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April 2020

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Board President, Joel DeTar
I'm proud that even during this unprecedented community crisis, your Library is here for you. We are closed, but we offer an extensive variety of digital services, free as always. We need your help to remain the greatest community resource around. We have two generous donors, including Gordon Reiter in the Village, who will match your gifts up to $30,000.00! In times of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to continue to help us as we continue to help you. Please join dozens of other donors and give what you can now, so we can double your contribution.
April Donor Spotlight: Gloria Winterlin
Gloria Winterlin is one of four generations of people who love to read. She has visited libraries since she was a little girl when she remembers going on Saturdays and Wednesdays. She raised her son to be an avid reader, just as her mother and grandmother raised her. "They instilled in me how much fun it can be to learn, and I want everyone to have that opportunity," Gloria said. That's why Gloria is also an avid supporter of Sedona Public Library, and she took advantage of the current matching gift offer. "It's an honor to be able to give back to the community."  It's an honor to have you in our midst, Gloria. Thank you!
Pop-Up Poetry Online!
YES! We are going forward with our Pop-Up Poetry event on April 23 with special guest poets including William Pitt Root and Pamela Uschuk to celebrate Library Giving Day and National Poetry Month. Please join us! It will be an online poetry festival as we post videos of people like you reading your favorite poems on our Facebook page. We need more readers! If you're interested in making a brief video of yourself (&/or others) reading a poem for Library Giving Day, April 23, click the link below and email Anne Marie. Thanks!
Read Around Sedona, Darcy Hitchcock Online Discussion
This year's Read Around Sedona program features writer Darcy Hitchcock, author of Dragonfly's Question. While we had to postpone Darcy's in-person discussion of her novella and sustainability, Darcy has offered to make herself available to patrons and readers. "If people want to talk while ideas and questions are fresh on their minds, they can contact me directly," Darcy said. She will also set up a Webex or Zoom meeting for book clubs or other small groups (5-10 people) that have read the book. Thank you, Darcy!
Did You Know? We're Your 24/7 Library!
It didn't take a pandemic for Sedona Public Library to make its services available online. We're always available 24/7 for you. Please take a look at all the services you can access from your e-reader, tablet, smartphone, or computer, including getting a library card! Borrow ebooks, downloadable audiobooks and movies, and digital magazines for FREE. Read all abo ut it here!
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