Video Showing of Our Origines of the Argentine Festival at this time for being resilient and responsive in this crisis of COVID-1 9 in the most serious threat to music & arts.
Docu FestArg Video Spanish:
“Un Viaje a Través del Tiempo ” Festival Argentino 1987-2017

¡Nos quedamos en casa
Parte I 1hr Parte II 1hr

30 Años Video:

Audio Visual en nuestra página web ONLINE , tv spot, imágenes, entrevistas, bailes, canciones, artistas de la Historia del Festival Argentino.

Gracias por la difusión y disfruten responsablemente en tiempos de crisis COVID-19
Gracias especiales a Cristian Moya
Tech Video
  Docu FestArg Video :
A Journey Through Time” Argentine Festival 1987-2017
We stayed at home
ONLINE May 16, 2020.
Part I 1hr Part II 1 hr

30 Years Video :

Audio Visual on our ONLINE website, original images, tv spots, interviews, dancers and singers, artists of our Argentine Festival History.

Thank you for the dissemination and enjoy it responsibly in times of crisis COVID-19

Website (inquiries)

Special Thanks to Cristian Moya
Tech Video
Un poco de nuestra historia Prensa
Gracias Victor Hugo de Los 4 de CORDOBA
Photographer: Carlos Alfonso Najarro, +908 499.8835 Facebook click
En la ciudad de Arlington, Virginia, le hicimos una pequeña sesión fotográfica antes de las noticiasl de la crisis al director del Festival Argentino USA, Daniel Manzoni, para conmemorar sus 35 años de trayectoria a la cabeza de este importante evento internacional. Además, Manzoni fue galardonado en el 2012 con el Premio de Oro Voluntario Presidencial durante el gobierno de Barak Obama.
"No existen fracasos, sólo aprendizajes"
"There are no failures, only learning"
The Two Points of View presented are written in Spanish!
Julian Ratti - Los Inmigrantes
Las Malvinas son Argentinas
Yoko Ono - John Lennon 1969
Dear Participants in English Press Release
Maria Aragone Linguist Specialist 703-314-9769
35 Years of Volunteer work of Daniel Manzoni. Due to the crisis of Covid-19. His anniversary has been postponed. However, Mr. Rafael Lazo Director of EL IMPARCIAL . Decided to published and The Board of Director of the Festival Argentino thanks his support! Website!
35 años de trabajo voluntario de Daniel Manzoni. Debido a la crisis de Covid-19.
Su aniversario ha sido pospuesto. Sin embargo, el Sr. Rafael Lazo Director de

Decidió publicar y la Junta Directiva del Festival Argentino agradece su apoyo! Website!
Stay Home
Por favor #QuedateEnCasa, nosotros seguimos trabajando para apoyarte con el Video FestArg con artistas y shows de nuestra trayectoria y preparandonos para los próximos meses Oct. TBA para celebrar en el Thomas Jefferson nuestra edicion anual. We telework daily for All Web Video Link
Festival Argentino wants to express solidarity with our Sponsors.
It is a moment to be Unity! Click to View
Festival Argentino wants to express solidarity with our Photographers & Konceptual LLC is a moment to be Unity!
Participacion de Mariela Bond, Oscar Ibarra, Carlos Winder, Stella Milano...
Preview DOCU FESTARG 30 Years!
Classic Rock Argentino & Latin American
"Los Novios de Martita"
Legacy MC Mario Martinez y Palacios to the Festival Argentino & All Latin Fest! 3 Minutes Video
Hopefully end of April, we may have the New Date!
We continue responding to existing and new artists who would like to come to the 33rd Festival in the FALL , October 3 (TBA) Pending County final approval!
A great offer is to buy a ticket in advance and save about $10 , so think about that "for a limited time only" . We look forward for a Great Argentine Festival!!!
We ALL Celebrate Argentina
with Music Dance Performances & Food
Thank you for "Sharing" the Festival Argentino.

Your participation helps to do the fest at reasonable cost, help the artists, maintain school and, fund a school tutor child and more. S o, we can improve the quality of the festival to you (our patrons) with music, arts culture and exhibitors.

The Festival needs also your help in artist's transportation, sound tech, and with volunteers .
You can buy a ticket in advance.
It is tax deductible . No refund.

