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Libri Novi

December 2021

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Reprinting in 2022. Pre-order now!

The Struggle for the Bliss Farm at Gettysburg

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Their Maryland

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Available now

First Fallen

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Available this month

The Great "What Ifs" of the American Civil War

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January 2022

The Gettysburg

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Merry Christmas to one and all!

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. My mom and pop live where it's warm, so one hoodie does the trick for me since I don't have any fur on my belly or chest.

Last night I caught my nemesis, Snidely Wade, breaking into Pop's library--again.

What he did not know is that I can now hypnotize people. When I do, I look like this:

20211113_115550 _1_.jpg

So I focused on Snidely Wade, and within 30 seconds he dropped the books, and believed he was tiny and inside my kong. I took a selfie for you:


Because it is that time of year, our annual 12 Days of Christmas is beginning . . . today. There is something for everyone, and feel free to grab something nice and pass it along to a friend as a Xmas gift. Or for yourself.

Thank you all for the wonderful year. My Savas Beatie family of friends now spans nine countries and is near and dear to my doggie heart.

Kenya Transparent Xmas drawing.png

Peace and love to all of you.

Happy Milk Bone WOOFS!

Sweet Miss Kenya

Let's Kick this Off - The First Day of Christmas Starts NOW!

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Click here to see every deal, every day. And you won't want to miss the daily afternoon videos at the same link. Happy watching (and shopping!)

Listen Up - Win a FREE Audio Book!

The Boy Generals: George Custer, Wesley Merritt, and the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac by Adolfo Ovies is now available as an audiobook. Be entered to win the audiobook now:


Who do you like better--Custer or Merritt? (Two raffles entries if you tell us WHY.)

Email you opinion here to be entered to win an audiobook. Multiple winners will be selected. Good luck!

By the way, thanks to ALL of you who participated in last month’s contest. The are six BLOODY SB titles. View them all here.

Final Two Releases of the Year!

Don't miss out on these new and upcoming releases!


Call the office at 916-941-6896, visit our website, or email us to order your copies.  

Their Maryland.jpg

Rossino makes extensive use of primary sources to explore important questions, and in doing so reveals that many long-held assumptions about the Confederate experience in Maryland do not hold up under close scrutiny.

First Fallen.jpg

Groeling’s well-written biography is grounded in years of examining archival resources, diaries, personal letters, newspapers, and other accounts, detailing every facet of Ellsworth’s complex, fascinating life.

5 Things with Author Meg Groeling

First Fallen.jpg

This month, our Five Things column features Meg Groeling, whose First Fallen: The Life of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, the North’s First Civil War Hero will be released this month. Here, she tells of five facts which she discovered while researching and writing this book.

Take it away Meg . . .

1. I decided to write a biography of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth after working at Brownell Middle School. E. E. Brownell was an early California educator for whom the school was named, and sure enough, the E. E. stood for Elmer Ellsworth. No one knew anything about Ellsworth, so I decided to tell them.

2. Adam Goodheart’s magnificent 1861: The Civil War Awakening was my most immediate writing inspiration. I couldn’t put it down. Those early, pre-war days show America giving her best reaction to her worst crisis.

3. Elmer became more interesting as I researched his life. What a loss!

4. When I think of the things he could have contributed to the American war effort—tactics, drill, focus—I realize how important the volunteer officers really were, even if the West Pointers thought they were only opportunists.

5. Clausewitz was absolutely correct when he said that war was politics by other means. Ellsworth is an excellent example of the political instrumentality of war. We should never forget this.

Click here and buy your copy (personally signed free for seven days at no extra charge!) to make sure that you don’t miss the release of this upcoming book!

Our New Favorite Blog Series


We are continuing to love Emerging Civil War blog's year-long commemoration of its 10th anniversary, especially the current The “Emerging Civil War Series” Series!

Each day, ECW blog gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a book in the series.

That's 40+ posts of insider-information, printing drama, and final-product ecstasy.

Be sure to click here to read about the book cover designer, here to read the post with the most comments thus far, and here to read other previous posts in this fun series. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Order a copy of ANY in stock ECW book using coupon code FREEMEDIASHIP today to receive free shipping and an original bookplate signed by the author! Click here now to order, and be sure to check out the helpful column on the left to see the list of titles in the series in order, and what's coming next.

A Look Inside a Library

This month, our Look Inside a Library continues with SB customer G. Y. sharing his library photos and answering the following questions. If you are interested in having your library featured, please email us. Take it away G.!

1. How old were you when you got the Civil War “bug” and when did you begin collecting Civil War books?

Fifth Grade, whenever that was. It was a fascination with warships and in particular, the USS Monitor. Govt. Printing Office's Civil War Naval Chronology was only $5 or so when I bought it.


2. How many books do you have, and how do you organize your library?

Dunno how many books but there are over 100 shelves. Generally arranged by topics/era.

  • More than 50 overfilled shelves on American Civil War.
  • Fifteen overfilled shelves on naval history and warships (excludes any Civil War naval books).  
  • 4 (equivalent of five) on aviation history and aeroplane
  • 6 American Revolution (Colonial era up to War of 1812, equal to eight shelves)
  • 4 British military history (up to Crimean war, but equal to five shelves)
  • 14 on fire arms from flintlocks onto modern breechloaders & gunsmithing
  • 9 shelves on WW II with one dedicated to Soviet sources, three on German, four on American and one on British in WW II. This is exclusive of books on AFVs.
  • One shelf plus on monetary matters (not to be confused with that garbage colleges teach as economics)
  • Two shelves (40" long) of sniping books (actually equal to four) covering WW I to contemporary era.
  • There are other books on different subject matters. Very little fiction as no time for fiction.


3. I have the most books on ________ , and the count is up to ______.

Civil War. I've no idea how many Civil War books I have. Some are only pamphlet/booklet sized and others are thick volumes. But within those packed shelves are books on top of others and some placed in front.


4. If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?




5. I collect Civil War books because . . .

Lur'n is fun. Research is fascinating. It took over a year to figure out why the Army of Northern Virginia failed to raise sharpshooters in response to the Adjutant General's order to do so.


Now Available Digitally

December Battle Anniversary Titles


The Maps of Fredericksburg

victory or death.JPG

Victory or Death

Excerpt Central

Did you know we have excerpts posted on our website? Here are a few, and from now on we will have a list right here for you to view. Happy previewing!

Their Maryland.jpg

Click here to read an excerpt from Their Maryland.

First Fallen.jpg

Click here to read an excerpt from First Fallen.

thumbnail_The Great What Ifs jacket _front_.jpg

Click here to read an excerpt from The Great "What Ifs" of the American Civil War.

Lee is Trapped PB.jpg

Click here to read an excerpt from "Lee is Trapped and Must be Taken" coming soon in paperback.


Click here to read an excerpt from Meade and Lee After Gettysburg coming soon in paperback.

Targeted Tracks pb.jpg

Click here to read an excerpt from Targeted Tracks coming soon in paperback.

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