*** Part Two ***

Aloha Republicans:
Welcome to Part Two . . . Republican Leaders of Hawaii's GOP who provide tons of money to Democrats from their own pockets (and the pockets of others).
The destructive decades-long PATTERN of RINO party leader Miriam Hellreich installing Democrats and fake Republicans into top party posts at the Hawaii GOP has been proven again and again.  And the destructive results are there for all to see.  We have dropped from 22 elected Republicans down to just 5 in the years that Hellreich has been top dog at the state party.
Today's "part two" of HIRA's Infiltration Alert covers a lot of ground in demonstrating this long-standing infiltration trend.  This alert was originally inspired by
last week's above-the-fold major story on the left-leaning Civil Beat website , which reported that a former Hawaii GOP state chairman under RINO Linda Lingle and RINO Miriam Hellreich by the name of MICAH KANE has been providing major funding to Democrat operatives seeking to ensure that Hawaii politics will become even more controlled by progressives than it already is.  On top of that, Micah Kane is donating a personal fortune to Democrat candidates so that they obliterate Republican challengers.

Yes, it's all true.
  Lingle and Hellreich plucked Micah Kane from obscurity, ignored his Democrat leanings and his previous active campaign support for Democrats , and made him the executive director of the Hawaii GOP and then installed Kane as the state chairman of the Hawaii Republican Party Linda Lingle personally assured all Republicans about Kane by saying: "Micah represents the future of the Republican Party -- people who are committed to Hawaii and who want to raise their children here."   It turns out Lingle was full of baloney, unless she really meant that Kane would seek to destroy the future of the GOP.
What's REALLY Happened :  RINO party leaders vouched for yet another suspicious guy to be the state party's top employee and then state party chairman, then rounded up support for him (including Hellreich's soldiers -- the easily duped members of the Oahu League of RINO Women ) to get Kane the top job.  But now that same guy, Micah Kane, is doing more to help Democrats and HURT REPUBLICANS than you can believe.  His previous campaigning for Democrats never seems to have stopped.  And the "future of the Republican Party" which Lingle excitedly vouched for appears to be a future in the ash heap of state history.  This closet Democrat Kane keeps selling Republicans down the river with his cozy support for Democrats.  Check out these donations to Democrats.  This Lingle/Hellreich appointee is about as committed to Republican success as Beth Fukumoto and Aaron "Ling" Johanson and Mike "Tulsi's Dad" Gabbard put together.  And Hellreich knows it!
Since money is 'the mother's milk of politics', then let's start with Micah Kane's stunning record of donations to candidates.  OUCH!!  This guy does NOT want Republicans to even have a slim chance!!  Look at those names.  These Democrats won't lose to Republicans, thanks to Hellreich's boy, Micah.  [Of course,
if you ask someone like RINO Mark Blackburn , he'll probably tell you that Micah Kane is a great and loyal Republican. ]

Now, about the revelations from the well-sourced Civil Beat article which inspired today's newsletter.  What other ways is Micah Kane destroying any hope of Republicans getting elected in Hawaii?

In January 2016,
Micah Kane became president and chief operating officer of the massive, statewide charitable group, the Hawaii Community Foundation .  According to Pacific Business News, the foundation -- nearly 100 years old -- distributes $40 million to $50 million each year to community nonprofits that serve children, elderly, educational and research efforts.  But under Micah Kane, things clearly took a left turn.
After just a few months on the job, in October 2016, former state GOP chairman Micah Kane helped to steer major annual funding to the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA).
But what is HAPA, what does HAPA do, and who is behind tax-exempt HAPA?
HAPA is a far-left advocacy group run by longtime Democrat politician
Gary Hooser which promotes left-wing action on a platform clearly ripped from the pages of the Democrat Party.  through 'community organizing':  Welfare expansion, income redistribution, "environmental justice", "economic justice", "social justice", Trump resistance, single-payer healthcare, Al Gore climate agenda, marijuana legalization, refugee importation, rights for illegal aliens, extreme environmentalism, overregulation of agriculture, opposition to telescopes, "indigenous resistance", sovereignty for part-Hawaiians, anti-tourism agenda, nanny state laws (ban plastic, etc.).

