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Getting Down to Business                                  
Check Endorsements 101
Imagine this: you've finally received a check that you've been expecting. You rush to the bank to receive payment, only to realize the item has not been endorsed properly. Here are some common tips on how to avoid this:


1. When negotiating an item, it is always important to note that the endorsement must match the payee--the front of the check must match the back of the check. "For Deposit Only" may also be included, so long as the full value of the item is being deposited.


checkbook-pen.jpg2. Checks made payable to multiple payees may be written a number of ways. Checks made payable to more than one payee, separated by the word "and" must be signed by all of the listed payees. Checks made payable to more than one payee, separated by the word "or" may be signed and negotiated by only one listed payee. Checks without "and" or "or" may be signed and negotiated by only one listed payee.



3. Checks made payable to someone other than the person attempting to cash the check must be endorsed as payable to the person negotiating the item. This can be done by the payee writing "Pay to the order of..." followed by the name of the person negotiating the item, the payee's signature, and the signature of the negotiating party.


These are just a few examples of common endorsements. There are numerous ways a check may be endorsed, as well as numerous reasons an item may be returned for improper endorsement. If you are ever unsure of how to endorse an item, please don't hesitate to contact us at (906) 635-9910!

ATM Locations & Affiliations
atm_woman.jpgCan you even remember life without ATMs? Old Mission Bank's ATMs allow you to withdraw money, deposit money into your OMB accounts, transfer money between OMB accounts and check your balances 24/7. Old Mission Bank has convenient, surcharge free ATMs at both their Sault Ste. Marie and Pickford locations. BUT WAIT.....there is more......Old Mission Bank is part of NYCE's SUM Network. This means that our customers are offered surcharge free access to ALL ATMs within the SUM Network. You don't have to do anything to enjoy the benefits of SUM--it is ATM convenience without paying a premium.
Simply go to our website, oldmissionbank.com and click on the banner that says "SUM. It's your money". This will bring you to the SUM ATM Locator where you can search for an ATM in the area you live or where you will be traveling to.   Simply enter the zip code, city, or state, or search by bank name. Sum Mobile ATM Locator is available for your iPhone® and Android ® . SUM is convenient and easy to use, so START today.
man-working-knees.jpg Spring into Summer
Business owners and Entrepreneurs - hit the ground running this summer with a commercial loan to finance your business expansion or start-up.

At Old Mission Bank, we have commercial lenders with the expertise to leverage various government guaranty programs and lending partners to get your loan approved.

Even if you have financing in place, come meet with one of our experienced lenders to see if restructuring makes sense before interest rates rise. We've successfully helped many businesses in the community with commercial real estate loans, equipment loans, and inventory/operating loans. Come see us today at our Sault Ste. Marie or Pickford locations!
Trust, Love, Password Sharing?
A strong password is a great way to prevent hackers and identity thieves from accessing your accounts. But what if you share it with someone you know?

Many teens and young adults are giving passwords to friends or loved ones as a sign of trust or love. After all, sharing is caring, right? But what may seem like a milestone in a relationship can turn out to be a very harmful decision.

Think about it. If you give someone your password, they not only have access to your private information, they also can change your password and lock you out of your account completely. On social networks, anyone with your password can post on your behalf. Imagine what an ex-friend or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend could say (as you) and the damage it could cause to your reputation or job prospects.

While you're keeping your passwords to yourself, no matter how great your friends and loved ones are, here are a few password tips to keep your accounts secure...from everyone:

Avoid the obvious. When choosing a password, don't use names, dates, phone numbers, or anything someone could learn about you from a website or social media.

Be strong. A password with a minimum of 10-12 characters and a mix of letters, symbols, and numbers is harder to hack - and to guess. Worried about remembering it? Make up a phrase and turn it into your own acronym. "I don't share my online passwords with anyone" becomes 1D$moapwwa. Don't use movie quotes or song lyrics.

