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About the Photo, "Tug of War": U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Carl Matthew Ruppert, Jan 10, 2023.

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Battle to Belong - U.S. Marine Corps Commercial

One our favorite Marine Corps recruiting commercials! VERY inspirational! Be sure to watch. Some of what you seek can be found online, but for Marines, the things that matter most must be fought for: a true sense of purpose that comes from knowing you're part of something bigger than yourself and belonging that's only found among those who share a common cause.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry ON SALE!

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The KJV Bible for military makes the perfect gift!

Get your Marine something they will cherish. Get your customizable KJV Military Bibles here!

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Marine Corps Pay and Allowances

There are many components to Military Pay. There is basic pay, special pay, incentives, allowances, and sometimes retirement pay, for those that serve long enough. This page on our website explains the differences in the pay your Marine may receive during their career in the Marine Corps.

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The iconic Marine Corps Seal - FAMILY EDITION! On sale today only!

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This authentic Ka-Bar knife has the EGA engraved on the blade. The perfect gift for any Marine!

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