On The Road Update

Dear Friends,


     We are home after a three month journey, and sincerely express our THANKS for allowing us to visit your fellowship.  Karla and I were greatly encouraged to see what the Father is doing among the body of His faithful.  We never grow tired of the opportunity to share about the Growing in Torah program.  


     During our trip, GIT was received very well, and staying in the homes of like-minded believers where we felt loved and welcomed provided us a respite from motels.  Making contacts with many of you who have similar visions strengthened our resolve and we are so excited to see how the Father is going to bring all of these things together. 


     Since returning home, invitations to share GIT have been extended at various Messianic conferences including the recently held "United in Torah" in San Diego.    We ask you to continue to pray for us as we spread the word about GIT, Torah, the love of Yeshua our Messiah, and the importance of agriculture husbandry.  The task at hand seems insurmountable, but we know YHVH is leading us, and are so humbled and excited to be a part of what HE's doing.  We will be heading out to the following events and encourage you to meet us there. 



Dallas, TX | June 26-28, 2015



Messianic Conference - Held in the heart of Texas, this Dallas gathering of Hebraic Roots teachers include Eddie Chumney, Holisa Alewine, Ed Harris, Rico Cortes, and many more, while also featuring many different worship leaders.




 July 17-19, 2015 | Portland, OR



The Love for Israel Conference features Brad Scott, Rico Cortes, Mark Blitz and others.  Fellowship with west coast friends of our Heavenly Father. 



Oklahoma City, OK | December 4-6, 2015




Messianic Conference - Held in the heart of the United States held at the stunning Oklahoma State  Capitol.  Come for praise and worship in the seat of government with Brad Scott, Jimmie Black, Rod Woodruff and many others.




     Through our travels, an out pouring of love and talent were offered to facilitate the Growing in Torah program.  Many of you expressed the desire to give monetarily.   The Father knows are needs, and if you   expressed an interest in donating visit our website and make a donation or send a check/money order made paying to GIT:   Growing In Torah, 41781 Rd. 142, Orosi, CA  93647.



To continue the vocational agriculture program here on Safe Haven Heirloom Farm, we are asking 500 households to donate $25/month.  A few of you have signed up, and we THANK YOU.  The ongoing support is imperative in the planning process for the 2016 farming season.


     Many of you signed up to receive updates about GIT, however we know we missed sending around the email sign-up list to most of you, so please help us by clicking   then they can sign up by clicking the "Join Our Mailing List" button on the bottom of the email.


     Below are some resources that you may be interested in.  Since so many have blessed us by spreading the word about GIT, we wanted to return the favor and spread the word about these awesome ministries.



HaYovel  hosted the Hebrew class we attended for two months prior to traveling.  They also take volunteers to Israel every year to help small farmers there harvest grapes/olives. 



This is a farm in Maud, TX.  They make and sell their homemade products.  We enjoyed visiting them as they are also Torah observant believers. 



We met this band in Conyers, GA.  Very humble people who love the Father.  Great music/lyrics, too!



Well that is your Growing in Torah update from the farm.  We have a few very brief teachings on our YouTube channel that give illustrations about agriculture parallels to our daily walk.  Please support our friends mentioned in this email, and remember to support and pray for those ministries genuinely seeking to bring forth Torah and the love of Yeshua.



Bryan Barnes, Director

Growing in Torah at Safe Haven Heirloom Farms




Check out our video highlighting GIT's future endeavors!
Special thanks to Barrett Sanders for video filming, editing, and production and content contributors Garrett Troester and Harrison Danya with artwork by Ezra Tacosa.

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