Be creative with answers to security questions. Anyone close to you might know things like your mother's maiden name, or the elementary school you attended. Hackers can also find these facts using social media and other online searches. Try answering security questions that are more difficult and answering with full sentences, not a few words.

For more about keeping your accounts secure and protecting your passwords, read about Computer Security.

Bank and Employee Community Involvement
Relay for Life - Team Old Mission Bank
"When fighting cancer, it's not always about the odds or the success rates. It's about the will of a human being whose strength to overcome cannot be measured on paper."
~Ann, The Lymphoma Club

The 2016 Relay for Life is quickly approaching. The local Relay for Life theme is THE COLORS OF CANCER-THEY ALL MATTER! Our color is TEAL, representing Ovarian Cancer.  Old Mission Bank team captains, Anna and Katie, are working diligently to organize several bank-wide fundraisers. Some of their plans include:
  • Two bake sales: One in May and one in June (dates yet to be determined).
  • Carwash: Old Mission Bank staff will be having a car wash toward the end of June (check our website for details soon!)
  • Candy Bar Sales, etc.: We will be selling candy bars at the information desk for $1, as well as Teal Ribbon Pins and Cancer Awareness Bracelets.
  • Feet and Luminaries: Relay for Life Feet and Luminaries will be sold at the teller line and information desk. Help us fill an entire wall with feet! Feet are $1 and Luminaries are $10.

Our goal this year is $4,000. Please come out and help us support a great cause!



Community Shred Day
Old Mission Bank will be hosting their 5th Annual Community Shred Day in August. This event is open to ALL members of the community. Shredding is FREE; however, we will be accepting donations for the Chippewa County Road to Recovery. Shredding Services provided by: Smith Sanitation. Check our website for details soon! 
In This Issue
Identity Theft Target Turns the Tables
Article by Bridget Small, FTC
 "I admit it; when my email inbox is full, my eyes may drift past some messages. But my co-worker's story has motivated me to pay better attention. She noticed an odd email her husband got and looked into it. It turned out that someone had stolen his personal information and used it to buy things..." Click here to continue reading.
Employee of the Quarter

Krystal, Loan Processing

Krystal has been part of the Old Mission Bank team for just over a year. She is originally from Maine, however, moved to Sault Ste. Marie, MI in 2014 with her husband, Keith, and son, Zayne.


Krystal willingly assists both staff members inside and outside of her department. She has been instrumental in the research and implementation of procedures to comply with new lending regulations, and is described as patient, hardworking, and eager to learn.


Outside of work Krystal enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and baking, and outdoor activities including hiking, snow shoeing, fishing, and four-wheeling.


Congratulations, Krystal!

Scammers Phish for Mortgage Closing Costs
Buying a home is exciting. You saved for the down payment, scheduled the move, and are dreaming of planting new roots. Closing is just around the corner...unless a scammer gets your settlement fees first. Click here for more information.
LaCross Elected as Director
Thomas G. Robinson, Board Chairman of Old Mission Bancorp, Inc. and Old Mission Bank announced the election of Ms. Jeanine LaCross to the Board of Directors of Old Mission Bank and Old Mission Bancorp, Inc. effective February 23, 2016. "Jeanine exemplifies the spirit of community so central to Community Banking and brings extensive professional and business management expertise to further compliment our Board. We see Jeanine taking a major role in our ongoing success," stated Robinson.
Ms. LaCross is the President and Chairman of Arfstrom Pharmacies, Inc. of Sault Ste. Marie, MI with a 29 year career spanning all facets of the Pharmaceutical business model. A native of Alpena, MI, Jeanine graduated from Alpena High in 1989 and LSSU in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Memberships and volunteering include Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church, Chamber Ambassador, Rotary Club, Project Playground, St. Mary's PTO, and Sault Michigan Hockey Association.
Jeanine and her husband, Brad, reside in Sault Ste. Marie and have celebrated 23 years of marriage with sons Benjamin and Nicholas.
Please join us in congratulating her! 

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