Spring has Sprung!
Spring has finally arrived. Reluctantly, but here.

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OPC's Cross-Agency LEAN Event & Outstanding Public Service Award
A cross-agency LEAN Event was held in September 2017 with representatives from the Office of the Attorney General, Finance and Management, Agency of Human Services, Agency of Education, Agency of Digital Services and the Office of Purchasing & Contracting to identify opportunities to streamline the contracting process.

The September 2017 event was structured to identify constraints and collaborate with stakeholders to review existing workflow, approvals, and recommend ways to increase efficiency while appropriately managing risk. Results included a reduction in the number of reviews, increase in approval dollar threshold, with continuous improvement in communication and collaboration. 

The initial goal is a 40% reduction in the contract workflow. Elements of this process improvement were identified in the update to Bulletin 3.5 in December 2017.

The OPC LEAN Event team was nominated and selected for 2018 Outstanding Public Service Award.

New Water Vendor
You can now purchase all your water requirements through Crystal Rocks LLC., Contract 35787.

To set up an account, please contact Brandon Sereni 603-715-7173 or bsereni@crystalrock.com .

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Deb LaRose - Deborah.Larose@vermont.gov .
Feedback on Office Supplies Contract
W.B. Mason is the State's contracted Vendor for Office supplies. Have you been using contract 34716? How is the service? The selection?

We would appreciate your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out this brief survey.

Procurement Advisory Council - PAC
We are delaying the Procurement Advisory Council (PAC) meeting until a later date due to the cross-Agency evaluation team's involvement in the review of the State’s eProcurement solution RPF. Stay tuned.
Coming Soon!
Revamped, renewed, OPC's Buyer's Buzz News (formerly Buyer's Buzz) will be back in May.

Buyer's Buzz Ness (BBN) will feature contracting activities in the State. We will also highlight new contract lists, templates, forms etc...

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