 Thank you in advance!. 
Daniel Manzoni Director
La Humanidad en Tiempos de Coronavirus. De la Teologia a la Inteligencia. Marcelo Javier De Los Reyes Ver articulo click logo
Marcelo Javier De Los Reyes. Otro articulos en Cultura. Click Web.
Good afternoon everyone,
 I’ve received inquiries regarding the effect of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) on our facilities. I wanted to take a second to share some information provided by Arlington County Government that may help get us be more prepared in the event of an outbreak in this area. As of right now there is nothing to be concerned about, but by taking some simple steps we can be ready non the less. 
·      Encourage staff and audience members to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap.  The schools will be stocking the bathrooms more regularly with antibacterial soap.
·      If you sneeze or cough, please do so into a tissue or into your elbow.
·      If someone is sick ask them to stay home to prevent the spread of the illness.
·      Sanitize tech equipment and door handles after use . Monitors will have access to some disinfecting wipes, but we encourage everyone to keep their own stock.
·      Encourage the use of hand sanitizer.  We are in the process of purchasing some for the theaters, but the supply is going to be limited. If you so choose, keep a stock of your own for your staff and patrons. 
I will share any updates from ACG or APS regarding new updates as I get them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Below you will find the APS website and the CDC website with information about the virus.
for your sponsorship support
Thank you Sponsor UNIVISION for announcing to the public the Festival Argentino VIDEO PROMO for ALL. More Upcoming News Soon. Monthly newsletter noticiasya as we get close to the annual event. Noticiasya Link
Thank you Kaiser Permanente
for your sponsorship support
Thank you / GIANT
for your sponsorship support
The long-running Festival will present the thirty-third edition of the Argentine Festival USA TBA in the FAll Season.
Barbecue Lover's Dream Come True
  • Enjoy Argentina National Day
  • National Barbecue Month
  • Also, National Eat What You Want Day, so you have just the excuse you need to feast on Argentine delicacies.

Thank you Angus Beef LLC
 Tango Imports
for your sponsorship support
Pampa's Fox thank you for your support
Click Photo & Logo to View Food Menu
Thank you,  Pampa's Fox  for supporting the venue of the Festival Argentino USA and for continue building on our common success and trajectory. And following the way to help and promote argentine traditions and products in the USA.
All artists / Todos los artistas
Performances TBA SOON for the FALL SEASON
Lyric Mainly in Spanish
Spectacular Festival Argentino USA for our friends and the whole community. More than 35 artists in the guided program, see our updating monthly website that covers the rest. Festival Argentino for ALL!

You can Click Link to View All Artists 2020. Click in the photos to view more!!! Program Guide Subject to Change.

  La Bomba” GINA singing the Latin genre and Latin rhythm for the whole family!

Winner Revelation Argentine Latin American Folklore at Jesus Maria 2020!

Troubadour reached “Dreaming about Singing” recognized in Argentina & Bolivia.

Her latest project, “Travel Songs” will lead her USA TOUR which has been recognized in Argentina and the World .
Los Novios de Martita - Spanish Rock
Clasico ROCK Argentino y Rock Latino
Tango dancer, instructor and writer.
Capital Tangueros dancers .

Revelation Latin Voice of Pop Music 2019 after his album “WALKING
OMAR NUNEZ "El Chimpa"  

 new discographic material “The ROUTE DEL CHIMPA” 


His latest work , ‘ENTRERRIANO” recorded in Buenos Aires will be presented at the Folk’s Festival USA 2020!  

Folkloric Ballet, joining the Festival with large and attractive repertoire of beautiful dances and songs! Director, Oscar Magallanes & Choreographer, Leon Magallanes an partner Blanch Xeinoum & 11 dancers.

Pop Singer celebrating 50 years trajectory as International Showman and World Music! Native of La Paz Bolivia.

  Pianist to DC 30 years sittin’ at the front of piano with Folk-Tango-Blues-Jazz!

Intégrated by Fausto Leguizamón, Diego Inostroza, Ricardo Ferreyra and Darío del Valle.

A rtists 2020
Luis Angel TBC!
Luis Angel Tango Dancer at the Embassy of Argentina a Capital Tanguero!

