FAA Safety Panel OKs Post-OMP Use of Runways 9R/27L, 9C/27C and 4L/22R at Night
FAA Regional Administrator Rebecca MacPherson addressed the ONCC Fly Quiet Committee on January 28 to report on the findings of the Safety Management System review panel. The panel determined that the risk of using the north airfield at night is considered moderate and would not require any modifications to existing procedures. This would allow the use of runways 9R/27L, 9C/27C and 4L/22R in a potential runway rotation as part of Fly Quiet 21 (post OMP buildout).

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Fly Quiet Committee - Next Steps
At the January 28 Fly Quiet Committee meeting, Committee Chairman Annunzio stated that the goal is for the committee to reach a decision and vote on departure concepts in next few meetings. The committee is expected to resume discussion of runway configurations at next meeting. There was consensus among committee members around pursuing the split airfield departure concept.

Elk Grove Mayor Craig Johnson speaks at Fly Quiet Committee Meeting
Elk Grove Mayor Craig Johnson appeared before the Fly Quiet Committee to thank the members for their work on the Fly Quiet program. He stated that he was glad to see this partnership between Chicago and the suburbs. 

Residential Sound Committee Approves Resolution for Phase 19 of the RSIP
At their January meeting, the ONCC Residential Committee moved to approve the the resolution authorizing Phase 19 of the Residential Sound Insulation Program. At the ONCC General Meeting on February 14, members concurred that the City of Chicago should proceed with implementation of Phase 19, with the final authorization vote to take place in April. Phase 19 includes areas of Bensenville, City of Chicago Wards 38 and 41, Des Plaines, Norridge, Park Ridge, Rosemont, Schiller Park, Wood Dale as well as unincorporated areas of Cook and DuPage Counties. Phase 19 contains 1,004 homes and will be the final phase of the RSIP for the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP) noise contour. 

O'Hare = Busiest Airport in 2019
O’Hare has been ranked as the busiest airport in the world for second year in a row. According to new FAA data, flight operations at O’Hare grew to 919,704 last year, up 1.8 percent from 2018.

O’Hare Near $1 Billion use of PFC Funds to Fund Sound Mitigation Projects
In a recent analysis from the Airport Noise Report , Chicago O’Hare International Airport is second only to Los Angeles International Airport in terms of imposing Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) for noise mitigation projects in fiscal year 2019 (Midway Airport ranked 3rd). According to data from the FAA, O’Hare is using $989.5 million of PFCs to fund its noise mitigation programs. PFCs are only one source of revenue that airports use to fund noise mitigation projects. The other funding stream is the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program.
ONCC Chair Participates on RAND Corporation Advisory Panel on Airport Funding
ONCC Chair Arlene Juracek was invited to participate on an advisory panel for a study conducted by the Rand Corporation, "U.S. Airport Infrastructure Funding and Financing." The study was released January 14, 2020.

Changes in federal policies could help ensure U.S. commercial airports are able to draw on sufficient and stable sources of revenue to maintain existing capacity, accommodate growth and support a safe, sustainable national airspace system in the coming decades, according to a congressionally mandated study conducted by the RAND Corporation.

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