Grassroots Rally at the Supreme Court
With Lt. General Mike Flynn
Washington D.C.
December 12, 2020, 10:00 a.m.
First Street N.E. and East Capitol
Hosted by Virginia Women for Trump
Richmond Women for Trump
Make California Great Again, Inc.
Latinos 4 Trump
California Women for Trump
Women 4 Trump Florida
Michigan Women for Trump
Pennsylvania Women for Trump
Ohio Women for Trump
New Jersey Women for Trump
Speakers: Joe Flynn (brother of Lt. General Mike Flynn)
Mary Flynn (sister of Lt. General Mike Flynn)
Congressman Bob McEwen, Thomas A. Speciale
Bishop Leon Benjamin, Dr. Bridgette Williams
Alice Butler-Short, Suzanne Monk
California Speakers: Leigh Taylor Dundas, Elsa Aldeguer
Morton Irvine Smith, Pamela Marton-Dickinson
Veronica Sullivan, Anthony Cabassa
Opening Prayer: Jo Reitkopp

We will gather as patriots to pray for our country, President Trump, and our Supreme Court Justices. All speeches will revolve around our Judeo-Christian principles and the battle we are fighting to keep our beloved country One Nation Under God. Further info, contact Alice Butler-Short at 571-216-8795.