Thank you for your Sponsorship support to Festival Argentino 2020!
Sponsor Konceptual - Video Production
Graphic Design & Web
Konceptual - Video Production / Graphic & Design Web

It's our goal to inspire, educate and inform your audience. Our work is to send your message and relate it to your audience.

Fest's Director Daniel Manzoni
35 Years Life Time Volunteer Trajectory!
Festival Argentino wants to express solidarity with our Partners!
It is a moment to be Unity! Click to View
Thanks / Gracias / Media P artners / Asociados /Amigos
Gracias a Todos por Anticipado
Otonio 2020 / FAll Season Fest TBA
Daniel Manzoni Founder of the Argentine Committee
35 Years of local community service
We share spkecial web for SPRING VIDEO FESTARG 30 Anniversary!
Bienvenidos Voluntarios / Welcome Volunteers
HELP with house, ride Airport to Albergue para los Artistas de Argentina.
We appreciate any help! Thanks!
Festival Argentino
welcome volunteers for Saturday's event day of the festival (16 yrs & UP). to join for two hours, 4 four hours.. Fun activities such as putting signs, decoration and working along side with experience staff, artists & cultural diplomats .
Video & Photos
Clowns / Sonrisas y Lagrimita
Other activities / Otras actividades
Soccer Grassy Area / Futbol Familiar
Folklore Dances / Danzas de Folklore
Arts Crafts / Exhibitors / Expositores
Children games / Juego para chico s
Clowns / Sonrisas y lagrimita payasitos
Cards Game / Juego de Truco
Bring you own Mate/s / Traiga su propio Mate/s
It refers to the popular drink of Argentina...
Tendremos cartas de truco. Por ahora una mesa estara disponible el dia del festival con las cartas para quien quiera jugar al truco!
Cortado el presupuesto mesas y sillas en Arlington TJ
Si alquien tiene interes venir en la previa dia del evento desde 2:30pm-3:30pm con una mesa para unirse con amigos! punto de contacto!
Advertising Ad:
Mercedes Henze, Beach Front Realty, Miami FL
Great Investment Market Opportunity
Should you contact Mercedes; please referral Festival Argentino
Beachfront Realty, Miami FL
Mercedes Henze
Member of the Institute
for Luxury Home Marketing
305 205 4214 cell
Beachfront Realty Inc. of Miami, FL
Festival Argentino
Support the upcoming events
EXPO International Trade Initiative
Festival Argentino 2020!
Conference in Spanish
Que es la Economia Naranja America Latina y el Caribe como Potencia en Economia Creativa!
The Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce invite you to the Annual BUSINESS EXPO . Know more-Grow more. Click Register link to register. Register Link
We welcome Nito Mestre to the DMV
Daniel Manzoni, Director de Festival Argentino los invita a todos a los "50 Anios de Sui Generis" con Nito Mestre . Gentileza para un gran artista y en nombre del Festival Argentino que ayuda a Sponsor TICKERI.COM

El tiquete q mas me gusta a mi!

Daniel Manzoni cumple 35 anios de trabajo voluntario y le desea lo mejor a Nito Mestre por ser parte de la Historia del Festival. Presente! Tickets Link
Arlington Community Neighborhood Day SEP TBA 2020 - Day
Lace up your walking shoes for the annual event, starting traveling to Arlington, Virginia and on October 3 TBA in the Annual Festival Argentino. Visit our website, shop the sale now, or register for our advance tickets specials. We are confirming sponsors, booths and committed artists. Call-to-Action Link
Embracing Arlington Arts
Embracing Arlington Arts is an independent organization whose mission is to inform others about the importance and diversity of the arts, artists and arts organizations in our community; celebrate the critical contributions the arts make to all sectors of our County; spearhead initiatives that maintain and grow the County’s cultural identity; and spread the word about the diverse performance and cultural events held in Arlington. We achieve our mission through several channels. Newly information on budget , visit their website at
Argentina Project's Newsletter
Weekly Asado
Benjamin Gedan, Wilson Center
Wilson Center
Weekly Asado Argentina Project's newsletter, bringing you all the latest developments on Argentina.
Subscribe free to the WEEKLY ASADO.

