"There is nothing permanant except change."

Hey Co-Conspirator, welcome to the final newsletter of June! Wow, what a month it's been. In this newsletter you'll find a Word from the CEO, Initiative information, and a follow up on Juneteenth.
Hey Co-Conspirator, what an amazing month June has been; time really flies when you’re making a change!

I wanted to take the time to touch on a few things, but first, can we talk about how Black women and girls are dominating the Olympic Trials? 

It’s amazing to see this strength and resilience displayed as we watch the Olympics play out. We've reached a point in time where Black people are no longer apologizing for who they are; which is empowering and inspiring for me as a Black woman to watch. Particularly, because being unapologetically Black is what we teach and preach through our Supporting Healthy Black Families programming.

With the month of June coming to a close, I also wanted to take a moment to talk about Juneteenth. As you may know, Juneteenth is the day in which we celebrate Black liberation, Black Culture, and Black people. However, this Juneteenth, a red, white, and blue flag was flown over the Dane County Jail. A jail that symbolizes the commodification and dehumanization of Black people. The total opposite of Black freedom. The flag that represents Black people in America was created by Marcus Garvey in 1920. Known as the Pan-African flag, it was created to symbolize the worldwide liberation of Black people. Please do not EVER fly or use the red, white, and blue flag created by white people to symbolize Black liberation.

The Pan-African flag (which should be used) consists of three colors: red, black, and green. Red for the blood that unites all people of Black ancestry and shed for liberation, black for Black people whose existence is affirmed through the flag, and green representing the abundant natural wealth of Africa. Flying the red, white, and blue flag--over a facility that is known as the "New Jim Crow", that disproportionately cages Black people, is harmful. It is also symbolic of how insidious racism is. In order to center the humanity of Black people, we have to get into the knowing of what is and how white supremacy racism operates. If you're interested in getting into the knowing join our Co-Conspirator Workgroup (CCW) or our Supporting Healthy Black Families Workgroup (SHBF) or, reach out for customized training or consulting. We got your back. Causing harm and not addressing it is an attribute of white supremacy racism. Being accountable is doing the work. The work is where healing abides and community is built. Click here for more info.

With that being said, it’s imperative that we continue our supporting and uplifting Black culture, Black people, and Black lives. At Urban Triage we’re committed to connecting the African diaspora not only in the City of Madison, but across the globe.

Support the work by donating to our Juneteenth fundraiser. We're only $7,000 away from our goal of $25,000. If you have already donated and made a stance against housing insecurity in our city. Thank you --- click here.

Finally, I don’t want to leave y’all with a cliffhanger – but Urban Triage has huge things coming up in the very near future, and we will need you to show up and show out, as you always do.

Keep your eyes and ears open, because this news is going to be hot! Click below to sign up to be a volunteer and be the first to know.

Peace, love, and hair grease, 

Our Juneteenth campaign has been phenomenal. We raised $18,000 in just two weeks, and are only $7,000 away from our $25,000 goal.

We celebrated by sponsoring the Shades of Black Cultural Festival with Black Umbrella Global, Young Moms of Madison, Feeding the Youth, Progress Center for Black Women, and Coopers Tavern!

Our Co-Conspirators also showed up and supported the work by packing and passing out a total of 100 gift bags at both Penn Park and Elver Park! It was so much fun to see everyone in action and representing Urban Triage!

As you know, Juneteenth is a time to celebrate Black people, Black culture, and Black liberation. Because of you, families will be relieved from the stresses of housing insecurity this summer.

If you haven't already donated, please check out the link below and read more about the history of Juneteenth and the details of our campaign.

Thank you for celebrating Juneteenth by supporting the liberation of Black families!
Our 7th cohort of Supporting Healthy Black Families (SHBF) is kicking off on September 21st, 2021!!

We’re so excited to continue empowering, inspiring, and transforming Black lives in our longest-standing workgroup! SHBF is a direct correlation to you being the best, most unapologetic version of yourself.

Members of our previous cohorts have experienced profound and lasting changes by utilizing the knowledge and skills learned in our workgroup. Check out what a current member of SHBF had to say about the workgroup so far:

"This workgroup has changed my perspective on not only myself but the world around me. Being a part of this community I have already learned so much, and I'm inspired to make real change in my life. I can't wait to see where this takes me!" - Participant

If you or someone you know is ready to join the Urban Triage family and make a multi-generational positive, permanent change, click the link below and get involved. Our doors are always open!

Supporting Healthy Black Families'
Unhoused Neighbors Initiative
As the weather changes, so do the needs of the homeless community in our city. We are changing up the items in our essential bags to fit the current weather and needs of community members!

We are currently accepting donations of various items for essential bags such as sunscreen, bug spray, body wash, toddler swimming trunks, and more.

Please click below to learn more about our Unhoused Neighbors Initiative, and to see the full list of donation needs.
DCCBSP Rental Support
The City of Madison still offering rental assistance through the CORE Program, and we’re still showing up and showing out for community members to assist with processing applications. 

The reason that many applications have not yet been approved is because information on the application is missing or incorrect. That's why we've stepped in to speed up the process for community members.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for rental assistance through the CORE program, please click the link below to learn more and view the calendar for upcoming pop-ups.
The African American Policy Forum is seeking applications for their 2021 Young Scholars Program: Art, Activism, and Advocacy! The Young Scholars Program (YSP) is a multi-phased mentorship course in which a cohort of young Black women and girls are organized to develop their research and leadership skills.

The first phase of the 2021 YSP program begins Tuesday, July 6th, 2021, and ends Friday, August 13th, 2021. This program is completely remote via Zoom, and scholars will gain first-hand experience in how to analyze, write, and present research projects. To sign up, click the link below! 
Odyssey Project
Four amazing women from the Odyssey Project were awarded prestigious Business Forum of Madison scholarships!

The Odyssey Project is a program that assists people facing economic hardship in going back to school, and it is a key turning point for many people on their academic journeys!

For more information about the Odyssey Project, click the link below! 
Transcend, Uplifting Their Voices
Katharine Pettit Creative - KPC is partnering with the Black Mental Health Alliance to curate a virtual dance-centered concert, "Transcend, Uplifting Their Voices", that will center Black Trans, Non-Gender Conforming, and Queer Artists Wednesday, July 14th, 2021, 6:00 PM.

These events elevate Black Trans, Non-Gender Conforming, and Queer Youth through dance, discussion, and poetry, offering three Black Trans Mental Health Scholarships for young artists pursuing a career in dance.
As you already know, our organization is outstanding and impactful thanks to the dedicated service and passion embodied by our volunteers and community members.

What you may not know is how much work goes on behind the scenes in order to provide our community with outstanding support and services!

Our volunteers consistently show up on the front lines to do the work and spread the vision of Urban Triage. This summer, more than ever we want to say THANK YOU!

If you'd like to join the Urban Triage Squad and become a volunteer, click below! We are always looking for amazing people to support our work!
We would like to acknowledge and show appreciation for one of our staff members, Massendra Musial!

Massendra always goes over and beyond her role as a Program Support Specialist. She shows dedication and commitment to her personal healing journey and personal transformation--embodying the mission and culture of Urban Triage.

We are so lucky and excited to have Massendra be a part of our team.

Kuddos to you Massendra!!
Is you or someone you know looking for a dynamic work environment with competitive pay? Look no further! Urban Triage is hiring!