12 Pack of 24" x 24" CS® Track with a 90° Bend

In a Hurry?

Forest now offers CS® Track pre-bent to 90°. Pieces are available for quick ship in a package of 12. They can be joined with any length straight sections of track to create a longer custom track. A great option for a quick turnaround!

$199.00/pkg of 12, 24" x 24"
White CS Track only. Price includes bending and crating fees.
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Climate Screen Testimonial from Houston, Texas

Dear Forest Drapery Hardware,
I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the new climate screen shades. We have a storefront office, and with the Texas heat, no matter how good our AC is, the area by the windows is always hot. We have always used traditional roller shades in the past, and if you want any real heat control you have to roll down the blackout shades, and that makes you feel closed in. With the climate screen shades you get the best of both worlds, a VERY real tangible difference in heat coming in from outside, and the ability to still see out of the windows.

They also look very nice, metallic in finish, and have a very modern technological vibe. I could see these being used in hotel public spaces or corporate offices. One added bonus is that they work as a one-way view, so I can see out, but no one can see inside, which makes me feel safe. As a hotel designer I can tell you that design trends are leaning to a cleaner, more streamlined look, to show off the architecture in the space. These shades would not only solve the issue of glare, but also save a surprising amount on your electricity bill, by reducing the heat, while still allowing for a great view, and visibility for security reasons.

Thanks again,
Christina Perez, Hotel Design Director, Curve Hospitality.
More information on Climate Screen is available here.

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Installing Brackets for Dresden Motorized

The newest video on the Forest YouTube Channel will show you how to install the various brackets available for the Forest Dresden Motorized Collection. Watch it now. Our YouTube channel is your 24/7 access to technical support. We hope you find it useful. Have a video you would like to see added, give us a call 678-605-0432.


Swatches by Collection

Swatches by collection, on a wire ring are now available! Housed in a cozy velveteen pouch, they travel well and make a good looking presentation to your customers. This is the latest addition to a full range of marketing support items available from Forest. Want to learn more about how Forest can help you sell hardware, take a look at our Starter Marketing Kit, here.


RBS® Cord Roll Support with Quick Lock

So quick and easy! The latest innovation, keeping Forest RBS as your first choice in roman shade hardware, is a quick lock mechanism. Just turn the lock, and your cord roll is secure. No screw driver necessary.

$4.91 ea.
$4.09 ea./box of 100
View the RBS Cut Sheet here.

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