Connect with Argentina Project
The Mission of the Festival Argentino  seeks to strengthens bilateral relations in cultural exchange (artists & education).  For example , the Fest cultural exchange with artists & education should be in Bilateral Agenda in 2020-2022.
As you may recall  the Argentine Committee is approaching its 35 years of service. We are set to celebrate all that has been accomplished. From the music's festival humble beginnings to becoming one of long running Argentina's music scene in the USA. We pledge to continue working together. 
The Board of Director of Festival Argentino
Thanks Daniel Manzoni on 35 Years Serving the Community.
The Board will keep you all inform about possible nominations of our Director and upcoming news!
Pampa's Fox in our ExhibitorFest
Click Photo & Logo to View Food Menu
Thank you,  Pampa's Fox  for supporting the new venue of the Festival Argentino USA and for continue building on our common success and trajectory. And following the way to help and may promote the argentine beef in USA.

The Fest worked hard to make ourselves available to help in the promotion of beef in our Annual Festival Argentino in Arlington, VA. Also, Payasitos - Truco - Mate -Choripan- Empanadas, Family Soccer - Futbol for all!

Muchas gracias Pampa's Fox por el apoyo a la sede del Festival Argentino USA and por continuar construyendo el camino del exito uniendo trayectorias. Y, siguiendo el camino de la ayuda y posible promocion de la carne argentina en US

El Fest trabajo para ponernos a disposicion para ayudar a la promocion de la carne dentro del Festival Anual en Arlington, VA. Ademas, Payasitos - Truco - Mate - Choripan -Empanadas - Futbol familiar para todos!
Why Sponsor the Festival 2020 Program
ARTISTS Performances, ASADO & ART Event at the Festival Argentino in the Kenmore Middle School
The Fest features a lively calendar of special pre dinner, tastings, soccer, exhibitors, plus spectacular performances. Visit Festival Argentino to see upcoming events.
About the Event
American, Argentine, and Hispanic families are drawn to this event with celebrate Argentine Heritage culture through dance, music, traditional arts and foodways. Politicians from Arlington County, from the State of Virginia and throughout the USA have regularly attended the event.

Event Format
Festival Argentino strengthens partnerships between partners from across the diverse communities in the DC Metropolitan area. This year 2020; we are expecting attendance despite coronavirus concerns but the increase of services will cost more up 100%.

The Argentine Festival is the USA gathers great importance due to:

•Promotes and broadcasts the Argentine Heritage Culture in the USA
•The public comments its great desire to buy our products, as well as get to know our nation.
•Fortifies the sense of belonging of the Argentine Community that resides in the USA, and that are far way from its country of origin.
•Is a spot of relations between Argentine,and other members of the Hispanic and American Communities.
•It is also a promoter of the cultural,economic, and tourist activities of Argentina in Arlington County, and its metropolitan area, towards the Spanish-English speaking and International Communities.

As a Festy, we will be bring about 25 mates de la Amistad / Friendship mates for sale in our Argentina National Day event, cost $20.

We are doing a diffusion Donation promotion to Hogar Amparo Maternal in Buenos Aires. You can now directly make the donation. A brief summary of the organization name and link follows
The Festival Argentino

is made possible thanks to the Embassy of Argentina, VA Argentine Committee. The program is supported in part by the Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts; sponsors, artists,exhibitors, media & volunteers.

Special Catering Food for sale.

The Festival

will include a stage with details made by Argentine's that allows a better view of the different regions of the nation's music, culture, tango classes and more. We have ads, booths available for sale at low cost! Ads, Sponsorship & Booth.
The ExhibitorFest

 is composed of spaces for Arts and Crafts booths, promotional materials and banners. We will have Jewelry, Books, Arts and Crafts, Products and Services from Argentina, Latin America and from the United States. We welcome Partners & Chamber of Commerce to join this year spectacular event.

include Tango performances, Great Argentine & Latin American Artisan Festival, Exhibitors, Designers, Art Painters, Jewelry, Books, Tourism, Arts & Crafts Festival! We encourage please to write to us for our super low cost prices, web and kit package : and, or
The Argentine Festival in the USA Winner of the Gold Presidential Volunteer Prize for doing community service throughout its life.
The festival takes place since 1987 in a continuous format and gathers distinguished performers of the Argentine music and dancers. In addition, it broadcasts our cultural products: the arts, gastronomy, crafts, and tourist destinations. Since its beginning, it has taken place in a variety of settings, from the Library on Columbia Pike, to the open air performances at Barcroft Park, and cultural spaces like the Thomas Jefferson Theatre, Kenmore Auditorium all in Arlington, Virginia.

