Issue 100 -
October 22, 2018
Medical Marijuana
Policy Update Meetings
Scheduled Near You
OML will continue presenting the popular and informative Medical Marijuana Policy Update Meetings at a community near you.

The meetings will be divided into two sections; first, we will discuss the current status of the medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma including statues and rules.

Secondly, we want to hear your ideas and concerns relating to the medical marijuana laws.

We will use your feedback in preparing for the upcoming legislative session as we anticipate a number of pieces of legislation and possible rulemaking that will address this issue.

Please review the meeting agenda and click below to locate a meeting near you.
OML Wants to Promote Your Communities' Holiday Events
OML wants to help your community promote its upcoming holiday events. We are preparing a new section on the OML website, along with other promotional strategies, that will feature your holiday events. All you have to do to participate is send us your event press release and a photo or two. The deadline to participate in this special project is November 1. Please email your release and photos to Kay Hunt, Director of Communications at .
OML Explores Municipal Employees Insurance Pool
The rising cost of healthcare for Oklahoma cities and towns has continued to be a struggle as city leaders attempt to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices. Healthcare costs have been unstable and as a result has continued to be a pressing issue for our municipalities.

Municipal leaders have reached out to OML and asked us to explore the possibility of a municipally operated healthcare pool. To do that, we need your input. Beginning very soon, we will be contacting numerous cities and towns for their feedback and data. However, in the meantime, if you are interested in participating or want more information, please contact Ginny Wilson at  or call 405-528-7515.
On The Road Again! 2018 OML District Dinner Meetings
Over the next few weeks, the OML staff is coming to a community near you in celebration of our annual District Dinner meetings. You are all invited to join us for an evening of great food and fun. OML staff will be on hand to facilitate the dinners and fill you in on the latest news out of OML, including information regarding the upcoming legislative session.

All events are free. You can find more information regarding dates and locations by clicking here. We hope to see you soon!
Oklahoma Today Magazine - Unnatural History
A Guthrie couple shares stories of the strange and wonderful. The Cimarron Dove’s ambrotype portraits, like this one of Holly and Jeremy Hall, fit perfectly with the eerie quality of The Most Wonderful Wonder.  Read Article
Attention members! OML has partnered with Oklahoma Today Magazine to provide your community an opportunity to promote your events in this award-winning, statewide publication. Please go to the  online form  and submit your events for consideration, six months out. The event listing is free and will be a great way to let readers from across the state know about what is going on in your communities.
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