Thanks to Micah Kane's generous funding , Gary Hooser's Democrat-controlled HAPA is focused full-time on training progressive candidates how to campaign for office and training liberal policy advocates and progressive community organizers.  According to Civil Beat, HAPA's students receive training in "campaign fundamentals" such as canvassing, campaign fundraising and reporting, and handling media interviews and navigating social media.
HAPA's "Kuleana Academy" isn't training future Republicans, that's for sure.  HAPA is unmistakably focused on beating all remaining Republicans (and future Republican candidates) while ousting any Democrats who aren't liberal enough for their tastes.  HAPA pretends to be ' non-partisan ', but it's partners in the training academy include Americans for Democratic Action, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, and nearly every liberal activist group you can think of.

In addition to the recent initial $52,500 grant to HAPA in support of its mission of "public policy and advocacy", GOP-Chairman-turned-anti-Republican-assassin Micah Kane's left-leaning group has even
established a means for charitable donors to get an annual tax writeoff to donate regularly to HAPA ; thus providing liberals with a bottomless well of financial resources to kill off Republicans (and even conservative Democrats) in furtherance of the leftist agenda.  Hellreich sure can pick 'em, can't she?
Hellreich's Republican Party of Hawaii doesn't even do the opposite of this.  In fact, Hellreich and her comrade Pat Saiki recently gave explicit marching orders to her puppet party leaders to STAY OUT OF THE FIGHTS over tax hikes, rail spending, and everything else.  This was an echo of the precise marching orders given by Pat Saiki when she served as state chair prior to Fritz Rohlfing.  This should be a wake-up call for Republicans statewide.

Next, let's examine Hellreich's Democrat plant Brennon Morioka -- just another closet Democrat in a series of GOP leaders installed by Hellreich to "lead" the Hawaii GOP to its own demise.  Recently, the Hawaii GOP saw closet Democrat and Hellreich pick Brennon Morioka for several key party posts.  Hellreich helped to simultaneously install Morioka as state party chairman  and its executive director and then later as Hellreich's choice for the state party's national committeeman until just a few years ago.
Well, according to the State Campaign Spending Commission and the Federal Election Commission, Brennon Morioka REALLY likes donating to Democrats
So how did a Democrat like Morioka -- a lobbyist for the pro-rail, pro-taxes Building Industry of Hawaii and then 2nd in command at HART -- become the state Republican Party's chairman for two years and then national committeeman for four long years?  ANSWER:  With the endorsement of Miriam Hellreich and her minions at the Oahu League of RINO Women, of course!  No wonder the GOP is in decline and can't get a break.
Here's how it works.  First, Miriam Hellreich vouches for some closet Democrat to become a top officer of the Hawaii GOP.  Second, Hellreich's pawn (whomever is the current president of the Oahu League of RINO Women or OLRW) will endorse that fake "Republican" for election in advance of the state convention.  Third, those ladies work closely together to solicit enough gullible members of the OLRW to attend the convention as delegates so they can rubber stamp Hellreich's wishes by voting for that closet Democrat (even finding money to pay their travel expenses, hotel rooms, and delegate fees) to stack the deck in favor of the anointed Democrat.  It's that simple.  It works every single time.  The ladies (and dudes) of the Oahu League have been had, played, duped, conned, bamboozled every two years for decades by the Hellreich RINO Machine.  The OLRW is precisely how Hellreich finds compliant people to do her bidding (from convention delegates to members of various party committees).  This is how RINO's con the OLRW ladies.  As a result, we keep losing because the Hellreich/OLRW choice is either a RINO or closet Democrat who doesn't really care about beating Democrats or repealing their failed policies in Hawaii.

Just as Micah Kane was vouched for as the "future of the Republican Party of Hawaii" (instead of being vetted and outed as a Democrat), the Oahu League of RINO Women vouched for Morioka as a loyal RepublicanWell, that turned out to be a lie.