Visit our website, shop the sale on date of event, benefits a school, or register for our advance tickets specials . Call-to-Action Link
 Businesses and Institutions, both American
and Argentine, have put trust in us, and continue to do so today.

For this upcoming year 2020, we are expecting to grow the size of the ExhibitorFest and reach out to Volunteers, Sponsors-support, Arts and Crafts, Advertising, Media partners, Online Internet TV Radio and Outreach campaign from now until October 3 TBA , 2020. All are representatives of our culture Latin American culture and values. Congratulations and best wishes for an enjoyable Festival.

UNIVISION, Copa Airlines, Kaiser Permanente, Giant, Angus Beef LLC - Tango Imports, Konceptual, Car Fee Diet, Fundacion de Los Ninos de Maria, Lincoln Heritage Golden Memorial, Salvatore Productions, Syncretic Press & Sonrisas y Lagrimita. Photography: Juan Gonzalez, George Newcomb, Yvettee Jurado-Robles FotosR4Ever, Justa Gutierrez Photography & Event, Stan Weinstein & Rose Campiglia. Video: Konceptual Video, Graphic/Design + Web Graphic :; Que Creative, Iris Producciones. TV Spot Humberto Martinez & MC Arely Perez & Asociate Web :Francisco Cuestas, Digital Marketing , Eblast Team.

Gastronomy / Food: Pampas's Fox, Ligera Tentacion Smoothies, SweetFrog, Cafeto Expresso Sound: Gerardo Tamashiro, Ricardo Varrenti and Arlington Cultural Affairs Tech Staff. Media : El Tiempo Latino, Washington Hispanic, CapitalwirePR, El Imparcial, El Informador News, MetroDiversity, Somos Baltimore y Mundo Latino,, Kesta Kappening, USA Hispanic, Stay Arlington, Arlington Newsletter, Culture Capital, and partners.

Embajada Argentina en Washington / Copa Airlines TBC / Data Eventos / Virginia Commission for the Arts / Arlington Cultural Affairs Division Arlington Economic Development / Technical Sound Staff / Photographers / Gestion Argentina / Angus Beef LLC-Tango Imports / Pampa's Fox Catering / GWHCC /Alianza Latina / Medios / / Sponsors / Graphic Designers / Embracing Arlington Arts, Partners and many more to be confirmed!

The program is supported in part by the Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts and the Embassy of Argentina as government institutions and the Municipality de Cutral Co. Jose Rioseco Mayor!
Hogar Amparo Maternal
Festival Argentino will help
in the diffusion and through noticiasya
In the Amparo Maternal Home , women are accommodated in street situations with their children , where they are provided with a transitional space for women's recovery and social and labor reintegration, with the aim of promoting health, personal autonomy, empowerment and economic independence in order to improve the quality of life for them and their children.

It seeks to promote the integral development of the person, improve the mother-child bond, promote the relationship with their families of origin & the realization of a self-worth project

Dolores Repetto Puelles
Desarrollo Institucional
Hogar Amparo Maternal
WhatsApp in the Flyer
En el Hogar Amparo Maternal se alberga a mujeres en situación de calle con sus hijos, donde se les proporciona un espacio de transición para la recuperación y reinserción laboral y social de las mujeres, con el objetivo de promover la salud, la autonomía personal, el empoderamiento y la independencia económica a fin de mejorar la calidad de vida tanto para ellas como para sus hijas e hijos.

Se busca favorecer el desarrollo integral de la persona, mejorar el vínculo madre-hijo, favorecer la relación con sus familias de origen, y la concreción de un proyecto de auto valimiento.

Dolores Repetto Puelles
Desarrollo Institucional
Hogar Amparo Maternal
WhatsApp en el folleto
Pocho Producciones

Andres Rojas
Host and Producer
CEO of Pocho Productions
MC, Audio Video and Lightning-Services for Concerts and Events Pocho Producciones
"Madrugando con Pocho"
Radio Fairfax, VA
Happy Spring / Feliz Primavera