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November 2021
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  From Arlington to Appomattox 
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October 2021

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November Release

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Libri Novi - September 2021
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Ms. Kenya Savas

Greetings and Salutations,

As you know, I was very upset when Mom and Pop did not take me to Gettysburg with them for their SB Meetup. My mistake was not knowing they were coming home on an earlier flight. So yeah, I'm grounded again. 

I got in Pop's liquor cabinet, popped a few cubes from the fridge into a glass by standing on Roscoe's back, and poured a stiff one before taking my perch on the stairs to watch the cats run by outside. I was a bit drowsy and didn't hear the door to the garage open. 
This is my shocked "Oh, crap" face.

Mom & Pop: "KENYA!"

Me: "Are you here [hiccup] or am I drunk?"

Pop: "Is that my Crown Royal?"

Me: "Not anymore."

Mom: "I can't believe you are smoking in this house!"

Me: [Thinking: I had to think fast]. "I lit one up to celebrate my Civil War lineage."

Pop: "Oh, come on! That is ridiculous." 

Me: "23 & Me says you're wrong."

Mom: "Was that the charge on my credit card last month?!"

Me: "They refused Milk Bones as payment. I had no choice. By the way, my ancestor was Sallie, the Staffordshire pit who served with the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry. My 24th Great-Grandma. I have a picture with her at Gettysburg. Guess that makes me a Yankee?"

Pop: "Wait, that's not Flat Kenya in the photo! That's you! How did you get to Gettysburg?"

Me: "Mark Wade owed me a favor. I used his frequent flyer points."

Pop: "Put out the cigarette."

Me: "I know. No more dog park for a week."

[Miss Sallie was real. Read more about her exploits and her
sad fate by clicking HERE.]

*    *    *

The Savas Beatie Meetup went great (so they tell me) and look below for a special write-up about it, photos, and a super fun contest... 

Check out the left column and scroll down to see what's coming! 

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Have a wonderful September.

Loving Woofs,

Miss Kenya

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Savas Beatie Gettysburg Meet Up a Roaring Success! Event Recap Below...

THANK YOU everyone for participating!

We had (at various times) nearly 30 SB authors (!) and more than 85 - 100 total participants for our wonderful time in Gettysburg. In addition to the battlefield tours we had panel talks with our authors / and great Q and A, book signings, meals, and plenty of brews. Tammy opened the Gettysburg Heritage Center to us, and we had A/C during those hot afternoons!

The feedback has been awesome. And yes, we plan to do this ANNUALLY. Watch the newsletter because we are planning the next one now. Enjoy some of the photos and don't miss the captions!

Flat Kenya just HAD to have a picture with Sarah Roos, and thankfully she said yes. :) 

The old guy leading a tour at Payne's Farm, the field he and a friend identified and helped preserve. 

Jan Croon, Derek Maxfield, and Charlie Knight meeting fans and signing books. 

Dwight Hughes and the Monitor with Ted Savas.

Joel Manuel, one of our outstanding editors and a hell of a nice guy, flew 
in from Louisiana so he could take a photo with Flat Kenya at the Angle. :)

Panel Day 1: Leon Reed, Rick Schaus, Mike Priest,
Brad Gottfried, Jim Hessler, Eric Wittenberg,
Jan Croon, & Dwight Hughes.

Eric Wittenberg leading a tour on Day 1.

Brad Gottfried leading a tour of the Railroad Cut.

John Horn (l) and Charlie Knight (r) discussing Mahone's Brigade on Seminary Ridge on July 2.

Scott Mingus giving a riveting talk on day 2 at the Gettysburg Heritage Center.


SEND an email to and tell us WHERE to hold the event next year (Gettysburg, Antietam, Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania, or Chickamauga).  
EVERYONE who submits a reply will be put into a drawing for a FREE COPY of Chris Mackowski's and Dan Welch's The Summer of '63 Gettysburg , or The Summer of '63 Vicksburg and Tullahoma (the winner's choice)! 


Foxtrot Your Way
The Afghanistan Debacle: Read the award-winning Foxtrot in Kandahar: A Memoir of a CIA Officer in Afghanistan at the Inception of America's Longest War by Duane Evans NOW to understand why. Three formats available below. You choose.

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The fall of Vicksburg in July 1863 fundamentally changed the strategic picture of the American Civil War, though its outcome had been anything but certain. The Tullahoma Campaign has stood nearly forgotten compared to events along the Mississippi and in south-central Pennsylvania.
This work is a compilation of the favorite blogs, talks, and podcasts on this topic delivered by some of the Emerging Civil War public historians.
This new ECW title follows Chamberlain across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia while examining the determined warrior who let nothing prevent him from helping save the United States.
This latest ECW book recounts the events surrounding the creation of the Soldiers' National Cemetery, its dedication, and concentrates on Lincoln's visit to Gettysburg on November 18- 19, 1863.
New Lee Book Makes Recommended List!

We are pleased to announce that From Arlington to Appomattox: Robert E. Lee's Civil War, Day by Day, 1861-1865 by Charlie Knight has made the Arlington House Recommended Reading List! 

