June 2020
ONEgeneration Program Updates
Senior Enrichment Center
ONEgeneration's Senior Enrichment Center has temporarily closed to the public except for the following:
  • Drive Through Food Bank is now weekly! Every Tuesday at 11 AM until supplies run out. For older adults & families.
  • Grocery Shopping Assistance is available during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Call 818-705-2345 for more information on these programs.

Homebound Meal Delivery
This program will continue.
  • If you are a senior over 60 years old and in need of meal delivery, please call 818-705-2345 for information.

Transportation Services
This program will continue.
  • If you are a senior 65 years old or older and are in need of transportation, please call 818-708-6614 for information.

Grandparents As Parents
In person support groups are suspended until further notice.
  • Please call (818)264-0880 for information about participating in an online support group or for other available resources.
  • Court Navigation services are still being provided free of charge. Ability to access the service center at Edelman Court is restricted, please contact Alejandro, ONEgeneration's Court Navigator at 818-370-2263 for an appointment.
A dult Daycare       
ONEgeneration's Adult Daycare program has temporarily suspended in-center operations.
  • Our nursing and social work staff are still maintaining regular communication with all of our participants. For updates to caregiver support groups and other programs, please contact Anna Swift at 818-708-6635, aswift@onegeneration.org or Denise Kee-White at 818-708-6376, dkeewhite@onegeneration.org
  • Individual counseling is available for caregivers in need of extra emotional support at this time, please call 818-708-6635 for more information.
  • Caregiver June Newsletter Link

Infant/Toddler & Preschool Programs
These programs are currently open with modifications.
  • Call 818-708-6377 for more information.

Encino Farmers Market
The modified Encino Farmers Market is open Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm.
  • Please see flyer below for modifications.
  • Vendors and shoppers must wear face masks.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are a few volunteer positions available at this time.
Universal Charitable Deduction:  The CARES Act includes provisions that allow eligible taxpayers a partial above-the-line deduction of up to $300 in gifts made to public charities for tax year 2020. Eligible taxpayers are individuals who do not itemize their deductions, allowing those taxpayers a tax benefit that they would otherwise not receive for supporting nonprofits. The deduction is limited to cash gifts only. Read more #LAtogether
Call to Action
Please help stop the elimination of California's CBAS and ADHC programs.
The Governor budget has proposed eliminating California's Community Based Adult Services. Many of the families of  ONEgeneration 's Adult Daycare/ADHC rely on this program to keep their loved ones at home while having respite as a caregiver. Please click on the image to watch the video and see how you can help save these services. For additional information click here .
ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center News
ONEgeneration is proud to announce that  Jenna Hauss, our Director of Strategic Initiatives & Community Based Services has been chosen to be part of the  The Nonprofit Partnership's Emerging Leaders Cohort of 2020! Jenna has been instrumental in transforming our Senior Center into a food distribution center during the COVID-19 crisis and overseeing the weekly Drive-Thru Food Bank helping hundreds of older adults who are dealing with food scarcity at this time .
Summertime Symposium Series
Webinar: Medi-Cal Dental, Hearing & Transportation Benefits
Travel Department
El Pueblo Historical Monument
El Pueblo Historical Monument is offering free facilitated digital tours of the history of El Pueblo and the America Tropical Interpretive Center for the duration of the Mayor's Safer-At-Home Initiative!
Tours are offered Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m. 
If you would like to book a digital tour  Please click here  or email  EPTours@lacity.org
Tuesday Drive-Thru Food Bank
New Program Partnership with LA Regional Food Bank
Last week, ONEgeneration received 1,400 meals kits, as part of the new program CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program) in partnership with  Los Angeles Regional Food Bank  and local farmers. Today these Family Taco Boxes were distributed to our seniors staying  #safeathome  and given to the following agencies that are also providing COVID 19 hunger relief programs:  San Fernando Valley InterCommunity Council LAPD Devonshire Community Police Station West Valley Food Pantry ,Come & Share Inc., St. Elisabeth Catholic Church (Van Nuys) &  St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church - Reseda, CA U.S. Department of Agriculture   Congressman Brad Sherman  Thank you to all our meal delivery volunteers !
COVID-19 Updates
COVID-19 Resources
Temporary Eviction Moratorium: Link

Friendship Line : Call 1-888-670-1360 for 24/7 support if you are 60 years or older, or an adult living with disabilities. Provided by the Institute on Aging:   Link

California Senior Medicare Patrol Fraud Alert: Link

LA County Hotline if you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed 1-800-854-7771

Headspace   is offering LA County residents free subscriptions to its digital platform for improving mindfulness, relaxation and well-being. Their vast library of content includes guided meditations, workout videos and sleep-promoting sounds, all of which can be readily accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone! Signup here.