Clearly, we simply cannot trust the kind of people that Hellreich and the Oahu League of RINO's vouches forAs I mentioned in "part one" of this series on Democrat Infiltration of the Hawaii GOP, Miriam Hellreich has been instrumental in installing these 'deep state' fake Republicans into officer positions for decades now -- even though anyone paying attention knows these phony Republicans are directly causing the state Republican Party to lose over and over and over.
So when Hellreich has Carol Thomas tell Oahu League ladies to vote for the latest RINO state chair candidate, we end up in the same situation all over again.  NEVER FORGET, Saiki and Hellreich both ENDORSED FRITZ ROHLFING TWO YEARS AGO.
On the other hand, these RINO's and closet Democrats would NEVER have been installed into officer positions at the Hawaii GOP without the explicit blessing of Miriam Hellreich -- the very same Miriam Hellreich who has run the Hawaii GOP for 20+ years and who counter-intuitively arranged for the party to be kept financially afloat earlier this year by major Democrat superdonor, major rail supporter and TOD developer , Stanford Carr, as reported exclusively by HIRA . . . this huge influx of money this year came only weeks before Hellreich explicitly instructed the state party NOT to fight rail or taxes -- even though party members have officially voted to oppose both issuesTalk about pay-to-play selling of our party to the highest bidder.
AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED.   Right now, the Hawaii GOP is sitting on the sidelines while Democrats prepare to push through higher taxes for the third time at the State Capitol less than two weeks from now.  Never since Hellreich has controlled the Hawai'i GOP has the party organized public opposition at either the State Capitol or at Honolulu Hale, nor even made a case against Democrats over these issues in order to affect the outcome of an election . . . which is the entire point of having a party.
Brennon Morioka, Micah Kane, and the Democrats they support (not to mention the Democrats supported by current finance chair Mark Blackburn) are THRILLED that Hellreich has sidelined the Hawaii GOP.  In fact, Democrats know they have nothing to fear from the Hawaii GOP as long as it's under the control of Hellreich and other RINO's?
One of HIRA's most important goals is to explain to conservatives in Hawaii the reasons WHY Republicans keep losing in Hawaii.  Understanding these lessons will help us to finally start winning.  But, unfortunately the Hawaii GOP is controlled by folks who NEVER want us to learn these lessons or make a single improvement.

The common denominator among the reasons which HIRA has already revealed in many of our RINO Alerts and Infiltration Alerts is that the officers who run the Hawaii GOP don't have a problem with the ruling Democrats.  That's right, for decades the Hawaii GOP has been infected with the worst kind of establishment liberals that RINO Linda Lingle and her operative Miriam Hellreich could have possible installed.
When you realize that Ralph Nader is current finance chair Mark Blackburn's ideal choice for president of the United States or that John Henry Felix , Brennon Morioka, Micah Kane, Democrat consultant Dylan Nonaka and other party leaders were only PRETENDING to want Republicans to win, the truth becomes revealed:  The Hawaii GOP is under the control of Democrats, liberals, and RINO's.  Their apparent goal?  To keep our party on the sidelines, broke, ineffective, and losing.
No good comes from listening to Miriam Hellreich.
  The installation of her fake Republicans as party officers is how Hellreich keeps the Hawai'i GOP out of any serious political fight with DemocratsAs a rule, we really shouldn't have Democrats running the GOP in Hawaii or anywhere.  Because, obviously, this is why the Hawaii GOP refuses to take on Democrats over anything.

Having imploded and disintegrated since Miriam Hellreich took over, the Hawaii GOP is weak enough to let itself be controlled by Democrats .  And Democrats in Hawaii are powerful enough to control their opposition - the state Republican Party .  You can stop wondering why Republicans keep losing in Hawaii or why the party doesn't fight at the State Capitol, City Hall or anywhere else.  By supporting Hellreich-endorsed party officers over and over, your donations to the state party are effectively donations to Democrat victory.

Please join HIRA today so we can hasten the end of the Democrat stranglehold on the Hawaii GOP and the Aloha State.

With your kokua, we can educate and persuade voters in Hawaii to withdraw their support for the liberal Democrat regimes and their failed state and local policies.  Only a reform-minded Republican majority can usher in the desperately needed policy changes to save Hawaii from the dire economic future which lies ahead.  And only HIRA can be counted on to keep making the bold, unapologetic case for that change in direction. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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