VTBuys - eProcurement
VTBuys will revolutionize the way we procure commodities and services by transitioning from many manual paper-based processes to a centralized, automated, and streamlined processes. It also re-imagines the way we engage our suppliers and provide customer service.

The new solution will become the primary platform for the State of Vermont to perform sourcing (competitive solicitations), contracting, supplier management, and procurement activities. It will be available to all agencies, departments, and suppliers
The project aims to:

  • Promote a business-friendly environment and make it easier to do business with Vermont;
  • Modernize procurement with built-in compliance and guided workflow; and
  • Be value focused through improved efficiency, transparency, and economies of scale.

As the project continues, we will share more information with you. You can find more details about the project in the Project Fact Sheet.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the project, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Buildings and General Services through the Office of Purchasing and Contracting at SOV.VTBuys@vermont.gov.
What is eProcurement?
The State of Vermont, through the Department of Buildings and General Services, is developing a new contracting tool to fundamentally change the way we do business. VTBuys, an innovative electronic procurement system, will significantly improve the way we procure products and services.

The new solution, once implemented, will become the primary platform for the State to perform sourcing (competitive solicitation), contracting, supplier management, and procurement activities. It also provides an online shopping platform for State users to purchase goods and services provided by our supplier partners.
Strategic Goals and Benefits
Streamlined Process
  • Increase efficiency through reengineering, modernizing, and standardizing practices.
  • Full electronic workflow from sourcing to payment.
  • Single point of access for agencies and suppliers.

New Technology
  • Online shopping experience with catalog items linked to State contracts.
  • Robust rules engine with baked in compliance for purchasing.
  • Enhanced spend analytics capabilities.

Transparent and Simplified Solicitations
  • Develop, publish, and award of solicitation opportunities all in one place.
  • Build contracts from solicitations with electronic approvals.
  • Supplier information securely shared across agencies.
Release 1 will include:
  • Supplier portal.
  • Sourcing (competitive solicitation) and bid management.
  • Contract lifecycle management.

´╗┐Release 2 will include:
  • Catalog items for purchasing.
  • Electronic purchase order submission, receipt generation and invoicing.
  • Spend analytics and reports.
Key Features
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