October 2021
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Bill Stewart "Best is Yet to Come" Webinar Zoom Link, click here
Food Pantry
Thank you - to all our pandemic Volunteers!
Guest Expert Article
Paul Davis

Paul Davis Insurance Services is an independent agent representing the major carriers for Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

CA license #0M47932

818 888 0880

The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) coming up soon: October 15 to December 7
Are you or someone you know on the wrong plan or wasting money on your Medicare health plans? We have encountered many clients that are pay much more than they should for Part D plans and Medicare supplement plans. Presently Part D plans range in cost from $7.20/mo. to $130.40/mo.

The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) coming up soon: 
October 15 to December 7. 

This is the time of year to look critically at your PART D PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN OR YOUR MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLAN.

Start with the Annual Notice of Change or ANOC. You should receive this from your current carrier in September. READ IT! This document will show you any changes that are occurring in your benefits for 2022. 

The Annual Election Period is typically when carriers make changes to their drug formulary or drug list. You will want to review the drugs that you’re taking and make sure there are no changes that affect your cost. Call your existing plan and have them confirm what you will be paying for drugs in 2022. If you received a drug exception previously, confirm that exception will continue next year.  If you wish to shop your Part D plan or MAPD plan you may do so on mymedicare.gov or medicare.gov. 

If you’re struggling to pay for your drugs, you should check your eligibility for Medi-Cal or Low-Income Subsidy or Extra help (contact social security or California state Medicaid office).

In our current environment in Los Angeles, we don’t expect to see reduced benefits in Medicare Advantage HMO plans, but we’re going to see some changes in Part D for 2022. Several Part D plans are being eliminated and you will be moved automatically to another plan (unless you do something).

Our office reviews our existing Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan clients every year during the Annual Election Period. We also re-shop all our Medicare Supplement clients in California around their birthday. The California Birthday rule allows our clients to make guaranteed plan changes and save money. The Annual Election Period does not allow for any guaranteed changes with Medicare Supplement plans.
Senior Enrichment Center - Resident Newsletter Poet
Norman Molesko is a poet, author, public speaker, former licensed psychologist, former licensed nursing home administrator, Ambassador for Seniors, and ONEgeneration's Senior Enrichment Center's Resident Newsletter Poet
a poem by Norman Molesko

Some of you may find this is a difficult time to survive.
You could have feelings of loneliness and feelings of helplessness, due to lack of health, inadequate relationships and/or possessions.

You could have health problems you were not been able to solve, not taking the proper and timely steps to stay heathy and fit.

You could have relationship problems about interacting with others. It could have begun because you never had helping parents, the parents who you never got, to teach you how to adapt. Your parents could have denied your self-worth and self-respect.

You could have possession problems, gratifying yourself
by acquiring possessions, as a substitute for the love of another.

If you are truly lonely, please reach out to overcome loneliness.

©Norman Molesko, 2021 Ambassador For Seniors
ONEgeneration in the News
AIG Life & Retirement
ONEgeneration and fellow Board Member, Liz Altman-Harberger was recognized by our community partner, AIG Life & Retirement through their "Helping Build Brighter Futures" Series! Click here to learn more about ONEgeneration and the other nonprofits who have been highlighted in this wonderful program.
The Eisner Foundation & American Society on Aging
In American Society on Aging's Generations Now, The Eisner Foundation's CEO Trent Stamp writes about the importance of intergenerational programs like ONEgeneration in combating ageism. To read how programs like ours are bringing people together, click here.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are values held by ONEgeneration and its Board of Directors.

ONEgeneration believes that eliciting and valuing diverse perspectives enriches our dialogue and problem solving. Diversity describes all our varied identities, including race, ethnicity, and national origin; gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity; thinking and communication styles; talents and disabilities; and socioeconomic status.

ONEgeneration is committed to Equity: fairness in opportunities, resources, and access to services. Equity is a reflection of an environment built upon respect and dignity.

ONEgeneration believes that no single person can represent our community; each voice adds unique value balance, and perspective. A culture of Inclusion is the result of actively inviting participation of all people.
ONEgeneration Program Updates
ONEgeneration's Senior Enrichment Center is temporarily closed to the public except for the following:
  • Walk-up Food Bank for older adults & families every Friday by appointment only. Call 818-705-2345 to schedule a pickup time.
  • Virtual Classes & Workshops listed below in newsletter.
  • Call 818-705-2345 for more information.