SoCalGas’ CARE program can help during these challenging times. If you’re recently unemployed or currently facing financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic or for other reasons, you may now be eligible to save 20% on your natural gas bill. Complete the quick online application at socalgas.com/care and find out instantly if you qualify.
Expert Article
Dr. Stern   serves as the Medical Director of ONEgeneration's Adult Day Healthcare Program. He reviews participant care plans and makes recommendations for enhanced care. Dr. Stern is available as needed for consultation on medical concerns  .

Stern Geriatrics
16133 Ventura Blvd., Suite 360
Encino, CA 91436

If you have ideas for a future article topics please contact ONEgeneration .
Dr. David Stern's Expert Corner:
N ovel Coronavirus Pandemic
The novel coronavirus pandemic remains the single most important medical issue with us today. As a reminder, symptoms include fever greater than 100F, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, generally feeling ill, chills, muscle pain/aches, decreased sense of smell or taste.

Initially, the virus was identified as the cause of a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. Now, there are more than 5 million world-wide confirmed cases of COVID-19. Direct person-to-person transmission is the primary means of the viral transmission, probably through close range contact, mainly via respiratory droplets; virus released in the respiratory secretions when a person with infection coughs, sneezes, or talks can infect another person if it makes direct contact with the mucous membranes in the mouth, eyes, or nose. Infection can also occur if a person touches an infected surface and then touches his/her eyes, nose, or mouth. Droplets typically do not travel more than six feet.

The virus can be transmitted prior to the development of symptoms and throughout the course of illness. Infected individuals are more likely to be infectious in the early stages of infection. The risk of transmission from an individual with COVID-19 infection varies by the type and duration of exposure, use of preventive measures, and likely individual factors (eg. the amount of virus in respiratory secretions). Clusters of cases have been reported following family, work, or social gatherings where there has been close, personal contact. The incubation period for the virus is thought to be within 14 days following exposure, with most cases occurring four to five days after exposure.

Most infections are not severe, but for those with critical disease, with respiratory failure, shock, or multiorgan dysfunction, the mortality rate is about five percent. The overall fatality rate exceeds two percent. Severe illness can occur in otherwise healthy individuals of any age, but it predominantly occurs in adults with advanced age or underlying medical comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic lung disease, cancer, chronic kidney disease, obesity, smoking. Among patients of advanced age and medical comorbidities, COVID-19 is frequently severe.

Until there is medication to treat the illness, or a vaccine to prevent it, it is imperative that personal preventive measures be taken. These include :

*Diligent hand washing, particularly after touching surfaces in public. Use of a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol is a reasonable alternative if the hands are not visibly dirty.

*Respiratory hygiene (eg, covering the cough or sneeze).

*Avoiding touching the face (in particular eyes, nose, and mouth.

*Cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are frequently touched.
Thank You
Thank you to  Congressman Brad Sherman  for donating over 2,500 face masks for  ONEgeneration 's staff, volunteers and seniors in need. Some of these masks will used by our team delivering hundreds of meals to seniors in need as well as by our team organizing our weekly Tuesday Drive-Thru Food Bank. We truly appreciate this much needed donation.
Thank you to our community partner AAA TLC Healthcare and their CEO Jody Sherman for their generous donation of several hundred tote bags for our upcoming Drive-Thru Food Bank at the ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center in Reseda. If you have a business and would like to donate tote bags for our weekly Food Bank, please email event@onegeneration.org.
Thank you to our community partner,   Tarzana Neighborhood Counci l  for their ongoing support during the COVID-19 crisis. Their generosity has helped  ONEgeneration  supply food to seniors and families in need during this challenging time. If you would like to donate food items to ONEgeneration's Food Pantry please email jhauss@onegeneration.org to schedule a donation drop-off.
ONEgeneration  received 1,400 meals kits, as part of the new program CFAP (Coronavirus Food Assistance Program) in partnership with  Los Angeles Regional Food Bank  and local farmers. These Family Taco Boxes were distributed to our seniors staying  #safeathome  and given to the following agencies that are also providing COVID 19 hunger relief programs:  San Fernando Valley InterCommunity Council LAPD Devonshire Community Police Station West Valley Food Pantry ,Come & Share Inc., St. Elisabeth Catholic Church (Van Nuys) &  St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church - Reseda. Thank you to all our meal delivery volunteers!
Thank you to our hardworking staff and volunteers for another great week of serving over 500 seniors/families in our Drive Thru Food Pantry. We appreciate  Health Net, LLC  for the donation of over 300 bags, allowing us to help so many today, your donation and continued partnership is truly appreciated! And thank you to  Total Senior  and  Halo Home Care  for volunteering your time. Thank you to the Winnetka,   Tarzana, Northridge South, Woodland Hills Warner Center and Encino Neighborhood Councils for their generous support during this challenging time.
Thank you D og Haus Canoga Park  for creating dozens of meal kits for our seniors in need. Today we delivered these bags of fresh produce, eggs, bread and even toilet paper! We look forward to working with your generous staff to provide these again for families and seniors in need. Thank you  WeWork  & Iron Battalion CrossFit for your fundraiser efforts towards the cost of these meals.
Thank you to all of the weekly meal delivery volunteers helping with our new  County of Los Angeles  senior meal program during the pandemic. Since April our volunteers drive once a week throughout the Supervisorial District 3 (from Santa Monica to Sylmar).  ONEgeneration  is so appreciative of their dedication to seniors in their community.
Thank you to all of the weekly meal delivery volunteers helping with our new  County of Los Angeles  senior meal program during the pandemic. Since April our volunteers drive once a week throughout the Supervisorial District 3 (from Santa Monica to Sylmar).  ONEgeneration  is so appreciative of their dedication to seniors in their community.
Congratulations Sarah Incerpi! As she graduated from  Syracuse University  recently, Sarah had a drive by celebration with friends and family. For many years in middle school and high school, Sarah volunteered with  ONEgeneration , even grocery shopping for a home-bound senior for several years. Her social distancing graduation celebration included asking her community to drop off food donations, which she has generously donated to our food pantry for seniors in need during this time. Our staff was so grateful to both receive the donations and know that our programs have made a lasting impression on one of our young volunteers.  ONEgeneration  is so appreciative for all of our young volunteers and those who continue to support us. We wish Sarah the best as she moves on to the next chapter of her life and continues to have a positive and compassionate impact on her community. Thank you  NCL, inc. San Fernando Valley Chapter  for partnering with us for decades, bringing your wonderful volunteers like Sarah to help support our senior services, furthering our intergenerational mission.
Encino Farmers Market - Open Sundays
Entrance gate (left) France Bakery Vendor (middle) Flower Vendor (right)
ONEgeneration's Encino Farmer's Market will be open Sundays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM with modifications. Shop for local fresh produce in an open air setting.

We have received approval by the City of Los Angeles
to remain open with the following modifications:

Safety precautions that you will see at our Encino Farmers Market

  • Vendors and shoppers will be wearing face coverings.
  • There will be no sampling of products, or hot prepared foods.  
  • Booths will maintain a distance between them, because of this you may find that the vendor you are looking for is in a slightly shifted space. 
  • The tables, chairs and umbrellas will not be set-up to avoid lingering; we are asking customers to head home after purchasing their products.  
  • There may be limits to the amount of a food product in high demand, such as eggs. Please buy only what you need, we will be back the following week!
  • There will be two gates open, one in the back of the lot as the entrance gate and the other as an exit only. You will not be able to enter the designated Exit. Please be kind to the volunteers. 
Please keep the following in mind when you visit the market:

  • You must wear a face covering to enter the market.
  • If you are not feeling well or have recently been unwell, please stay at home. 
  • Touch only what you plan on buying. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after visiting.  
  • Be respectful of others spaces, if there is a wait for a vendor please give room between you and the person in front of you.  
  • Please limit socializing and head to the designated Exit when you are finished shopping.
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables when you get home, do not use cleaning products or other products not meant for consumption.
  • Please leave your dogs and non-service animals at home, they will not be able to enter.  

Thank you for shopping at the Encino Farmers Market, supporting local farmers and small businesses, and helping the programs of ONEgeneration.

The Encino Market accepts EBT/CAL Fresh (see below) and WIC at the main gate.
Location is the ONEgeneration JOY Intergenerational Daycare Center at 17400 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406. Plenty of Free Parking!
Grandparents As Parents
Thank you our Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez for supporting ONEgeneration's Grandparents As Parents program by donating diapers for 28 families in need of assistance during this challenging time. This generous donation was greatly appreciated.
Virtual Celebration of JOY - June 2020
Virtual Ways to Stay Connected
Regal Medical Group Free Classes
Join our community partner, Regal Medical Group for free online fitness, yoga, and health education classes to stay active and on top of your health, even from your living room. Follow the link below to access new classes released every week.

