the closing of the Ray's Gospel Mass.  Patriotic favorites and fresh new selections will celebrate the fervent desire for a welcoming society, honor the sacrifices of so many to uphold the founding ideals of this country, sustaining us through the present times.  These selections will include "America, the Beautiful," "America, the Dream," "Battle Hymn of the Republic," "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor," and more.
 The Reuter Center Singers are directed by Chuck Taft and accompanied by Nora Vetro. 
Seating is limited, and admission is free.
Donations are welcome.
Volunteer Opportunity
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of WNC

Big Brother Big Sisters of WNC ignites potential by matching volunteer mentors with children from single parent families for a long-term friendship with a purpose!
Bulldog Athletics
Now through November 30, 2018
UNCA Bulldog

Wednesday, November 21
Women's Basketball vs. Davidson
Kimmel Arena, 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, November 25
Women's Basketball vs. Wofford
Kimmel Arena, 2 p.m.

Men's Basketball vs. Furman
Kimmel Arena, 4 p.m.
Special Thanks!   
OLLI would like to thank Creative Retirement Exploration Weekend (CREW) Major Sponsor, Living Stone Construction for their generous support!

CREW helps those considering relocation in retirement examine all their options carefully and make an informed decision about this major life transition. For more about 2019 CREW Program, click here.
Dear OLLI Members,
We have had a busy week and want to thank everyone who attended the Art Bazaar and worked so hard to make it a success.  Particular thanks to Sharon Kopstein, Gay Lambirth, Barbara Mueller and Sheila Murphy for their untold hours of planning to organize the opportunity for OLLI members to share their talents.  And speaking of talent, many thanks to Randy Robins and members of "Performing Stand Up Comedy" for their performance in the Manheimer Room on Saturday night.

We hope that you will take some time to read Judy LaMee's article about our new facilities and communications coordinator Jacqueline Lowe and that you will meet Jacqueline in person when you are at the Reuter Center. We hope soon to hire someone for our member relations coordinator and to be back up to full staff after a challenging year of change.

Remember that there is still time to register for Winter 2019 CFS courses and that Ann Cadle and her registration volunteers are on duty through Thursday at noon to offer their help.

While most of our courses are over, SIGs are still meeting and on Friday, you can join the Inclusion Committee's session on transgender and non-binary identities, attend the Travel SIG, partake in a discussion with members of the Forum, and end the afternoon with a Symphony Talk. Don't forget that next week we will be clearing our Lost and Found drawer and our repository of things members leave for one another, so please come to the office if you may have left or lost something.

Thank you for all that you do to model creative retirement,
Catherine Frank
Executive Director

 Check the links here to see OLLI and UNC Asheville current events:

OLLI Winter 2019 Registration 
continues through 
Thursday, November 15, noon

Print catalogs are available on the upper level of the Reuter Center

  Click here to go to the OLLI website Courses page to find more detailed course information and biographies of instructors 
for Winter 2019 courses. 
Be sure to select "2019 Winter" in the "Term" box on the left hand side of the page

You may come to the Reuter Center 
November 12, 13, 14,  10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and 
on Thursday, November 15, 8:30 a.m. - noon 
to get help with the registration process.

Do you want to be a Class Rep in 2019?
Fill out the Class Rep Volunteer Survey
and we will contact you when 
winter term schedules are sent.  
College for Seniors Skills Training Workshops
Monday, December 3 and Thursday, December 6

College for Seniors holds skills training workshops between the CFS terms. On December 3 and 6, instructors can take a workshop on using PowerPoint in your courses and then create or enhance your Powerpoint presentation and have it critiqued by experience CFS instructors three days later.

See a description of the workshops Click here

Blue Ridge Orchestra Performance
"Eleven Eleven: Remembering Armistice" 
Sunday, November 11, 3 p.m.
Lipinsky Auditorium, UNC Asheville Campus

Christopher Tavernier
The Blue Ridge Orchestra will commemorate 100 years since the Armistice with a special Veterans' Day program featuring Christopher Tavernier, an award-winning piano prodigy local to Hendersonville. Tavernier will be featured as soloist on Ravel's "Concerto for the Left Hand," in a program that also includes selections from Richard Rodgers'  Victory at Sea and Beethoven's incomparable Fifth Symphony.