Homebound Meal Delivery
  • If you are a Senior, 60 years or older and in need of meal delivery, please call Jennifer Martinez, Program Manager – Case Management at 818-708-6624 for information. 

Transportation Services
  • If you are a Senior, 65 years old or older and are in need of transportation, please call 818-708-6614 for information.

Adult Daycare    
 ONEgeneration's Adult Daycare program has re-opened in-center operations.

Infant/Toddler & Preschool Programs
These programs are currently open with modifications.
  • Call 818-708-6377 for more information.

Grandparents As Parents
  • Call 818-264-0880 for information about participating in a support group or for other available resources.
  • Court Navigation services are available free of charge. Please contact Alejandro, ONEgeneration's Court Navigator at 818-370-2263 for an appointment.

Encino Farmers Market
Open Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm at 17400 Victory Blvd. Plenty of free parking.
  • If you are unvaccinated, please wear a face mask.
  • Business/Community outreach booth rentals available each week contact ssexton@onegeneration.org 

Volunteer Opportunities
We have many no-contact volunteer opportunities.
Grandparents As Parents
GAP Celebrated Grandparents Day!
ONEgeneration's Grandparents As Parents - GAP Program celebrated Grandparent's Day this year by delivering care packages with a poem by Roz Ottery attached to our kinship caregiver Grandparents. Left is a photo taken of a GAP grandmother receiving this special gift package! We appreciate the dedication and love these caregivers provide to their Grand Families!

ONEgeneration’s Grandparents as Parents Program has helped dozens of kinship families in need of groceries and other household supplies during the pandemic. If you are a kinship caregiver in need of support, please contact our GAP Program Manager, Jennifer Odum at jodum@onegeneration.org, or call 818-264-0880.

New program at ONEgeneration helps Seniors reduce their carbon emissions and save money!
Give our new, Community Environmental Project Manager, Juana Torres a call at
(818) 742-8622 or reach her by email: jtorres@onegeneration.org
A new 3 year program has been launched at ONEgeneration to help seniors, their families and the community at-large, lower their carbon emissions and save $$$ and resources.
Are you interested in getting solar panels at your house? How about purchasing a low-cost electric vehicle? Or switching out that old gas stove or water heater for a new electric one?

We can help you navigate and find low-cost and/or free options.

Se Habla Español!
Health & Wellness Resources
COVID-19 Testing: Click on link for testing locations.

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Click on link for information on vaccine clinic locations.

COVID-19 Additional Vaccine Doses: Click on the link to see who is eligible for an additional vaccine dose.

Covid-19 Rent Relief: Click on link for more information.

Get a Digital Copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record: Click link for instructions on how to request a digital copy of your vaccination record.

Free Wi-Fi: Click on the link for a list of Library parking lots offering fee Wi-Fi.

Food Finder 211: Families in need of food assistance can use this online locator to find support.

Friendship Line: Call 1-888-670-1360 for 24/7 support if you are 60 years or older, or an adult living with disabilities. Provided by the Institute on Aging.

Get Ahead LA a campaign to safely guide LA County residents to the financial resources they need to reach their financial goals.

​​​​​​Medi-Nurse Line: California has an advice line that can connect you with a nurse to talk about COVID-19 symptoms and help connect you with local resources. This service is available 24/7, even if you are uninsured. Call (877) 409-9052​​.

Natural Disaster Planning Tool Kit for People Living with Dementia (ACL). Click link.

Natural Disaster Planning Family Conversations About Disaster Planning, Caregiving, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. (Hartford) Click link.

NotifyLAClick on link or call 323-980-2260 to sign up for notifications from the City of Los Angeles during times of emergencies and disasters.

LA County Hotline: If you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed 1-800-854-7771.

Headspace is offering LA County residents free subscriptions to its digital platform for improving mindfulness, relaxation and well-being. Their vast library of content includes guided meditations, workout videos and sleep-promoting sounds, all of which can be readily accessed from your computer, tablet or smartphone! Signup here.

