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Welcome to the OOMPH Student Newsletter! We will be sending out the newsletter monthly. For this issue, we would like to recognize that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please review the link below on how you can get involved to Help Stop Sexual Violence! 

A special thank you to everyone who completed the newsletter survey. We have incorporated some of your suggestions from the student highlight section, fellowship information, practicum and campus events. Also, congratulations to $25 Amazon Gift Certificate winner Mayra G Amador!  

Important Announcements

Important Dates and Deadlines: 

  • April 18, 2021 Fall 2021 Schedule of classes and enrollment appointments released
  • April 26, 2021 Phase I enrollment for continuing students (admitted before Summer 2021)
  • April 23, 2021 Enroll in OOMPH courses for summer 2021
  • April 29, 2021 Last day to change grading option for spring 2 courses. 
  • June 11, 2021 (11:59 PM) Last day to enroll in OOMPH courses for fall (continuing students)
  • July 16, 2021 (9:15 AM - 12:15 PM) Phase I enrollment for fall (newly admitted summer 2021 and fall 2021)

Spring 2021 grading policy on S/U

The Berkeley Public Health Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) has approved for Online MPH courses offered in spring 2 to have the S/U grading option. This includes courses that would otherwise require a letter grade (e.g. W142). For master’s degrees, two-thirds of all course work must be letter-graded. No more than a third of your total units can be taken S/U (excluding independent study), which means up to 4 classes or 14 units can be S/SU of the 42 units. The S/SU grading implications are listed below: 

  • A Satisfactory grade implies work of B minus quality or better. 
  • Courses graded S/U are not included in the grade-point average. 
  • Units from a course graded U may not be counted toward fulfillment of students’ degree programs. This means that the course would have to be retaken or replaced with another course.

If you have any further questions, please consult with your Faculty Advisor

Deadline: For Spring 2 courses have been extended to April 29, 2021

Note: Spring 1 courses are not eligible for this option.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Violence Prevention Month, also known as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff will be hosting events throughout the month that will equip our community with information on how to prevent sexual assault, create a stronger culture of consent, and best support survivors. See the Sexual Violence Prevention Month page for events and resources.

Student Spotlight

Onward to a PhD in Epidemiology/Biostatistics! Eric Stewart graduated from OOMPH in May 2020 and was admitted to the UCB PhD Epidemiology/Biostatistics program for Fall 2021. Congratulations, Eric! He is currently a Research Scientist and Regional Cancer Epidemiologist with the Cancer Registry of Greater California, a program of the Public Health Institute. "I am forever grateful for my time in the OOMPH program--it was instrumental to my career and academic growth, and was the inspiration for continuing my educational journey". Eric plans to pursue cancer epidemiology research in his PhD program under the guidance of Dr. Catherine Metayer. We are thrilled that Eric will be continuing his public health education and training at UCB!

Environmental Justice: Who bears the burden of pollution?:  Laura Diaz is The Director of the Educator Collective for Environmental Justice and started OOMPH in the Fall of 2020. She recently published Environmental Justice: Evaluating Zip Codes and Pollution Burdens in Science Friday.  "The work I engage in targets education as a medium to both support educators and also drive environmental justice action research with youth."  Laura also co-leads a monthly Environmental Justice Workshop Series for educators who want to incorporate environmental justice into their curricula and invites OOMPH community members to join.

Course Enrollment

Summer 2021 Enrollment

Attention OOMPH students:  If you have not enrolled for Summer, we encourage OOMPH students to be registered for no more than six units of courses for Summer 2021 by April 23, 2021. Please login to your CalCentral portal to register for courses. You can also find the summer 2021 course schedule and course enrollment numbers

Summer Course Dates:

  • Summer 1: May 10 - June 27, 2021*
  • Summer 2: June 28 - August 15, 2021

*Summer Schedule: We plan to offer the Summer campus visits remotely with online completion of course work for PHW200E: Health Policy and Management and PHW289: Interdisciplinary Seminar. For more information on the virtual summer visit, please visit the Student Hub>>Summer Visit link. Make sure to enroll in Summer 1 and Summer 2 courses during the registration period. 

Important Summer Date

Deadline to enroll by Friday, April 23, 2021

Unit Limit:  

If you are a second-year student and would like to register for more than six units of courses (also known as “doubling up"), you will need approval from your Academic Faculty Advisor.

Fall 2021 Enrollment

The schedule of classes and enrollment appointment has been released for Fall 2021. We encourage all OOMPH students to be registered for no more than six units of courses for Fall 2021 by Friday, June 11, 2021. Please login to your CalCentral  portal to register for courses. You can also find the Fall 2021 course schedule and course enrollment numbers on the Program Calendar page. MAKE SURE to enroll in Fall 1 and Fall 2 courses during the registration period listed below: 

Important Fall Date

Phase I: April 26, 2021 - June 11, 2021

Employment Opportunities

Graduate Student Instructor

Keep an eye out for Fall GSI opportunities. Email announcements will be sent

out to the OOMPH student listserv as positions become available.


Data Incubator Data Science Fellowship (Deadline: 5/7/2021)

Data Incubator Data Analytics Fellowship (Deadline: 5/7/2021)


Designing for Equity in Graduate Education :: April, 27 :: 2 PM - 3:30PM

OOMPH Degree Check-Out :: April 22 :: 5 PM - 6 PM :: 

  *All times are PDT

Academic Support

The Diversity, Respect, Equity, Action, Multiculturalism (DREAM) Office provides a variety of tutoring from current grad students (both by appointment, drop-in and group sessions) for Public Health 142: Introduction to Biostatistics, Public Health 250A: Introduction to Epidemiology and writing support for papers, capstones and projects.

For epi/biostat tutoring, sign up at

For writing support, sign up at

The DREAM Office also has partnered with our public health librarians to hold weekly office hours in the DREAM Office where our wonderful librarians can help you with literature reviews, running searches in databases for your research, citation management and finding data and statistics. Public Health librarians are available by appointment and drop-in. For more information, please visit their website.

Career & Practicum

Resource Highlight

Practicum Q&A Session : Unable to attend the most recent Practicum Q&A session? View the recording and check out the slides. 

Practicum & Full Time Opportunities

Be sure to check out PHLEX for additional opportunities!


  • CDPH - Research Assistants in the West Nile virus (WNV) and Dead Bird Surveillance Program

Note that it is listed as full time. BUT, it also says "Multiple full-time and

possibly part-time positions will support the WNV and Dead Bird Call

Center". The epidemiologist who heads the WNV group is an IDV MPH and

PhD graduate.

  • Bridged Health - Volunteers
  • CDPH - Graduate Student Assistant / Research & Eval Assistant in the Section Chief of the Epidemiology and Surveillance Section, Injury and Violence Prevention Branch (IVPB), in the Center for Healthy Communities

Full/Part Time

  • PATH - For individuals interested in infectious disease diagnostics in Seattle.
  • Alameda County Public Health Department

Has an urgent need to fill more than 30 temporary positions for COVID Mitigation & Prevention Division.For a list of positions and how to apply:

Financial Aid & Scholarships

OOMPH Events

SPH Events

Get Involved! If you are interested in attending SPH virtual events, please visit the community events calendar.