Tickets $15 General Admission, $10 Veterans/Orchestra Friends, $5 Students. 
For tickets and information, see  www.blueridgeorchestra.org/eleven-eleven or call (828) 782-3354.
STEM Lecture
"Searching for Plastic Man: 
From the 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae' to Regenerative Medicine"
By Dr. Steve Rinsler
Wednesday, November 14, 4:30 p.m.
Reuter Center Room 206

Most current medicines for common diseases are aimed at specific targets.  Unfortunately their effectiveness is limited, and they often produce significant adverse effects.  For chronic noninfectious conditions, they generally require continual administration for long periods or the lifetime of the patient.  Even in the treatment of infections, the development of resistance has shattered the belief in the 'magic' of antibacterials and antibiotics.

So the need for a better approach to therapeutics has been obvious.  Over the past fifty years, new technologies and concepts have set the stage for treating diseases by utilizing approaches based on "systems biology." These involve the use of patient cells and/or adjunctive agents that work with the normal mechanisims of the organism.  They offer the promise of great effectiveness in many commoon chronic diseases without the need for long term treatment or many adverse effects.  One type of systems medicine is "regenerative medicine." This lecture will survey the biological basis and current status of regenerative medicine.

STEM Lectures are free and open to everyone.

Introduction to Transgender and Non-Binary Identities
Friday, November 16, 10 a.m. to Noon
Reuter Center Manheimer Room

Equality North Carolina's 
Ames Simmons
Transgender North Carolinians often face prejudice, discrimination and violence based on their actual or perceived gender identity or expression. Equality NC's nondiscrimination work has focused on workplace and employment protections, equal access to health care and housing, public accommodations and safe school environments. Ames Simmons, Policy Director for Equality North Carolina, will be leading a workshop which will provide information regarding gender identify and expression, gender transition and the gender spectrum; pronoun etiquette; and best practices for interacting personally and professionally with transgender people. There will be plenty of time for questions, so don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about your fellow North Carolinians.

This workshop is sponsored by OLLI's Inclusion Committee and is free and open to OLLI members.  
Welcome Jacqueline Lowe, 
OLLI's New Facilities and Communications Coordinator
by Judy  LaMée

When Jacqueline (pronounced Zha-kleen) Lowe started her new job as OLLI's Facilities and Communications Coordinator on November 1, she felt right at home. She graduated from UNC Asheville in 2013 with a degree in environmental science, and is currently pursuing the university's masters of liberal arts and sciences program, taking night classes.
Jacqueline's connections to UNC Asheville run deep. As an undergraduate, she sang the National Anthem at basketball games. A year ago, she married Jeremy Brooks in the Botanical Gardens of Asheville, adjacent to the university campus. And her grandmother, Kay Lowe, is an OLLI member, whom Jacqueline describes as her best friend. Grandmother and granddaughter have enjoyed singing with the Reuter Center Singers.
Click here to read the whole story!
The Forum Special Interest Group
Friday, November 16, 1-3 p.m., Reuter Center Room 205  

"Current Events and 
Selection of Topics for the Remainder of November and December"
   The Forum encourages a free-flowing dialogue designed to enrich and expand participants' thinking on topics ranging from changing demographics of retirees to  nuclear disarmament.

SIG contact: Beth Johnson, johnson1ea@earthlink.net
Travel Special Interest Group (SIG)  

Southern Italy by Lauren Azoulai
Friday, November 16, 2-3 p.m.

Namibia by Woody Eisenberg
Friday, November 16, 3-4 p.m.

Reuter Center Room 206

OLLI's Travel SIG meets 
the third Friday of the month, 2-4 p.m.  