Safe Parking Spaces for those living in their cars.

ALZ Brain Games 11/11/2021 Webinar

California Drug Take Back Program: Click on link for a map of locations to drop off used medications.
Flyers en Español
Submitted by:

Elder Roger Williams II

Practitioner of
Global Public Health
Medical Problems that Raise Stroke Risk
According to Harvard Health, certain medical conditions increase your risk of stroke, especially if they are not controlled. That’s why it is so important to work with your doctor to make sure that you are managing them optimally. Together with lifestyle measures, proper management of these health problems is the best way to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke in the first place – or help prevent a second stroke, if you have had one already.

Untreated high blood pressure (known medically as hypertension) is the leading cause of all types of stroke in the United States. People with normal blood pressure have approximately half the lifetime risk of stroke as people with high blood pressure. When blood pressure is high, it damages the inner lining of the blood vessel walls. This leads in turn to thickening of the small arteries throughout the brain and plaque buildup on large arteries’ walls, setting the stage for a possible stroke – either ischemic (blockage) or hemorrhagic (bleeding).

You can take control of your health by managing your blood pressure at home. The ONEgeneration self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) program has helped hundreds of people just like you manage and control their blood pressure. Enrollment is free by contacting Cinthya Vasquez, Community Health Worker at cvasquez@onegeneration.org or
(818) 708-4753
Community Partnerships
The LA ADU Accelerator Program - Housing
Adult Daycare
Adult Daycare Photos
Gardening is therapeutic, even indoors, while at our Adult Daycare. Last month our participants re-potted their favorite color flowers to enjoy at home with a little help from our Occupational Therapists and West Coast University nursing students.
If you are searching for a day program for your loved one with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or a dementia related condition please call ONEgeneration at 818-708-6625 to learn more.
In honor of National Adult Day Services week, ONEgeneration thanks the Adult Daycare staff for their hard work, flexibility and dedication each and every day! This special week has been celebrated annually since it was proclaimed on September 27, 1983, by former President Ronald Reagan. The third complete week of September is set aside to raise awareness of the availability and accessibility of Adult Day programs nationwide.
Intergenerational Daycare Center Photos
Above are photos taken during an intergenerational activity between ONEgeneration's Childcare Dinosaur class and their senior "neighbors" from our Adult Daycare. The kids and the seniors participated in a "Stories & Skits" exercise via Zoom. All eyes and ears were glued to the screen while the seniors were telling stories!
Thank You
Thank you to all of ONEgeneration's community partners, including Helping Hands Senior Foundation (photo left) and LA Family Housing (photo right) who pick up personal items for older adults and young children from our Senior Enrichment Center and re-distribute them to community members and families in need.
Grocery Outlet Winnetka
Thank you to our community partner Grocery Outlet Winnetka for their recent support of ONEgeneration's Senior Enrichment Center's Food Bank. Their gifts of both funding and provisions will go a long way in providing groceries to community members facing food insecurity. Call 818-705-2345 to learn more about ONEgeneration's "by appointment only" Friday food bank.
Long Beach Gives 2021
Thank you to everyone who participated in ONEgeneration's Grandparents As Parents fundraiser during this year's Long Beach Gives Campaign last month. We exceeded our goal! All funds raised support our GAP programs and services for kinship caregivers and their families.
Anthem Blue Cross Medicare
Thank you to ONEgeneration's community partner Anthem Medicare for sponsoring two weekly food banks in September. We truly appreciate their ongoing dedication to our senior community during this past year sponsoring our food bank and helping hundreds of low income older adults.
LA Care Health Plan
Thank you L.A. Care Health Plan for sponsoring ONEgeneration's weekly walk-up Food Pantry in September and for helping to provide information to those in need. To learn more about our "appointment only" food bank please call ONEgeneration's Senior Enrichment center at 818-705-2345.
Encino Farmers Market - Open Sundays 8am - 1pm
ONEgeneration JOY Intergenerational Daycare Center
17400 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406.  Plenty of Free Parking!
We are welcoming Fall at the Encino Farmers Market! Just arriving are pomegranates. Pomegranates are a super food high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber, a potent source of antioxidants, and are low in calories. Pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods you can eat! Make sure to stock up when you visit us. While you are at the market, do not forget to check out Hungry Gardens Farm’s nice selection of mushrooms, such as Oyster, shiitake, lion’s mane. Grown locally in Sun Valley, these mushrooms are a customer favorite, perfect for all your autumn warm dishes such as soups and stews. In addition, we would like to welcome a new vendor Nuvo Terra who sells a variety of empanadas and a few yummy baked goods. Stop by this Sunday to say hello.

