We are PRODUCING BLUE — an ensemble of theatre & film producers + art-makers — all committed to using our skills to produce the blue wave we want to see on November 3. We believe Black Lives Matter, Women’s rights matter, LGBTQ+ rights matter, and voter's rights matter. We are joining together — with YOU! — to take action, to amplify organizations doing the work, and to fight for change.
ONE WEEK. Let's make it count.

The election-related anxiety palpitations are real. All we can really do to address them is use this last week to take action, so that we can wake up next Wednesday morning feeling proud of the ways in which we played our part.

Below are some tools for making sure everyone in your life has a voting plan, and engaging in this final sprint.
Be the change.
Make sure everyone you know plans to vote, and has the resources to do so.
  1. Download the Vote Joe app HERE.
  2. Make a list of 5 people in your life who may not have a voting plan.
  3. Reach out to them via the app to connect on a person-to-person level.
It has never been more true that every vote counts. Many of the races we have fought for together these past few months will be very close.
Also, the past 4 years have underscored that it is incumbent upon every individual to play their role in upholding and fighting for our democracy. Personal connection is the best way to inspire others to step into this responsibility.
Swing Left has identified 12 "Super States" - home to the most important battles to win the White House, the Senate, and the state houses key to rolling back Republican gerrymandering (a once-in-a-decade opportunity).
  1. Take a look at the list of Super States HERE.
  2. Select your favorite state from the list.
  3. Do one thing to swing that state!
Let's turn these swing states blue UP & DOWN the ballot.
#2: Protect Our Election:
What happens when the polls close on November 3rd? We must band together as citizens to protect every single ballot. Visit PROTECT OUR ELECTION, and become an Advocate for Democracy. Here's what you can do:
  1. Sign the Citizen's Pledge. Defend the tenants of our democracy.
  2. Call / Email your State Election Officials with your support.
  3. Call / Email your County Election Officials. Tell them you'll stand with them.
  4. Extend the Electoral College Deadline: Contact your elected officials.
#3: The Final Sprint.
Our friends at Swing Left have also built an insanely easy tool for making the most of "The Last Weekends". All you have to do is:
  1. Visit "The Last Weekends" landing page HERE.
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. Choose a meaningful action from the custom-generated list!
Check out this amazing GOTV campaign produced by our friends at Swing Left Broadway! "I Love that Senator for You" is a series of conversations between celebrities and key Congressional candidates to engage GenZ voters on the subject of down-ballot races.

FOLLOW. AMPLIFY. And share these fantastic videos with the young voters in your life!
Monday, October 26
7pm EDT

Join Broadway For Biden, the Broadway Women's Alliance, and Producing Blue as we spotlight the power of women. Come make calls with us to crucial swing states for Joe and Kamala. During our "intermission" break from making phone calls we will hear from Broadway women leading the charge as to why they need you to get out the vote for Joe and Kamala.

Never phone banked before? Not a problem, we will train you! Never seen a Broadway show? Totally fine, all are welcome!!

Caring Majority Rising is working to flip 3 New York State Senate seats from red to blue and defend our ally Jen Metzger's seat. This work is part of an effort to build a supermajority in the State Senate so we finally have the power to veto Cuomo's austerity budget, pass the New York Health Act, and make wealthy New Yorkers pay their fair share. All of this will support our Caring Majority agenda. 

Sign up now to to phone bank and text bank in support of this essential work to mobilize the vote in four state senate races in the Mid-Hudson Valley (Michelle Hinchey (SD 46), Jim Barber (SD 51), Karen Smythe (SD 41), Jen Metzger (SD 42).  
October 29-November 2

One of our favorite organizations to volunteer with, Open Progress, is holding a huge GOTV texting weekend this coming Thursday, October 29th until Monday, November 2nd.

Get trained up with Open Progress HERE and then sign up for your shifts here.

Monday, November 2

On the eve of the most important election of our lifetimes, join Broadway favorites and other luminaries for a concert of solidarity, community, and renewal as we stand – and sing – with the NYCLU and the ACLU to protect one of our most essential democratic rights: the right to vote. In an inspiring evening filled with music and hope, we will honor the legacies of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Rep. John Lewis and suffragists, along with other activists and citizens who have both fought for and protected American voting rights, especially as they remain under direct attack today.

No matter what happens on Election Day, this year has proven that the NYCLU and ACLU’s work to defend civil liberties in New York and across the country is more vital than ever.
We try not to make these emails SO overwhelmingly long, but as this is our final FULL week of action - we are putting everything on the table. Copy and pasting an email just sent out by the DEMO CREW which is packed with lots of ways to take action.
Here are quick links to some places/partners who need you to text for them!

Remember, every day, (if you gotten the training) go to the #text-get-texts channel in their 2020 Victory Slack workspace for the day's assignments — usually starting at 4PM ET.  

More official Biden activities can always be found here:
Pennsylvania DEMS/BACK TO BLUE text banking

Saturday Oct 31st (Sign up now, this will fill up fast.)

Texas DEMS/TEAM JOE text banking
Texting events every day between now and election day!
Saturday Oct 24 - Nov 3.

From the partners they've worked with before!

Working Families Party Texting Events
Spoke texting parties! MANY shifts!

Color of Change—Black Joy Call Party
Every night until election day Color of Change is hosting a Virtual Black Joy Call Party to help motivate register voters to go to the polls and connect with Black voters.

Resistance Labs/Spoke — many independent political organizations FRRC/Working Families/etc.
Resistance Labs has volunteer texting assignments every day til election day.

Care in Action (Mobilizing women of color + new/underserved voters)

Black to the Future Action Fund (Mobilizing Black voters)
Text Banking October 24th-Nov 3rd 6-7PM

More texting events on Mobilize by many different organizations!
Keep checking this link - you can search by date!
You've got this!
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