*We are open on a part-time basis Wed-Sat evenings 6-11pm until the end of Sept 2017,  ($15/hr), normal hours to resume Oct. 1/17.   Call 306-931-4653.
Thank you to Volunteers
We would like to thank the many volunteers who assisted Golf Saskatchewan in 2017. 

To wrap-up our season of events, Golf SK held our Volunteer Appreciation Day at Deer Valley GC in the picturesque Lumsden Valley.  

Thank you one and all and we hope to see you on the links in 2018 and beyond.
2017 Long Term and Exemplary Volunteer Service Award

Wendy Besplug
Golf Saskatchewan honoured one of our own with the a volunteer award on Saturday, Sept 16 at Deer Valley GC. 

For more than 10 years, Wendy has been involved with many aspects of our association.  She has been a board member, rules of golf enthusiast, course rater, team leader, tournament starter/scorer, non-playing captain just to name a few.  Although Wendy was not able to be at our event in person, we presented the award to her via live Facebook feed and she was able to interact with the 30 plus Golf Saskatchewan volunteers and staff.  Thank you for your continued contributions to moving our sport forward.  

On behalf of all Golf SK volunteers, congratulations Wendy on your award.   
Why should you be a Golf Canada Member?

Investment  in the Game  - first off, as a member of Golf Canada / Golf Saskatchewan this is your investment into the the sport of golf in Canada & Saskatchewan.  Your membership dollars assist in grassroots development, volunteer education, rules of golf, championship, game improvement programs, Saskatchewan golf history, scholarships, and many other programs and services.     

But what do I get for being a member?  

Peace of Mind through ...

The Golf Canada Equipment Guarantee*
It provides you with added peace of mind. If anything should happen to your equipment, or if you accidentally damage a motorized golf cart or break a window, the guarantee program helps get you back on the course by paying your replacement costs ...

  • Window Protection - the only thing feeling worse than an offline drive or a shanked shot, is when it is followed by a loud smash sound of broken glass. Members are now covered up to $1,000 towards the cost of repairing or replacing windows broken on or near the golf course.  The window coverage also is extended to windshields and automotive glass in the parking lots. 
  • Golf Equipment Guarantee - if anything happens to your golf equipment, the Golf Canada Equipment Guarantee helps get you back on the course by reimbursing your replacement costs up to $2,500. Examples include but are not limited to: theft from home/automobile, lost distance range finders, airline breaking your golf clubs, and more. 
  • Golf Cart Damage - if you damage a motorized golf cart by accident, you are covered, up to $2,500 for the repair/replacement of the power cart. 
  • Club and Equipment Labels - if you are forgetful, your individual membership labels offer golf courses and other players to return your items to you. Put them on your golf clubs, bag, distance measuring devices, cell phone and other items of importance to you.   
  • There are more benefits to membership. Click here for more details and the complete details listed above.  
106th Access Communications SK Amateur Men's Championships 
106th Access Communications SK Amateur Men's
106th Access Communications SK Amateur Men's

The following is a 45 minute video recapping day 4 of the Saskatchewan Men's Amateur at the Deer Park Municipal GC.  Thank you to Access Communications for the fantastic coverage. 

Canadian Men's Senior Championship 
Five Saskatchewan Men set out to compete at the Canadian Men's Senior Championships played Mon, Sep 11 - Thu, Sep 14 at Kanawaki Golf Club.  

Ken Rodgers, Dave Wilson, Rick Ledingham, Keith Silvernagle and Frank Enns competed in the event. 
  • Overall Ken was the only player to make the cut finishing T60 = 310  
  • Inter-Provincial Team competition, SK finished 6th 
Get out an play .... 
  • Saskatchewan has many great fall golf offers.  
  • Please do the following:
    • Play as many rounds as you can, 
    • Encourage new people to take up the game, 
    • Invite a neighbour to play, 
    • Continue to post scores until October 31st, 2017 
Enjoy your fall golf games!
Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame 
The seventh induction dinner of the Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame will be held on Saturday September 23rd, 2017 at Riverside Country Club. There are only a few tickets left if you would like to celebrate with us.  Click the picture below to go to the ticket purchase area.  

Inductees & Category:
  1. Lorie Boyle, Player 
  2. Peter Cushner, Player & Distinguished Service
  3. Tom McNall, Player
  4. Arne Petersen, Builder - Distinguished Service
  5. 1964 Junior Team 
    1. Andy Black 
    2. Gordon Chipperfield
    3. Rick Maguire
    4. Murray Osborne 
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