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December 16, 2020
Dear OLMC Parents,

How incredible it is to think that we have already made it half-way through the school year!  This first semester has passed so quickly, and what a gift it has been to make it through five months with in-person learning.  Placing our trust in the Lord’s goodness, we all took a huge leap of faith as we opened up our doors in August to move forward in such an unpredictable time.  The Lord has blessed us and has taken such good care of us.  Even with a few positive cases and a number of students in quarantine, OLMC School was able to continue to provide in-person learning to our school community.  Your partnership with OLMC School has been a key component to keeping our school doors open; I am immensely grateful for all of the ways you made sacrifices to take precautionary measures.  And now, here we are at Christmastime, with the doors of our school still open and our hearts open even wider, ready to welcome our Baby Lord.

We expect to receive all of the students back in-person on Monday, January 4.  Recently, the Indiana Department of Health released recommendations for schools that appear to be highly favorable towards in-person learning.  This document highlights precautions that schools should take depending on the color of their county’s zone.  For example, if a county is in the “blue zone,” that means that Covid numbers are low in that county and restrictions and safety measures are not as strict.  If a county is in the “red zone,” that means its positivity rate is high and thus safety measures will be much more stringent.  For the last month, Hamilton County has been in the “orange zone,” one level below red.  It is very possible, though, that our county will be in the “red zone” soon.   However, I am deeply encouraged by the health department’s recommendations for schools; the ISDH is allowing K-8 schools to continue in-person education even if their county is in the red zone.  At this time, the health department is not recommending a shutdown of schools, and I am very grateful for their position.  If you would like to view this document regarding school recommendations and county metrics, you can find it here.

With all of this being said, however, I am asking the teachers to send books home with the students on Thursday and/or Friday.  I am expecting that students will return as usual in January, but I want to be prepared.  We never know if any of our students might need to be quarantined at the beginning of the new year, and I want to make sure these students have everything they need for e-Learning during their 14-day quarantine period.  If your family enters quarantine at a time students would be returning to school, please contact the school.  OLMC School plans to follow a policy requiring a 14-day quarantine period; this policy is supported by the Department of Health and is the explicit preference of the CDC.  We will not be allowing for a shortened period of quarantine for close contacts at this time.

Before we leave for break, I want to share with you my thoughts about moving forward in the second semester.  Recently, we have been having an increased number of students in quarantine.  Teachers need to be attentive to the learning needs of both the students in school and those who are learning outside of school.  This extra attention takes much more time and energy than usual from the teachers, and we are finding that our faithful teachers need extra time to plan and communicate with students in quarantine.  I just want to inform you now that I expect to have more students in quarantine after the Christmas holidays, so OLMC School might be having more planned late starts or early dismissals in the 2nd semester than we normally would have had in a regular year.  More details will be communicated when we return in January.

I pray for the OLMC families each and every day, and I hope that you will have a safe, healthy, and very blessed Christmas and new year.  See you in 2021!

Christmas blessings,

Sister Maria Benedicta, O.P.

School Calendar
18 Pizza lunch for Grades 5-8! see details below
18 Virtual Christmas Program available for viewing online by 10am. See below for details.
18 2 hour Early Dismissal at 1:05pm
19 - Jan 3 Christmas Break

4 School resumes
8 End of 1st Quarter

Student 8 a.m. Mass Schedule: (students leave the classroom at 7:50am)
Mondays: Grades 1, 4, 6
Wednesdays: Grades 2, 5 (KFD1 & 2 will join at some point later in the year)
Fridays: Grades 3, 7, 8

Thank You from the Merciful HELP Center:
We did it!  We filled 310 boxes with badly needed toiletries and household supplies for that many families.  

Through your generosity and the hard work of many volunteers, we were able to complete our Christmas outreach project benefiting the Anderson Community via Community Care Day (happening in January 2021).
Have a blessed Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

Thank You from the St. Nicholas Neighbor in Need Foundation:
The the St. Nicholas Neighbor in Need Foundation spread the spirit of St. Nicholas in many continuing care facilities in Westfield and Carmel on the feast of St. Nicholas.

The facilities were so grateful to receive all the notes & prayers from the students. Attached find a short video recap of the activities! https://shorts.flipgrid.com/watch/14766800121627070

Thank you for helping us with our mission to help improve the quality of life for those in need. God bless you! We are asking St. Nicholas to intercede in praying for the needs of your heart!
New Lunch Duty Calendar
Attached is the January through May master schedule for serving lunch, along with the lunch duty instructions. Please check your assigned date and mark your calendar! The scheduled time to serve lunch is 10:45am-12:45PM. All families will be scheduled to serve lunch 3 times during the school year. If you only have a child in half-day kindergarten, you will not be assigned this duty. 

If for some reason you cannot work your assigned day, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place. Your help in assisting our cafeteria program is very important as our volunteers help us keep a safe and clean eating environment. 

Attention Grades 5-8 - Pizza Lunch Friday:
PTO is providing pizza lunch for grades 5-8 this Friday, Dec 18. The cheese pizza will be from Greek's pizza. Each student in grades 5-8 will receive a large slice (1/4 of a 16" pie) and a chocolate chip cookie. Students should still bring their water bottle as drinks will not be provided.
Christmas Accessories:
Friday, Dec 18
All students may wear Christmas accessories with their school uniform. Examples of accessories are Santa hats, headbands, necklaces, socks, pins, etc. Please no nail polish, wigs or haircolor of any kind. The teachers reserve the right to ask students to remove anything that is too distracting during Mass or class time.
COVID-19 Updates:
Thank you, parents, for doing such a fabulous job in following OLMC’s school health and safety precautions!

