It's a new year, new decade, new beginnings! We've been a little busy leading up to all this newness. With what, you ask? In one word, eProcurement! Read all about it!
The Road to eProcurement - Looking back
The journey to eProcurement has been one of in-depth analysis and collaboration.
Procurement in the State of Vermont is currently comprised primarily of a paper-based procurement environment with a handful of standalone solutions/systems for managing agency and department contracts and purchases which do not interact with each other.

The State worked with outside consultants to evaluate and document the State’s current procurement processes. Representatives from many agencies and departments came together to develop a list of project requirements as follows:

  • Observing existing strategies,
  • Technologies used,
  • Data processing,
  • Procedures,
  • Reporting,
  • Interfaces and integrations,
  • Workflows, and,
  • Best practices across the State.
The representation and contribution of all agencies and departments laid the foundation for eProcurement. Efforts were centralized to examine, discuss and formulate the Request for Proposal (RFP) to obtain one system and, where feasible, have a unified set of processes for all procurements initiated by State agencies and departments.
The results; a final contract was executed September 30, 2019 for the eProcurement solution with KMPG/Ivalua.
Looking Ahead - eProcurement in the
State of Vermont

2020 will be an exciting year for the State of Vermont and our suppliers. eProcurement will reshape the procurement landscape in a way that is beneficial for the State, suppliers, and communities. It will revolutionize the way we collaborate with our suppliers and purchase our goods and services.

The first release of eProcurement is expected to be in Fall 2020, with the following features:

  • Supplier portal for supplier self-service,
  • Sourcing and bid management, and,
  • Contract life-cycle management.

The eProcurement Project Team is working closely with all agencies to design a system and processes that will meet the needs of different agencies and departments as well as suppliers.
We will provide regular updates as the project continues. We will also conduct trainings and information sessions as we get closer to launch to ensure anyone impacted will be informed and trained on the new platform.

Meanwhile, you can find more details about the project in  eProcurement - Present & Future.
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