Contact for the November presentations: 
Kathleen Buehner, kbuehner@hotmail.com

The aim of this group is to share and solicit information on travel; to share past experiences of travel; to assist individual members' efforts in planning for independent travel, joining a tour group or using the services of a travel agent. Also, the group hopes to reach out for travel companions and to discuss pros and cons of traveling alone or with a companion.
Symphony Talk
 Friday, November 16, 3 p.m.
Reuter Center Manheimer Room

The November concert will feature Bates' Mothership, Ellington's New World A-Comin', Gershwin's Variations on "I Got Rhythm," Ellington's Harlem and Gershwin's An American in Paris with piano soloist Aaron Diehl.

This program is a celebration of American composers Bates, Ellington and Gershwin, who share the spirit of innovation, re-imagining what orchestral music can be through their own passions and experiences. Aaron Diehl, a classically trained pianist and composer and a staple of the New York jazz scene, joins the orchestra for Gershwin's Variations on "I Got Rhythm" and Ellington's New World A-Comin'

Symphony Talks are an entertaining and educational way to hear about the music to be performed at upcoming Asheville symphony Orchestra (ASO) Masterworks Concerts.  The program begins with a presentation by Chip Kaufmann, who talks about the life and times of the featured composers.  Darko Buturoc, ASO's music director, appears with the soloist for the performance to talk about ways to listen to the music and about how the orchestra prepares.
To find out more about the performance, including information about purchasing tickets, click here to visit the ASO website.

NC Stage Behind the Scenes 
Friday, November 30, 1:30 p.m.
Reuter Center Manheimer Room

This fresh adaptation of the film is set in the fictional studio of WVL Radio Theatre, which is struggling to stay on the air one snowy winter's night. The professional voice actors are unable to get to the studio, but the show must go on-and so a small but intrepid band of employees manages to create the story's dozens of characters and scenes using just their voices and some everyday household items for sound effects. 

Join artistic director and co-founder Charlie Flynn-McIver as he takes you behind the scenes of the professional productions of NC Stage.  We'll look into the themes of the plays, the rehearsal process and the design process, talk to actors, directors and designers and experience a scene or two from the upcoming show performed live.  Join us for an insider's view of how theatre happens.

NC Stage Behind the Scenes is free and open to everyone.
World Affairs Council
Report from 90 Miles South:
Continuity and Change in a Post-Castro Cuba
Stan Dotson and Kim Christman
Tuesday, December 4, 7:30 p.m.
Stan Dotson and Kim Christman

 Pastors, musicians, faith-based social justice advocates and WNC natives Dotson and Christman have a two-decade history with Cuba. They are now in the middle of a two-year stay on the island.  Presently based in Matanzas serving as leaders and chaplains of two churches, they are additionally engaged with secular local community groups focused on housing, leadership training, and the arts.
The World Affairs Council (WAC) presents lectures and discussions to advance international awareness and foster Western North Carolina's global ties.  Meetings offer a lively line up of topics and compelling presenters.  OLLI members receive a discount on WAC annual membership fee.  These lectures are free to WAC members and students and $10 at the door for all other participants.  For more details about programs  click here to consult the WAC website. 
Astronomy Club of Asheville
Club Holiday Social and Auction
Thursday, December 6, 6:30 p.m.
Reuter Center Manheimer Room

The Astronomy Club of Asheville will celebrate its 7th Annual Club  Holiday  Social and  Auction  event. There will be refreshments, door prizes, and a large selection of exciting items to bid on during silent and live  auctions . The club will welcome the return of their hilarious auctioneer whose previous stellar performances have often been a comedy highlight for many club members!
Auction items will be on display beginning at 6:30 p.m., with the live auction starting by 7:30. The evening is open to all, so bring family and friends, bid on an item or two, just try to suppress your laughter, and show your support for the Astronomy Club of Asheville!

The Astronomy Club of Asheville meets at the Reuter Center the first Thursday of each month (except January and July) at 7 p.m., with an interesting lineup of speakers and topics.  OLLI members may attend club meetings and star gazes with club members on hand to advise and assist them in the basics of astronomy and the techniques of observing celestial phenomena.  
For more information on the Astronomy Club of Asheville and for complete information about upcoming programs, visit astroasheville.org .

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute | 828-251-6140 | olli@unca.edu | http://www.olliasheville.com
Reuter Center, CPO #5000
UNC Asheville
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Asheville, NC 28804