*Since our last Messages went out, we have had 3 reports of Covid-19 cases in the school.  You are always welcome to check our school numbers on the Indiana Covid-19 Dashboard and Map.  Click on the school tab. OLMC School updates our numbers each week.

*Quarantine Reminder: Students who are not sick while in quarantine are expected to complete their work while they are out of school.  Please check with the students’ teachers to know their expectations regarding the timely submission of work.  Expectations in different grade levels may vary.
Christmas Program - Covid Style!
The deadline for submission has been extended until Thursday evening at 9pm if your child still wishes to be included. See guidelines listed below in blue.

The 6th Grade class did a reading of the classic The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
Click this link to watch now!

The final Flipgrid Christmas Show will be live by 10am on Friday, Dec 18. Click the link below to view starting Friday!

The Christmas Video Submission Guidelines include the following:
  • School Appropriate
  • Only one submission per student
  • Video Submitted by Monday, December 14, 2020
  • Video needs to be recorded / uploaded on FlipGrid using student Google account via link provided: https://flipgrid.com/61c9942e 
  • Flipgrid Code: 61c9942e 

Directions for uploading video here: 
While we are unable to accept any additional orders for fulfillment before Christmas, we do have limited stock in inventory. Please contact Stephanie Lesher to find out what is available. Arrangements can be made for carpool delivery this week or porch pick up at Stephanie's house next week. 

Due to delays with the USPS, Scrip Ship to Home service is taking around two weeks, so we do not recommend relying on it for Christmas delivery at this point. We are excited about this new service/feature from Scrip, but want to add this disclaimer for any Christmas gift purchases.

stephrufe@yahoo.com or text to 317-446-1977.  
Volunteer Spotlight:
Our spotlight this week is on

We are blessed to have so many caring volunteers who dedicate their time each day to help our school and community be the amazing faith-filled place it is! We would like to spend some time highlighting our volunteers as a small way to say THANK YOU to all that they do! 

We are asking for your help to nominate the volunteers who give their time and talents to our school and community. Here is the link to the nomination form: https://forms.gle/a9behPhxsezrQxVt6
Admissions News-Applications for 2021-2022:
Do you have an incoming Kindergartner or know someone that is interested in OLMC School? Our application process is happening sooner this year!

The online application will be available on the school website starting Monday, Dec. 7.

Who needs to apply?
Existing school family with a child ready to start Kindergarten in Aug 2021:
  • Only complete the application for the child entering Kindergarten
  • Do not complete an application for children already enrolled - the Blue Family Commitment form reserved their spot(s) to return next year

Family with a child currently on a waiting list:
  • Complete a new application for the 2021-2022 school year to remain on the waiting list.
  • We currently have waiting lists for rising grades 4 & 7

New Family with children entering grades K-8:
  • Complete an application for each child

Save the Date: ClusterTruck Dining Fundraiser!
Jan 19 - 24
Our next fundraiser is going to be ClusterTruck, and they are offering the fundraiser for an entire week! Watch here for more details after our break.
Outside Recess:
Students in grades K-6 go outside for recess daily. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for the weather. If there is little to no precipitation and the temperature is 15 degrees or higher (including the wind chill), the students will go outside for recess. Any temperature/wind chill below 15 degrees will result in indoor recess.

Please make sure you label all coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. The commonly end up in the lost and found. If we find a name, we get it to your family. If it is not labeled, unclaimed items are donated to the Merciful HELP Center.
NEW OLMC Car decals for sale: Only $5.00 each
  • 6" diameter circle
  • Cash or exact cash only
  • Please send payment to school with your child in an envelope marked “car decal” & the quantity of decals you are purchasing.
  • The decal(s) will be sent home with your child.

Show your OLMC School pride!
Advent Family Holy Hour:
December 18 7-8 pm Church Come join us for a Holy Hour of praise, worship, and adoration! This is geared for families with children, but open to all. As with most things in 2020, this Holy Hour with praise and worship will look a little different. Music (without communal singing per diocesan guidelines) led by parishioner Craig Novak, will provide an opportunity to enter into and aid in prayer. So wrangle the kiddos, and join us for a Spirit-filled evening!

Guerin Catholic High School will be closed from December 21- January 1, with classes resuming on Monday, January 4. We wish everyone a blessed Christmas and healthy 2021!

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2021-22 school year.  Apply at GuerinCatholic.org. If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour in January, please contact our Admissions Office at admissions@guerincatholic.org.

Boys & Girls Strength & Speed Clinic - POSTPONED
The Boys & Girls Strength & Speed Clinic scheduled for December has been postponed until January/February. Stay tuned for more details in the new year!

Girls Volleyball Winter Camp
Grades 6-8 
Monday, December 21, 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Tuesday, December 22, 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Cost: $50 for both days (includes t-shirt if registered by December 17th!)
See attached flyer for details

Baseball Winter Camp - CANCELLED
The Baseball Winter Camp scheduled for December 27 and 29 has been cancelled.