UCLArts & Healing's free HOPE (Healing Online for People Everywhere) Series was created to enable our global community to build resilience through social-emotional arts during this unprecedented time. Their site features over 20 online sessions, including Guided Meditation with Live Music, Drumming for Resilience, and Art Games for Real or Virtual Connection. Link
Well Connected and Well Connected Español connects individuals 60 years old and over to virtual classes, conversations, and other activities and are accessible on line or by telephone. Programs are designed to help seniors stay connected to a larger community and are available in both  English  and  Spanish  . These programs are free of charge to individual participants. 

To learn more, visit  www.covia.org   or call 877-797-7299 or email  coviaconnections@covia.org
Senior Planet
Senior Planet harnesses technology to change the way we age. Their online courses, programs and activities help seniors learn new skills, save money, get in shape and make new friends. Most classes are free.

LA County Library - Free Movie Access
If you do not have your LA County Library Card yet, you can sign up on line for a temporary 90 day digital card. Many virtual services available including free movies & TV shows streaming through Kanopy & Hoopla. Sign up here.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
While LACMA is currently closed, on their redesigned homepage you will find links to free enriching and inspiring content for you to Watch, Listen, Learn, Read, and Browse at home.

The Shows Must Go On!
A different Lloyd Webber musical streams each week on  The Shows Must Go On!, a new YouTube channel devoted to this project. Each show goes live on the channel on Friday at 7 pm BST, and usually remains viewable for 48 hours afterward. You Tube Link
Los Angeles Master Chorale
Each Sunday evening at 7 pm PST, the LA Master Chorale will release a new recording of a concert from previous seasons in Walt Disney Concert Hall. This series will give you a way to re-live your favorite concerts and re-connect with the Master Chorale from the comfort of your own home. Link
Virtual Museum Tours
Google Arts & Culture has partnered with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world, including Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, London’s National Gallery, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Click Here
Metropolitan Opera
Metropolitan Opera announced it would stream encore presentations on their website each night at 7:30 PM. You can also stream through the Met Opera’s on-demand app.

Chatter Pack
A list of free, online resources for enrichment. Virtual tours, online learning, music, geography, nature, arts and culture, entertainment, mental health and much, much more. Click Here
StoryCorps Connect
Did you know that you can connect the generations in your life through StoryCorps Connect? Click on the link below to see how you can virtually interview a loved one through this program and have the interview archived as part of the StoryCorp collection.

Thank you to the National Council on Aging for your virtual Senior Center Resources listed above. Here are a few more of their suggested links to staying connected and engaged from home.

Regal: C lasses
  • How to Sew a Medical Face Mask Tutorial - YouTube Link
  • How to Sew a Medical Face Mask Pictorial - Button Counter
  • Planet Fitness Free Workout Videos Daily on Facebook
  • Yale Science of Well Being Free Course on Coursera
  • Free Brain Training, Exercises for your Mind - Luminosity
  • Ivy League Online Free Classes, over 450 to choose from - Class Central
Community Partners
Census Update: LA County

We're falling behind, we're at a 56.6% response rate while the rest of the state is at 61.3%

We cannot afford to wait another ten years for the resources we so desperately need now. Do your part and fill out the census today.

If you need help filling out the Census form or would like to volunteer to make calls to our seniors about the Census, please reach out to ONEgeneration’s Census Coordinator: Juana Torres, at 818-708-6603 or at jtorres@onegeneration.org
Los Angeles County Workforce Development, Aging & Community Services contracted with   ONEgeneration 's Senior Supportive Services Program to now include Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills and Westlake Village (LA County) as of July 2019. If you live in this area and know an older adult in need of in-home support please refer them to this program . See flyer below...
Ways to Support ONEgeneration
While City and State funding for ONEgeneration Programs is minimal, the needs we strive to meet are increasing. Help us support seniors in our communities! We depend on community member donations to keep our programs running. We thank you for your generosity!
Your donation supports:

  • $5 Senior Center Classes
  • $10 Weekend Homebound Meals
  • $20 In-home services for frail seniors
  • $50 Care-giving Support Services
  • $100 Grab Bar Installation
  • $300 Month of homebound meals for a senior couple
Donor Advised Fund / Required Minimum Distribution: 
There are tax advantages to making your contributions from your Donor Advised Fund or your Required Minimum Distribution. If you wish to make a donation to ONEgeneration through your Donor Advised Fund or from your annual Required Minimum Distribution, please contact the Financial Institution holding these funds. Your desired contribution to ONEgeneration must come directly from them.
Follow us on Facebook
Stay up to date with ONEgeneration news by following us on Facebook at @ONEgencares. You can also donate to ONEgeneration from our Facebook page or can start your own Facebook campaign for ONEgeneration.