Market Manager

Thank you for shopping at the Encino Farmers Market, supporting local farmers and small businesses, and helping the programs of ONEgeneration.
More Virtual Ways to Stay Connected
Communication Strategies for People with Hearing Difficulties
Did you miss last month's webinar Communication Strategies for People with Hearing Difficulties presented by Joyce Linden Professor, California State University, Northridge Special Education & Deaf Studies Department, (retired). Click on image to watch the recording. Thank you to Joyce Linden for this educational presentation.
Regal Medical Group Free Classes
Join our community partner, Regal Medical Group for free online fitness, yoga, and health education classes to stay active and on top of your health, even from your living room. Follow the link above to access new classes released every week.

UCLArts & Healing's free HOPE (Healing Online for People Everywhere) Series was created to enable our global community to build resilience through social-emotional arts during this unprecedented time. Their site features over 20 online sessions, including Guided Meditation with Live Music, Drumming for Resilience, and Art Games for Real or Virtual Connection.
Well Connected and Well Connected Español connects individuals 60 years old and over to virtual classes, conversations, and other activities and are accessible on line or by telephone. Programs are designed to help seniors stay connected to a larger community and are available in both English and Spanish. These programs are free of charge to individual participants. 

To learn more, visit www.covia.org  or call 877-797-7299 or email coviaconnections@covia.org
Senior Planet from AARP
Senior Planet from AARP harnesses technology to change the way we age. Our courses, programs, and activities help seniors learn new skills, save money, get in shape, and make new friends.
LA County Library - Free Movie Access
If you do not have your LA County Library Card yet, you can sign up on line for a temporary 90 day digital card. Many virtual services available including free movies & TV shows streaming through Kanopy & Hoopla. Sign up for a digital library card today.
StoryCorps Connect
Did you know that you can connect the generations in your life through StoryCorps Connect? Click on the link below to see how you can virtually interview a loved one through this program and have the interview archived as part of the StoryCorp collection
Ways to Support ONEgeneration
While City and State funding for ONEgeneration Programs is minimal, the needs we strive to meet are increasing. Help us support seniors in our communities! We depend on community member donations to keep our programs running. We thank you for your generosity!
Your donation supports:

  • $5 Senior Center Classes
  • $10 Weekend Homebound Meals
  • $20 In-home services for frail seniors
  • $50 Care-giving Support Services
  • $100 Grab Bar Installation
  • $300 Month of homebound meals for a senior couple
Did you know that you can deduct charitable donations made in 2020 up to $300 if you take the standard deduction? The CARES Act gave individual taxpayers who take the standard deduction, the ability to also take a deduction if they made a donation to a qualifying nonprofit. This amount goes up to $600 for married couples filing jointly for donations made in 2021. This is a temporary incentive to encourage contributions to nonprofits hit hard during the pandemic.

To learn more, click on this link to an AARP article which explains the Care Act provision.
Donor Advised Fund / Required Minimum Distribution: 
There are tax advantages to making your contributions from your Donor Advised Fund or your Required Minimum Distribution. If you wish to make a donation to ONEgeneration through your Donor Advised Fund or from your annual Required Minimum Distribution, please contact the Financial Institution holding these funds. Your desired contribution to ONEgeneration must come directly from them.
Follow us on Facebook
Stay up to date with ONEgeneration news by following us on Facebook at @ONEgencares. You can also donate to ONEgeneration from our Facebook page or can start your own Facebook campaign for ONEgeneration.

