Mask Up OLLI Friends!
*SVSU Requires that Masks be Worn by ALL in Classroom Settings*
  • OLLI continues to strive to keep everyone engaged, for a complete list of up-to-date programming and events, please check our website or call the office. For community events, please check online for information.

  • Join the festivities for the Hemlock Sawdust Days Festival on Saturday, September 18 in Richland Township Park. Visit hemlocksawdust for details.

  • Before September ends, be sure to check out the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge before it readies for winter.

Wednesday, October 13--Monthly Meeting: “Detroit’s Black Bottom and Paradise Valley Neighborhoods: The Settings for Alice Randall’s Black Bottom Saints.”
OLLI at the University of Michigan
In-Person Viewing or Virtual Link
Wednesday, Nov. 10--Monthly Meeting: Unveiling American Genius with the KIA 
OLLI at Western Michigan University
In-Person Viewing or Virtual Link

Wednesday, Dec. 8--Monthly Meeting: Frankie Lymon: Three Wives and an Unmarked Grave
In-Person Viewing or Virtual Link

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Greetings to all our friends of OLLI!

Recently a few OLLI members received emails supposedly from me that looked legitimate. The only known information about them is that they did not come from me. I thought it was important enough to alert all our members of this scam as I have received similar emails from other " OLLI members" in the past. The emails are sent directly to individual members with the member's correct email and a short, one line message. In this case it said "member's name followed with are you free at the moment?" It was signed with my name and a realistic email address. If the receiving person clicked on the email linked a short message appeared from "me" talking about the meeting I was in, how busy I was, and that I needed several specific gift cards right away. Again, it was signed by "me" and appeared to be very legitimate.
After some investigating by Katherine and myself, it is obvious that this is a scam and our WARNING to all OLLI members if you should receive any similar emails with like messages first and foremost delete it immediately. DO NOT OPEN it or click on the link no matter how enticing. You are not in any danger until you click on the link. If you are ever asked to send in gift cards, it is a definite scam. This tactic is used by many different scam agencies to avoid leaving an identity trail. Do NOT forward the link to anyone. I know it's hard not to try to get details, but the more you try the more likely you are to open your personal information to people and places with unethical purposes. 
Those people we checked with regarding this scam, including the SVSU technology security person who told us there really is nothing that can be done to stop such emails from arriving. But we can all be wise enough to put a stop to them at our own computers.
ONE MORE WARNING: OLLI members fasten your seatbelts. OLLI is back and moving forward gaining momentum. Watch your emails. Watch your mail. Excitement is building. We are back and going to be better than ever. All we need now is for OLLI members, past and present, along with new members to renew and join as members for the new year starting September 1. What a year it will be. Watch out world. Here we come. It's a great time to be 50 and better in the Great Lakes Region.

--Roger Spann, Advisory Board Chair
When most people in the US think of fall, whether they are sports fans or not, they think of football. More correctly, American football is gridiron football, named for the horizontal field lines in opposition to association football, or soccer to Americans.

Gridiron football originated at universities in North America during the late 1800s, with the first intercollegiate football game taking place in 1869, between Rutgers and Princeton. The sport, closely related to English rugby and association soccer, quickly caught on around the United States.

Walter Camp is the man responsible for the transition of football from these early English sport-hybrids to the game as we know it today. The "Father of American Football" Camp played halfback and served as team captain (like today's head coach) during his time at Yale University. Camp pushed for the rules of the then newly created Intercollegiate Football Association.

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association professionalized the sport, allowing it to gain further popularity during the 20th century. In 1970 two rival leagues, the National Football League and the American Football League merged together into the NFL as it is today, currently home to 32 teams.

Today, football is the most popular sport in the United States. Check out a high school, college, or professional game this fall and see what all the talk is about!

For more information, see: "Who Invented Football?,"
SVSU 2021 Football Schedule
10/2...Home against Grand Valley
10/16...Home against Northwood
10/23...Home against Wayne State
11/06...Home against Northern Michigan University

For a full list of SVSU games, visit
As people get older their diet should shift to include more superfoods, recent studies reveal. Superfoods are nothing out of the ordinary in today's global marketplace, simply nutrient-dense foods that should be part of all diets.

