May 1st - Next Pmt Due Date!
For those that are  NOT  paid ahead nor paid in full May 1st is the next scheduled MINIMUM $600 payment due date (or $300 per person if there is more than 2 in the cabin) . ***For those that reserved their cabin after January 1, 2019, you will owe a $1200 May 1st payment to get caught up and balance due Aug.1.  You can always pay more or pay off early.    Late payments will incur a  $50 late fee  and those  later than 15 days will be slated for cancellation

To make your online payment, just click on the link below. You'll need your password and username that was in your original paperwork with your mailed invoice. Can't find it or don't know your balance, just give us a call Mon-Fri (9-5 est) at 540-942-8791.   We prefer that you pay by Credit Card online .   Not the best doing an online payment??? Just call us with your credit card before May 1 and we'll be happy to run the payment while you're on the phone.
Only a Few Days Left!
For 20% & 10% Off Drink Package Specials

For example, for ONLY the next few days, you can save OVER $100 per person on the Deluxe Drink Package!!!  We negotiated a 1 time 20% OFF on the 3 main on-ship drink packages (Deluxe, Refreshment, & Classic Soda Pkgs) and 10% off on Evian Water and Cafe Coffee packages. Booking ahead saves you hours of your precious fun time from standing in line to book them on the ship.  These "1 Time" discounts end at midnight APRIL 30th .   No reduced drink prices after that date nor on the ship. To book your drink packages, you will need your RCCL booking I.D. # shown on your Feb invoice highlighted in yellow on the top left side. Same for excursions, spas, specialty dining, etc... but no discounts offered on these . To make this drink discount package available to our entire ship, we had to wave the free "happy hour" drinks for the Suite and Royal Caribbean Diamond Members in the Concierge Lounge.   Get them while you can as the cruise line can decide to shut off drink package sales if they feel that they have met their quota.
*If purchasing the  Deluxe Drink Package,  each adult of legal drinking age assigned to the same stateroom must purchase this package. This is a new cruise line rule. If you have questions or want to book excursions, drink packages,etc by phone...just call Royal Caribbean direct at 800 398 9819.
Shore Excursions are selling out quickly!  
Some Already SOLD OUT!
Book now for best selection.

Since this is a CUSTOM full ship charter, we now have 10-11 hours onshore instead of the usual 5-7 hrs. That extra time means we finally have time to do both excursions and party  without rushing!  SO NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW & EXCITING  ONSHORE  WITH ALL YOUR HSR FRIENDS! Click on the link below to see onshore time schedules.

Your Royal Caribbean booking I.D. #:  If you haven't already seen that on your prior invoice, it was on your February e-mailed invoice and all invoices thereafter. It's highlighted in YELLOW near the top left side of your invoice.  This will be needed when you book shore excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, spa's, etc. and later this year when you are required to do your online check in. Misplaced your invoice and don't know your RCCL booking I.D. #, call us at 540-942-8791.

NOTE:   All RCCL shore excursions are custom for  High Seas Rally passengers only . Several of the most popular  excursions are alreadySOLD OUT...Booking early saves hours of your precious fun time not standing in line.   

Follow these instructions after you click on the link below:
On the top header bar on the right hand side of the page just below the word, HELP, click on  ALREADY BOOKED   Then click on  CRUISE PLANNER . In the white header bar it will read, Shore Excursions, Dining, Beverages, etc. Click your preference. Then hit  RESERVE NOW . Then follow the info asked. Now you will need your RCCL booking I.D. # mentioned above on your February invoice to complete your reservation. The date of departure is November 30, 2019 and the name of the ship is the Brilliance of the Seas. 
***If you experience any difficulty booking online with Royal Caribbean, you can also call them at:   800-398-9819 . Please know at the time of the call exactly what drink pkg, excursion, etc that you wish to book.
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