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8 Lou Malnati's Pizza fundraiser night

8 Protecting Our Children Presentation 6:30-8pm PH

10 No School - Teacher Retreat Day

12 Daylight Savings Time begins - Spring forward 1 hour

14 STEAM Festival 6-8pm PH

16 Lenten Confessions for school children 10am - 12noon

17 End of 3rd Quarter & St. Patrick's Day Parade - Band Field Trip

23 Pep Rally 2:15-3pm Gym

24 E-Learning Day

27-31 No School - Spring Break!

No School This Friday, March 10

The OLMC teachers & staff will be attending a spiritual retreat off-site for the day. Enjoy your day off!

OLMC students and staff can "bearly" wait for spring!

The top picture is a bulletin board in the 1st grade pod.

The others are a sampling of guided drawings of a bear in a parka done by

1st graders in art class recently.

Math Bee Winners:

The school Math Bee was held last Friday. It takes alot of courage to stand up in front of an audience like this. All contestants did a great job!

Congratulations to our winners:

2nd Grade Competition

Winner - Max Klinker (2C)

Runner Up - Vriginia Reitz (2A)

3rd/4th Grade Competition

Winner - Patrick Goff (3B)

Runner Up - Will Tittle (4A)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Golden Cross Award Recipients for February

Quinn Sullivan and Abram Rund

The Golden Cross Award is presented to two students a month who exemplify our school motto to be “Stewards for Christ” by using all the gifts that God has given to them, both natural and supernatural, in service to God and others.


The Golden Cross, which these students wear throughout the month, is the greatest symbol of the love Jesus has for us, and His mission, which he expressed in the words “I did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a ransom for many.” It is Jesus that we seek to imitate through a life of grace and virtue. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


After careful consideration of all nominations submitted, Quinn Sullivan and Abram Rund were chosen to receive the Golden Cross Award. Please find here the nominations for both students:


Quinn Sullivan shows the virtues of kindness, respect, and friendship. He is always so kind to everyone. He has compassion for anything that anyone is going through and is always there for them. He has never once said anything mean to anyone and I’ve never even seen him get angry through the 9 years I’ve known him. He is also respectful to teachers and students, and always says “yes please” and “no thanks.” He holds the door for everyone and is a gentleman. He wants the best for everyone.


Abram Rund shows the virtues of leadership and generosity. He is always trying to help and include others during recess. He also helps to resolve arguments. If he sees anyone who needs help with anything he will spontaneously go over and ask if they need help.  

Administrative Reminders & Updates: Protecting our Children

Online Safety:

Tonight we will be hosting Theresa Chamblee from Catholic Charities.  Mrs. Chamblee will be presenting on how to protect your children online with a focus on sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  You may be reading this thinking that your children are too young for me to be thinking about such things, but I would encourage you to attend regardless of the age of your children.  This topic is super prevalent in today’s online culture, so early education is very important.  This event will take place in the parish hall at 6:30pm.  


Online streaming is not available at this time.

Cell Phones, Smart Watches, etc:

We have noticed a significant uptick in student technology policies being broken.  The technology user agreement infractions range from simple things like students trying to play an online game instead of doing classwork to cell phone use in restrooms.  The request is for each family to review our family policy guide (p.51) and share these rules with your children.


In particular we would like to highlight our policy about wearable technology.  Our policy prohibits the use of “connected” watches such as iWatch, Gizmo, Fitbit, etc.  Thus far we have been flexible with this policy asking students and parents to ensure that the watch is not connected.  This hasn’t been working, so we emailed parents last Friday asking parents to not allow their children to wear these types of watches.  We are giving some grace this week and are asking any students wearing such a watch to take it off and put it in their backpack.  Next week we will enforce our posted consequence (p.52).


Through his years of school safety training, Mr. Fletcher has learned that morning and afternoon carpool are considered the most dangerous times of the day for students.  With this in mind, we have designed our carpool to limit the number of variables to ensure a simple and efficient process (p.24).  


We completely understand that things come up, we all run a little late, it’s inconvenient to wait in line and the many other factors that come into place.  When these things come up, please call the office and we can help navigate the situation.  There is no judgement here, we are only interested in helping!  


We would also like to share that this past week we had a student bitten by a dog in afternoon carpool.  We don’t have an official policy in our handbook on animals in carpool yet but we are asking that everyone keep their animals either in your car or at home.  Preferably at home, we did have a dog jump out of a car one morning and run through the parish hall.  Again, just trying to keep everyone safe!

Our dining fundraiser at Lou Malnati’s Carmel is TODAY! From 4:00PM – 9:00PM Enjoy some delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizza, and our school will receive 20% back! Please be sure to present the flyer (hard copy or digital) when checking out.

If ordering online or in the app, please enter promo code FUNDOLC23.

Thank you all so much for your continued support in our dining fundraisers!

Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network (ILEARN) is the summative accountability assessment required by state and federal legislation for Indiana students in grades 3 through 8. ILEARN measures student achievement and growth according to Indiana Academic Standards for:


·        English/Language Arts (Grades 3-8)

·        Math (Grades 3-8)

·        Science (Grades 4 & 6)

·        Social Studies (Grade 5)


These assessments will be administered the weeks of April 17th – May 12th.   Please check with your child’s teacher for the testing days and times. Attendance during these days is very important. Please make every attempt to reschedule doctor and dentist appointments around the test dates.  


Here are just a few tips for a good testing day:


  • Make sure students get a good night’s sleep. This is important every night!!!! 
  • A good morning at home makes for a good morning at school. 
  • Make sure your children eat a good healthy breakfast. 
  • Talk to your children about the test. Remind them to give their best effort. This test is important, but too much stress can be a problem also. 
  • Encourage your child to listen to the teacher for directions. 
  • Encourage your child to think positively – they can do this!!!! 
  • Smile and tell a funny joke – laughing is good for everyone.

STEAM Festival

Tuesday, March 14 6-8pm PH

All Grades Welcome!

Come enjoy lots of STEAM fun:

Lift Academy Flight Simulator

Musical street performances

Lego/Robotics team demonstrations

And more!

We need you! It’s that time of year where we start looking for people to serve on the PTO board for next year.

There are THREE OPEN POSITIONS available to any parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled at OLMC:

• Vice President

• Assistant Treasurer

• Corresponding Secretary

This can be a self-nominating process or you can nominate another individual. He/She will be contacted and must agree to the nomination to be considered. Please prayerfully consider if this is for you or someone you know. This school is so incredible thanks in huge part to all of the volunteers! I can say without a doubt that my time on the board has been a truly unique experience and one that I feel very blessed to have had. Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any of the other board members if you have questions!

Click on the link below to learn more AND to fill out a nomination form. Nominations are due by April 15th.

Click here for PTO Nomination Information


3rd and 4th grade Movie Night was Friday evening. Thank you so much to Jill Reitz and Betsy Hoffman for organizing this awesome event for our students!

Just a quick reminder, if you signed up to be an office helper or Friday baker and you can no longer fulfill your obligation, please reach out to myself or the chair so that we can work on finding a replacement. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time! 

Current Volunteer Opportunities

PTO Google Doc

OLMC PTO Volunteer Signup 2022/2023 (


School Bakers

Friday Bakers: Friday Bakers (


Library Volunteers (Updated SPRING sign-up)

OLMC School Library Volunteers 


Office Helpers

Office Helpers: Thursday Office Helpers (


Recess Monitors (contact Angie Nalley)


School Lunch Committee (contact Megan Morton)

SchoolBelles Certificate/Rebate Program:

SchoolBelles has provided the school with some certificates that

families can purchase for use at SchoolBelles.

We have both $20 and $50 increments.

You pay OLMC School for the certificate, then use the certificate

for it 's face value (either $20 or $50) at SchoolBelles store locations or online.

The money you pay OLMC School for these certificates stays in the school budget!

You can purchase these from the school office with check or cash (exact change please).

Please make checks payable to OLMC.

If you are sending in payment with your child, please make sure

it is clear how many you want and who to send them home with!

Want to know what OLMC cheer is all about?

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming OLMC Spring Cheer Clinic.

For girls in grades Kindergarten thru 7th grade.

Kindergarten and 1st grade - April 12th

2nd and 3rd grade- April 12th and 13th

4th-7th grade- April 13th and 14th

More details will be released next week.

Visit the CMA Webpage

OLMC Maintenance Position

Our Lady of Mount Carmel has an opening for a full-time maintenance position to assist our Director of Maintenance in the servicing, renovation, and upkeep of the church, school, parish buildings, and grounds. Candidates should have some basic skills and understanding of plumbing, painting, wall repair and HVAC.

To apply please send your resume to Jody Dalton at

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Lenten Fish Dinner

Dine-in and Drive Thru

March 17, 24 from 5:00 to 7:30 PM

OLMC School Parish Hall for Dine-in, Behind Parish Hall for Drive Thru

Fried Fish, Baked Fish, Cheese Pizza

Coleslaw, Applesauce, Desserts

Adults 13 and older $13 / Children 6-12 $7.50 / 5 and under free Credit Cards accepted

Please consider volunteering to help with the fish dinners. You can signup at:

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Men’s Retreat: March 18 - 19, 2023

*Retreats take place at Guerin Catholic


Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is an effective spiritual renewal process, which calls together the members of the parish in order to experience personal conversion and Christian community in the environment of their own parish.


What’s the best way to learn about CRHP? Experience it.

More Information



Join us at our summer camp program for grades K-8!

From cookie decorating to musical arts, basketball to soccer, Camp Purple is your destination for summer fun!  Descriptions, fees and registration for our summer athletic and enrichment camps for students in grades K-8 are now available at GuerinCatholic.orgNew enrichment camps this year include a Mad Scientist Camp, Gardens Galore Camp, Camp Chaos and Space Camp! We can't wait to see you this summer in The Nest!




March 16-18

7 pm

Tickets on sale at

Facebook  Instagram