As people age, digestion issues, bone and muscle loss mean greater attention to nutrition. Try including more blueberries, which promote brain and bone health, into your diet as you get older. Other superfoods that benefit well-being include Brussel sprouts, plain yogurt, and dark green leafy vegetables.

While superfoods are best consumed raw for their ultimate nutritional benefit, if you are new to them, try making up a healthy stir fry with kale, Brussel sprouts, and cashews over a bowl of whole grains. Play with sauce flavors until you find something you like and enjoy!

For more information see: "10 Superfoods for Older Adults"
Laughter has been proven to keep people young by burning calories, relieving tension and stress, and even boosting one's immune system. Comedian Bonnie Barchichat discovered that there was a gap in comedy out there for older people and decided to create an outlet for senior comedians, encouraging people to create jokes and others to laugh. Click on her logo above for a video sample of her work, or get a laugh out of the joke below!

For more information see:
Why don’t they play poker in the jungle?

Too many cheetahs.
Meets every Friday at Noon in Curtiss 129 (OLLI Classroom)
Bridge is BACK! The OLLI Bridge Group is where the competition is heated and the conversation is chill. Join the bridge group every Friday in the OLLI classroom for an afternoon of cards. Need help with your game? Check out the OLLI beginning bridge class beginning on September 24. Take the class then play with the group. Please contact group leader Marilyn Bechtel at (989)894-1089 or for details on the bridge group or the OLLI office to register for bridge bidding with Rich Siemer 989-964-4475.

*Masks Required in Classroom
Improve your bridge bidding and enjoyment of the game. This eight-week series is designed for those new to bridge or who wish to improve their bidding. This course utilizes the Standard American System and relies on ACBL's Club Series for bidding (not included). Competitive bidding and understanding your partner will be stressed. Strategies for successful play of the hand will be reviewed during play. These two-hour sessions are equally divided between learning the principles of modern bridge bidding and applying them by playing prearranged hands

*Masks Required in Classroom

Instructor: Rich Siemer
Fridays • 9/24-11/12
9:30-11:30 a.m.
Location: C129
Member Price: $85
Non-Member Price: $115
What a glorious feast for the senses! See the intriguing artwork, smell the crisp fall air, and hear the popup musical presentations as the bus weaves through a bustling downtown. Grand Rapids' knowledgeable art narrator and tour guide, Caroline Cook, will step-on and guide us through a "maze of amazing" ArtPrize entries in the morning. You'll get a glimpse of the nearly 1,000 works of art that line the streets, parks and buildings as part of the world's richest art competition. Learn all about the backstories…who and why and how…the artists, the muses, and the creations that never fail to push the boundaries of public art in Grand Rapids. In the afternoon you will have free time on your own to explore. This trip includes motorcoach transportation from SVSU, choice of boxed lunch from Holiday Inn, step-on guided tour and free time in Grand Rapids in the afternoon. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS TRIP BY 12 PM ON SEPTEMBER 15

Thursday, September 30
Member Price: $90
Non-Member Price: $115
It has certainly been a whirlwind nineteen months. We have had to open up to new formats for classes and trips, send out more electronic communications, and spend time working from home or traveling the Great Lakes Bay for classes and local adventures. During this period, I had a lot of time to think about what I truly want out of my life and work. I enjoyed having more time to spend on hobbies, time with family, especially my little guy, Patton, and in general, being closer to home. As a result, I have decided to step down as OLLI director and pursue other adventures. I have truly enjoyed the last four and a half years, and making many new OLLI and SVSU friends, made it a hard choice, but I believe it is the best one for me and my family. If you would like to stay in touch, please "friend me" on Facebook or feel free to drop me an email at, and of course, many of you have my cell number too. I would love to hear from you and about OLLI! My last day in the office will be October 15.