A big shout out Congrats to Charlie for this honor. If you haven't added this book to your library yet, first editions are going FAST, so get your copy today here.
Audio Feature and a Contest!
Did you know that the award-winning and very popular Sickles at Gettysburg by Jim Hessler is in audio?
No individual who fought at Gettysburg was more controversial, both personally and professionally, than Major General Daniel E. Sickles. By 1863, Sickles was notorious as a disgraced former Congressman who murdered his wife's lover on the streets of Washington and used America's first temporary insanity defense to escape justice. With his political career in ruins, Sickles used his connections with President Lincoln to obtain a prominent command in the Army of the Potomac's Third Corps-despite having no military experience. At Gettysburg, he openly disobeyed orders in one of the most controversial decisions in military history.

Do you want a free AUDIO copy? Don't miss your chance!

Email us the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Sickles?

Email your answer to Winners will be chosen at random.

And congrats to our August audio contest winners: Gary S. and Don G.

A Look Inside an Author Library - Dwight Hughes
This month, our Look Inside an Author Library returns with Dwight Hughes, author of the ECW title, Unlike Anything That Ever Floated, sharing his library photos and answering the following questions. Take it away, Dwight!  
1.) How old were you when you got the Civil War "bug" and when did you begin collecting Civil War books? 
I began seriously collecting some 30 years ago after a nomadic navy career that did not sustain a large library. Settling in Northern Virginia, we spent weekends exploring the magnificent countryside and being book lovers, seeking musty used bookstores in small towns. A Fredericksburg store had a beautiful first edition in original leather of Raphael Semmes's Memoirs of Service Afloat. Naval and military history had always been a passion; we were in the heart of Civil War country, so that lit the fire. It also launched a new writing career.

2.) How many books do you have and how do you organize your library? 
I have around 1200 volumes of military, naval, and maritime history relating to the nineteenth century and Civil War. Almost 150 are first editions memoirs, official reports, and naval and maritime references, etc. They also include for example, a first edition set of Battles and Leaders, slightly fire damaged but in good condition, and the three-volume The War with the South: A History of the Great American Rebellion with gorgeous woodcuts.
Navy Civil War references are shelved topically: general histories (Union and Confederate), strategy, ironclads, commerce raiders, privateers, blockaders/runners, combined operations, battle studies (chronologically), biographies (alphabetically), etc. I try to have at least one good study of all major land campaigns and leader biographies. Lincoln occupies three or four shelves, as does a set of (reprint) Navy Official Records.
3.) If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?
General Regulations for the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States (1841) with the signature of S. P. Lee, U.S.N. on the title page. Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee commanded the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron. He was the grandson of Richard Henry Lee, brother-in-law of Postmaster General Montgomery Blair, and third cousin of Robert E. Lee. Found it in one of those musty stores in Bethesda. 

4.) I collect Civil War books because...
Just having them around is a joy. They connect me to our ancestors, their triumphs and tragedies, and provide vital context for life today. I absorb all that history by osmosis.
I also have a modest collection of antiques, mostly naval. Note in the picture, the big telescope on the table is a Civil War artillery spotting scope and the table is a Liberty Ship hatch cover.
Now Available in Digital
5 Things with Al Ovies
This month, our Five Things column features Al Ovies, author of the recently released title, The Boy Generals: George Custer, Wesley Merritt, and the Cavalry of the Army of the Potomac. Here, he gives us five notes of interest.
Take it away Al...

1. It was my step-grandfather, who fought on Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944 who sparked my interest in history. He gave me his Bronze Star and it remains one of my most prized possessions.
2. It was the roguish Errol Flynn's portrayal of George Custer in "They Died With Their Boots On" that piqued my interest in the study of Custer's career.
3. Though the battles and campaigns of the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac are covered in detail, I like to think of my work as the story of the relationship of two great soldiers who came to detest each other.
4. Though vast amounts of material exist on Custer's life and career, the paucity of information on Wesley Merritt made him very much of an enigma. Only one full-fledged biography is known to exist of his accomplished career, it was very much a subjective effort.
5. Aside from their distinctly different personalities, it was the difference in their tactical philosophies which led to their eventual rift. I like to think of it as a battle for the soul of the cavalry of the Army of the Potomac.
Out and About - yes, really!

WE MADE THE FRONT PAGE... Leon Reed, a Savas Beatie WWII author and Civil War aficionado, penned a nice recap of our recent Gettysburg adventure and it made the local paper.

*     *     *

We are excited to share photos of our authors and their friends showcasing their brand new books. Enjoy!
SPOTTED AT THE GETTYSBURG VC: Creator of the Battle Digest Series Chris Petty was pleased to get this photo of a friend who spotted his Gettysburg Battle Digest at the Gettysburg Visitors Center. Look for these great references at your next battlefield stop, or browse the whole collection here.

HAPPY AUTHORS, GREAT BOOK! Here, you see co-authors Brad and Linda Gottfried smiling with a copy of the latest Emerging Civil War Series release, Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg: The Creation of the Soldiers' National Cemetery and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE . . . author and ECW Series Editor Chris Mackowski behind the signed copy envelope stack of The Summer of '63 Gettysburg.
Excerpt Central!
ExcerptsDid you know we have excerpts posted on our website? Here are a few, and from now on we will have a list right here for you to view. 
Edwin C. Bearss,
David and Audrey Ladd, eds,
John Bachelder,
Author Events

We have many author events on the books (many of which are virtual!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

Under Contract
  • The Maps of Spotsylvania through Cold Harbor: An Atlas of the Fighting at Spotsylvania Court House and Cold Harbor, Including all Cavalry Operations, May 7 through June 3, 1864 by Bradley Gottfried
  • When Hell Came to Sharpsburg: The Battle of Antietam and its Impact on the Civilians Who Called it Home by Steven Cowie
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