OMC’s Infusion Therapy Services Expansion
Olmsted Medical Center has expanded their Infusion Therapy Services for OMC patients who need infused medication. This is the type of therapy typically administered into a patient’s veins through an IV or through an injection. 
Located on the second floor of the hospital, OMC’s Infusion Therapy Services department provides patients a relaxing environment with care by highly skilled healthcare providers and nurses.

This newly expanded area features a spa-like atmosphere. Patients receive their treatments in a private and secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of the main part of the hospital. Inside the Infusion Therapy area are heat and massage chairs with adjustable pillow pads and the capability for a patient to lie down flat if needed. Chairs are in their own bays with large windows to allow in natural light. Patients also have the option to order complimentary coffee, tea, and other beverages from Café 49, OMC’s gourmet coffee shop. (We invite you to learn more about Café 49 elsewhere in this newsletter.)

Patients have their own large screen television in their infusion bay. For patients who need treatments that require time away from work, the new infusion area offers a high-top table with a media strip for computers and other devices, along with a larger screen TV. This gives patients the ability to work from the infusion area and to move around. There is also a small reading area with books next to a fireplace. 
Patients are not required to sit in their bay chair the whole time. Nurses and healthcare providers get to know each of their patients, helping to create a warm and friendly environment. “We pamper people. It’s quiet and warm; you can walk around. It’s homey,” stated Ashlea McLeod, PA-C. This doesn’t sound like a place where one gets poked with a needle, but it is. The environment helps patients to feel relaxed while they are getting infused. If a patient’s treatment takes longer than two hours, they may order a complimentary meal in addition to the free options from Café 49.

Receiving treatment at OMC’s Infusion Therapy Services department requires a patient to establish care with an OMC primary care provider (this does not include providers in Acute Care or FastCare). “The provider discusses the infusion treatment with the patient and places the order in the electronic health record. The infusion nurses will call the patient to schedule their therapy within 24-48 hours as long as there is no prior authorization needed,” stated McLeod. For those patients who need same-day treatment, the provider will place the order, then call one of the nurses in the Infusion Therapy Services department. In most cases, the infusion nurses are able to accommodate that appointment. The nurses are also available to answer any questions that patients have about their treatment.

When asked for their feedback, patients frequently mention the calming and relaxing atmosphere. The infusion nurses enjoy connecting with their patients and strive to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.
At OMC, Infusion Therapy services available for patients include:
  • Vascular Access Device Insertion and Care
  • Blood Products
  • IVIG
  • Alpha 1-Proteinase Inhibitor
  • Antibiotics
  • Advanced Biologicals
  • TNF-Alpha Blockers
  • High Dose Steroid Therapy
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Fluids for Hydration
  • Chemotherapy (limited).
Coming Soon: 
Flu Vaccines in School
Summer is winding down which means flu season will be here before we know it. Once again schools in Olmsted and Dodge counties will be offering the flu vaccine in their buildings this fall. All children K-12 who are signed up and qualify can get the vaccine. Parents/guardians who would like to have their child/children vaccinated must sign up in advance between August 8 – September 12.

What else do I need to know?
  • Registration is required, online preferred, but paper forms are available at school.

  • Non-medication pain reducing options will be offered.

  • Your health insurance will be billed just like it is in your clinic.

  • The child’s clinic will keep the completed form and will update the child’s health record after the vaccine is given.

This year, the nasal spray (FluMist) will be available as an option. 

To learn more or to sign up, visit http://www.semnic.org/schoolfluclinics.aspx .
Tips for College Students
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offer the following tips:

  • Eat healthy and engage in regular physical activity (don’t be a part of the freshman 15).

  • Learn about all the food options available in your school’s cafeteria, including the healthy options. And, know it’s OK to eat those less-than-healthy options once in a while.

  • Stay safe. Know your campus security contact information. If you live in the dorm, don’t be afraid to talk to your resident assistant.

  • Avoid substance abuse and underage drinking, don’t smoke, and avoid illicit drugs.

  • If you are feeling stressed or anxious, talk with a school counselor or your academic advisor.

  • Try to get enough sleep. It can be harder to retain information when you are tired.

  • Turn off electronic devices approximately half an hour before you go to bed. Electronic devices use artificial blue light, which can trick your body into thinking it is still daytime.
  • Colleges rely more and more on technology for assignments. So, be aware of eye strain. 
Back to School Tips
For K-12
Tip 1: Backpack safety
Here are some tips to follow when deciding on a backpack for your child:
  • Backpacks should have well-padded shoulder straps that can be worn on both shoulders. This helps distribute the weight of the items in the backpack, reducing the chance of neck and shoulder discomfort for your child. Wearing a backpack slung over one shoulder can cause a child to lean to one side, curving the spine and causing pain or discomfort.

  • Pack as light as possible as too much weight can cause discomfort or muscle strain.

  • Backpacks with a hip or chest belt take some strain off neck and shoulder muscles and improve the child's balance.

