May 11, 2020
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This week's book of the Bible is First Peter. 

Click here for Pastor Mike's introduction to the book.
Daily Update

Linda Eagleson had surgery today in Springfield and the text message from Gene indicates that she came through it very well.  She remains in our prayers as she recovers.


The bishop has announced, in keeping with the rules and guidelines in the state of Illinois, a five phase plan for reopening our churches.  We will remain in phase 1 through the remainder of May.  In June, we will consider how and when to move to the next phase.  Here is the document sent to us by Bishop Beard:

Published May 8, 2020
Church Guidance for Illinois Public Health Phases
Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church
The Restore Illinois plan provides for the State of Illinois to be divided into four public health regions, which will be assessed for risk of COVID-19 deaths based on five phases. This is a summary of the detailed guidance available for Illinois Great Rivers United Methodist Churches on applicable safety guidance for each phase.

  • Churches should not gather for in person weekly worship
  • Funerals and Weddings should be less than 10 people
  • Church buildings closed, except for essential and minimum basic operations.
  • Same as Phase 1
  • Churches may gather for Drive In worship services
  • Churches may gather for any purpose in groups of less than 10
  • Children's ministry programs should not be held
  • Social distancing, face masks, and other precautions should be taken
  • Churches should not practice group singing
  • Church buildings may reopen to small groups, and all church staff and volunteers can return to using the building.
  • People at higher risk of dying from COVID-19 should not gather in groups of any size.
  • Churches may gather for any purpose in groups of less than 50
  • Children's ministry programs may resume, cautiously.
  • Continue social distancing practices and other precautions
  • Churches may gather in unlimited size groups for any purpose
  • All public health safety guidance is lifted
  • It is now safer for people of higher risk of dying from COVID-19 to gather


Tomorrow, May 12, is "Poem on Your Pillow Day." According to instructions, you are to find a nice poem, and leave it on the pillow of someone in your home.  It can be any kind of poem.  I'm thinking of leaving the Iliad and the Odyssey on Jie's pillow...both books.  But I'm rethinking that, partly because tomorrow is also "Limerick Day," and I could hit two birds with one stone by just leaving a limerick on her pillow.  

How's this?  I'd love to sing loud and sing proud.
But I'm embarrassed I might draw a crowd.
So, in public I'm dour.
Though I sing in the shower.
The only time singing loud is allowed.

(not original...just one of the few things I found...that I could actually print in a church newsletter.)

Tomorrow is also Odometer Day.  I am told that the first odometer was designed in China almost 2000 years ago.  The word comes from Greek:  "hodos" (path) + "metros" (measure) = measurement of the path.  Anyway...I usually check my car odometer to see when to change the oil (it is time!)  And my smart phone has an odometer I can check to see how far I've walked, but I only like to check it on days when I've gone on a really long hike.  The rest of the time it makes me feel guilty.

Tomorrow is Nutty Fudge Day...if you are looking for any gift ideas.

And it is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, an affliction that is difficult to diagnose but makes life very difficult for a number of people I've known.  We pray for those we know and for a cure.