Dearest Client -

We’ve been working very hard to call back as many clients as we can for this week’s limited availability and have decided to turn back on PHONE and ONLINE BOOKING options for you to schedule your next appointment! We now have the schedules inputted for this week and the next 4 weeks. After this week’s ‘Soft Reopen’, we have a “4 Weeks Forward Plan” with our team to allow each individual to make the right personal choice on their future schedule, so we want you to be aware that your stylist might not be available until a date after May 4th.   

So, if you are ready, we are here to serve you! Either call 404-262-9499 or go to to book online NOW!


Please be prepared for the following until the end of May when visiting a salon location:

  • Please wear a face mask to your appointment - if you don’t arrive with one, one will be provided for you.
  • No guests will be allowed in the salon - only the person with the appointment may enter the salon at the appointment time.
  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands and have your temperature taken before entering the salon - we will have both available for you before entering the salon.  
  • For the next 4 weeks after this week, we will forego your blowdry to help us not force air/germs outside the 6ft area and to also give us time to sanitize the space for the next client. In lieu of charging a COVID-19 fee to the service, we will not be offering a discount for this measure.
  • Free serve coffee will not be offered. We will have bottled and can drinks available.
  • We will be using freshly washed capes and sanitized brushes/combs for each service.
  • To avoid spreading germs, we will not have magazines available.
  • We have enabled touch-less pay options at checkout. 
  • Please keep in mind that we might have to use more color, depending on the regrowth, which could result in an extra color add-on charge.
  • Be upfront with your stylist...if you used box color, let us know - we won't judge!

With Care -