  • A child’s backpack should weigh no more than about 10% of his or her body weight. This means a student weighing 100 pounds shouldn’t wear a loaded school backpack heavier than about 10 pounds.
"A child wearing a backpack incorrectly or that is too heavy can be contributing risk factors for discomfort, fatigue, muscle soreness, and musculoskeletal pain especially in the lower back,” says Teresa Erickson, MA, OTR/L, manager of rehabilitation services at Olmsted Medical Center, and an expert on school ergonomics and healthy growth and development of school-age children.
If your child experiences discomfort or pain when using their backpack, check to see if their backpack is fitting correctly. If nothing seems to change after a while, consider buying a new backpack or talk with your child’s primary care provider. Your care provider can help determine if the pain or discomfort is from the backpack or another underlying medical issue.
Tip 2: Easing into school during the first few months
  • If your child feels nervous about school, let them know they are not alone in how they are feeling. Most children experience some sort of nervousness when they are going into a new school year or new classes, or making new friends.

  • Develop and maintain a sleep schedule.

  • To make sure your child is doing well emotionally, ask how their day went or if there is anything they’d like to talk about.
Tip 3: Getting enough sleep
Getting enough sleep is important for everyone; however, for young children, sleep is essential in order for them to function and be at their peak for learning. Early school starts can create challenges because young children and teens may not be getting the necessary amount of sleep.
According to the National Sleep Foundation:

  • Preschool children (3-5) need around 10-13 hours.
  • School-age children (6-13) need around 9-11 hours.
  • Teens (ages 14-17) need around 8-10 hours.
  • Adults need only between 7-9 hours.
Tip 4: Healthy lunch selections for younger children
It can be challenging to create and pack healthy lunches your child will eat. One way to help encourage healthy eating habits, and to spend time as a family, is to have your child help you create their lunches.
Here are a few ideas of healthy choices for your child’s lunch:

  • Use whole wheat bread, not white, and avoid processed lunch meats. For children with gluten sensitivities, consider corn tortilla wraps.

  • Pack fresh fruits or vegetables.

  • Include dips like hummus, guacamole, or ranch dressing for vegetables.

  • Instead of packing chips and cookies, try whole wheat pretzels or crackers.

  •  Replace soda and juices with fat-free milk or water.
50% OFF
Learn more about Café 49 at olmstedmedicalcenter.org/cafe49/ . 
Café 49: Olmsted Medical Center’s own Gourmet Coffee Shop
Caring First, Coffee Second
If a perfect cup of coffee is the way to a customer’s heart, then OMC’s Café 49 staff is there for you. They want to connect with their customers and provide a high level of service in a caring and friendly atmosphere. 

Want a special drink? The staff at Café 49 invites customers to delight in their own creations. So, if a customer likes a spoonful of sugar and whipped cream with their coffee, the staff member will create it. If making someone’s day is to add a little cinnamon and caramel in their coffee, the staff will do that as well. Sometimes, it even means tracking down a special syrup so a customer can have the drink they want. 
For customers who aren’t fans of coffee-related beverages, Café 49 has other drinks such as select teas and hot chocolate as well as bottled pop and juice.

If enjoying coffee is a part of your daily routine, OMC offers two Café 49 locations. The coffee shops are located at the Hospital and at the Rochester Northwest Clinic. Whether you are a patient, family member, visitor, community member, or employee, we invite you to stop by Café 49. 
Croquet Field Day!—Emergency Medicine Department Fundraiser 
On June 24, OMC Regional Foundation hosted their ninth annual Croquet Field Day! It was a huge success and happened to be a beautiful day. The rain stayed clear as the event took place to ensure maximum fun for our 54 teams. The event was held to help raise money for Olmsted Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine department to upgrade and expand emergency care services for Rochester and the surrounding communities in Southeastern Minnesota. This year $44,379 was raised.

Not only will the Emergency Medicine department benefit from the generous support, the players and volunteers had a lot of fun participating. Kevin Higgins and his son, Liam, whose team name was The Rovers, won the tournament. About the event, Higgins said, “It’s a great way to get your entire family to participate in a fundraising event supporting Olmsted Medical Center. We love the friendly competition.” For Croquet Field Day! all participants had creative team names such as the Cat Burglars and No Peace for the Wicket.

There were two games of croquet spread out on 18 courts. The teams that won each game moved onto the next round until eventually there were only six teams competing in the championship game for the winning title. There were other contests that helped create a friendly competition and even some hilarity. This included best hat, best team name, best croquet outfit, and best themed team. All participants had the chance of winning something.

James Hoffmann, DO, and his teammate, Jesse, had a team name that incorporated both of their names. Dressed like cowboys, they called themselves the Jesse James Gang and had a great time at CFD! According to Dr. Hoffmann, “The event is well organized with excellent service, great food, enjoyable play, and fantastic company. A wonderful way to spend a day.” Even though his team didn’t win the championship game, they enjoyed themselves and have participated every year.

From the crazy hats and outfits to the competitive games of croquet to the amazing lunch made for the participants and volunteers, this event was a one of a kind. OMC Regional Foundation can’t wait until next year and neither can the sponsors! Overheard from a CFD! Court Sponsor, “OMC Regional Foundation continues to lead the philanthropic landscape for fundraising events. We’ll be on board next year with a larger presence.” This event always has a great response from everyone who participates and the sponsors. The participants who have been part of this event for years want to come back every year. “I always look forward to our Annual Croquet Field Day! and I always have a great time,” shared Dr. Hoffmann.

The reason this event continues to be so successful is because of the players and sponsors. This amazing event wouldn’t happen without their generous support.

If you want to play croquet and have some fun for a great cause, you can! This event is for anyone, whether novice or experienced amateur players. You can learn more on our website at https://www.olmmed.org/cfd/
OMC Regional Foundation | 507.292.7200 | foundation@olmmed.org | omcrf.org