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NB Wild Blueberries are here!
Tuddenham Farms is a family operated wild blueberry farm located in Oak Bay, New Brunswick, Canada.

Did you know?
Wild blueberries are 1 of 3 berries native to North America... The others are concord grapes and cranberries!
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See you at Cochran's,

Tim Cochran  
(506) 849-4840 
NB Carrots
NB Corn
NB Beet Greens
NB Yellow Beans
NB Potatoes
Quebec Field Tomatoes
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NB Field Cucumbers

NB Pickling Cucumbers

NB Kale

NB Buttercup Squash

This Week's Specials...

Store Packaged Bacon

Pork Combo Chops

Prime Rib
Specials in effect August 2 - August 8, 2018
Cochran's Country Market | 106 Hampton Road, Rothesay, NB