Your support is greatly needed and appreciated at this crucial time.
Lasting Legacy Brick Program
Honor a loved one with a personalized engraved brick placed near the main entrance of our Intergenerational Center.
To learn more please email Sue Sexton at development@onegeneration.org
Planned Giving
Please consider the Seniors, Children & Families by remembering ONEgeneration in your estate plans. To learn about the possibilities please contact Sue Sexton at 818-708-4756 or email development@onegeneration.org
Ralphs Reward Card Donations
Register ONEgeneration as your Ralphs Reward Card's designated nonprofit and we will earn donation funds each time you shop at Ralphs. Register online at www.ralphs.com or by calling 800-443-4438.
Amazon Smile Donations
Click on the AmazonSmile link to log into your Amazon account and to select ONEgeneration as your non-profit. Remember to log into AmazonSmile each time you make an Amazon purchase so that ONEgeneration receives the donation.
Donate Your Vehicle
to ONEgeneration
Donate a car, truck, motorcycle, or RV to ONEgeneration and help build stronger communities. Each vehicle donation supports the senior services and intergenerational programming of ONEgeneration. Everything will be handled for you, including free pickup.
In loving memory of ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center’s long-time tap dancer, Joan Kates. Joan always brought a positive glow to everyone she came in contact with and performed at the ONEgeneration holiday show for many years. I and all of my dancers send our heartfelt sympathy to Joan’s family. We will miss Joan and think of her always. Arlene Zoren

In memory of Maria Elena Sifuentes, Enrique Sifuentes

In honor of Hazel Geresy, from Robert Geresy

In memory of Lee Hersh, from Hallie Kraft

In tribute to Paul D. Gross, from Daniel Gross

In honor of Jeff Friedman, for all he does for so many years! Thank you! Arthur and Debra Greenberg

In memory of Linda Halasz, from Yvette & Sue

In honor of Joe, Eileen, Jewel, and Jackie
from Willa Meller & Vanessa Henderson

In Honor of TNP Emerging Leader Jenna Hauss,
from Maria Christina Kreachbaum
In memory of David Goetz, from Eva Goetz
In honor of Paul Davis, from Kathleen Bercsi Sterling
Thank You to all of our Partners & Supporters
Affiliations and Partnerships
ONEgeneration Board of Directors,
& Friends of ONEgeneration
  • Stuart D. Zimring, Board Chair, Esq., Principal, Law Offices of Stuart D. Zimring
  • Jeff Friedman, Board Vice Chair, Vice President of Marketing, Dynamic Nursing, Inc.
  • Shanthi Suresh, MD  Board Vice Chair, Partner Emeritus, Geriatrics, Kaiser Permanente
  • Nathaniel Hutton, Board Treasurer, Consultant, Oasis - CATCH Healthy Habits" Program
  • Jim Esterle, Board Secretary, Executive Consultant - HR & Development

  • Liz Altman-Harberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, AIG Life & Retirement 
  • Wendy Bavan, Providence St. Joseph Health
  • Catherine Coddington, Consultant
  • Karen Johnson, Medicare Officer, Health Net of CA
  • Steven Groode, Shareholder, Littler
  • Tatijana Stafets Janko, Financial Consultant
  • Joe Lagrimas, Associate Vice President Medicare, Molina Healthcare
  • Gasia Majarian, Vitas Representative, VITAS Healthcare
  • Lindy Pearson, Advisor, Client Relations, Cresa
  • Gloria Pollack, Community Liaison, Gelb Group
  • Sahar Pouyanrad, Executive Director/Regional Team Leader, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank 
  • David Rutt, Principal, Dorfman & Rutt

  • Denise Villbrandt, Partner, Clumeck, Stern, Schenkelberg & Getzoff
  • Gavin Ward, Regional Director, Strategy & Partnerships, 24 Hour Home Care, LLC
  • Minister Roger Williams II, Practitioner of Public Health, Terra Health, LLC

  • Jenna Hauss, MSW, President & CEO, ONEgeneration
  • Kenneth Kang, CFO & COO, ONEgeneration

In Memoriam
  • Karl Boeckmann
  • Fred Simmons, Esq.
  • Harry Vickman

FRIENDS of ONEgeneration
  • Marvin Burns, Esq.
  • Paul Davis
  • Rickey Gelb
  • Eva Goetz
  • Vahid Khorsand
  • Dan Osterweil, MD
  • Marion Ross
  • Dr. Judy Rosenberg
  • Susan Rothenberg
  • Congressman Brad Sherman