Showfields New York presents Beatrice To Hell and Back (2014) a multimedia installation by artist Suzy Kellems Dominik on view at the 11 Bond Street location through spring 2021.

The artwork illustrates cantos selected from Dante Alighieri’s La Nuova Vita and Divine Comedy from 1295 referencing the moment when Dante defines Beatrice as “beatific,” not because of who she is, but how she mirrors what he feels about himself. Kellems Dominik turns the original plot on its head: between Dante and Beatrice only one succeeds in shedding the literal and metaphoric chains of hell to reach for the star. In this re-imagination, Beatrice emerges the victor.

Beatrice To Hell and Back is a facet of Kellems Dominik’s continuous exploration of her own emotional autobiography, a traumatic modern love story with a historical soul. The centerpiece of the multimedia installation is a gilded sculptural goat, the artist’s alter ego poetically objectified.

Showfields New York
11 Bond Street, Manhattan

12pm until 7pm

*COVID-19 safety protocols enforced.
See below for details.
Beatrice to Hell and Back by Suzy Kellems Dominik, 2014.
On view at Showfields New York until spring 2021.
Photo: BFA / Madison McGaw
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In this spirit and considering the present cultural moment, Beatrice to Hell and Back plunges the viewer on an other-worldly journey into the depths of hell wherein they are challenged to assess their own traditions, imposed and otherwise. Through self-awareness and self actualization, we are called to emerge to Paradise with eyes wide open.