Your support is greatly needed and appreciated at this crucial time.
Lasting Legacy Brick Program
Honor a loved one with a personalized engraved brick placed near the main entrance of our Intergenerational Center.
To learn more please email Sue Sexton at development@onegeneration.org
Planned Giving
Please consider the Seniors, Children & Families by remembering ONEgeneration in your estate plans. To learn about the possibilities please contact Sue Sexton at 818-708-4756 or email development@onegeneration.org
Ralphs Reward Card Donations
Register ONEgeneration as your Ralphs Reward Card's designated nonprofit and we will earn donation funds each time you shop at Ralphs. Register online at www.ralphs.com or by calling 800-443-4438.
Amazon Smile Donations
Click on the AmazonSmile link to log into your Amazon account and to select ONEgeneration as your non-profit. Remember to log into AmazonSmile each time you make an Amazon purchase so that ONEgeneration receives the donation.
Donate Your Vehicle
to ONEgeneration
Donate a car, truck, motorcycle, or RV to ONEgeneration and help build stronger communities. Each vehicle donation supports the senior services and intergenerational programming of ONEgeneration. Everything will be handled for you, including free pickup.
“In honor of Joe and Eileen Evans and Jewel Evans DeBellis”
Willa Meller & Vanessa Henderson

“In honor of the ONEgeneration Childcare” Corice Farrar

“In honor of Martin Vann” Thomas Ohanian

“In honor of Hazel Geresy” Robert Geresy

 "In honor of Rafaela Ramirez de Ayala" Claudia Rubalcava
Upcoming Closure
Thank You to all of our Partners & Supporters
Senior Resources
Senior Fraud Prevention Book 2020
The United States Senate's Special Committee on Aging just released the following Fighting Fraud 2020 Book which lists the top ten scams targeting our nation's seniors and ways to protect yourself from these scams. 

Important link for Senior Disaster Preparedness. This information is for Seniors and by Seniors.


CALL 323-980-2260 


NotifyLA is the City of Los Angeles' official mass notification system used to send voice messages, text messages and email messages to residents and businesses during times of emergencies and disasters. Notifying the public when a disaster strikes might be the one and only safeguard the public can count on to save their lives and protect their property.

CDC - Fall Prevention Check List for Safety

CDC - My Mobility Plan to Stay Independent

Drive Smart - CHP Senior Volunteer Program

Looking for a Safe Place
to Dispose of Old Prescriptions?
Do you have expired or unused medications?

MedCenta Pharmacy at
6401 Platt Ave, West Hills, CA 91307 has a medication disposal where you can safely dispose of medications to keep the environment safe.
Affiliations and Partnerships
ONEgeneration Board of Directors,
& Friends of ONEgeneration
  • Stuart D. Zimring, Board Chair, Esq., Principal, Law Offices of Stuart D. Zimring
  • Jeff Friedman, Board Vice Chair, Vice President of Marketing, Dynamic Nursing, Inc.
  • Shanthi Suresh, MD  Board Vice Chair, Partner Emeritus, Geriatrics, Kaiser Permanente
  • Nathaniel Hutton, Board Treasurer, Consultant, "CATCH Healthy Habits" Program
  • Jim Esterle, Board Secretary, Executive Consultant - HR & Development

  • Liz Altman-Harberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, AIG Life & Retirement 
  • Wendy Bavan, Providence St. Joseph Health
  • Catherine Coddington, District Director, Office of Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel
  • Steven Groode, Shareholder, Littler
  • Tatijana Stafets Janko, Financial Consultant
  • Joe Lagrimas, Associate Vice President Medicare, Molina Healthcare
  • Gasia Marjarian, Vitas Representative, VITAS
  • Lindy Pearson, Advisor, Client Relations, Cresa
  • Gloria Pollack, Community Liaison, Gelb Group

  • Sahar Pouyanrad, Executive Director/Regional Team Leader, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank 
  • David Rutt, Principal, Dorfman & Rutt
  • Denise Villbrandt, Partner, Clumeck, Stern, Schenkelberg & Getzoff
  • Gavin Ward, Regional Director, Strategy & Partnerships, 24 Hour Home Care, LLC

  • Eva Goetz, President and CEO, ONEgeneration
  • Kenneth Kang, CFO/COO, ONEgeneration

FRIENDS of ONEgeneration
  • Karl Boeckmann
  • Marvin Burns, Esq.
  • Paul Davis
  • Amanda Flaum
  • Rickey Gelb
  • Vahid Khorsand
  • Dan Osterweil, MD
  • Marion Ross
  • Dr. Judy Rosenberg
  • Susan Rothenberg
  • Congressman Brad Sherman