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Health Insurance Open Enrollment
It is difficult not to get caught up in the political details of sweeping healthcare nationally; its time to bring the conversation home to the needs of you and your family. Many families are examining their HMO plans and deciding if they have really delivered on the premise to cut cost. What may be appealing on the front end with low co-pays may be increasing your costs with uncovered and out of reach services when your family is in need.


Consider these points as this may be your employer's open enrollment period:
  • The objective of an HMO is to contain medical costs by using "managed care: whose primary objective can be to limit the use of medical services.
  • With HMO's there have been obstacles which have left clients in a state of dysfunction because treatment for stress related conditions were prematurely terminated, or care was denied with an inability to achieve medical clearance to return to work.
  • HMO premiums increase at rates equal or greater than traditional insurance.
    • Treatments with HMO's for these medical conditions are often restricted to an outpatient basis. 
  • The rising need for specialized care or behavioral health or substance abuse is often met with limited or denied treatment
The cost savings of managed care may have been achieved at the true cost; health and lost productivity! KNOW YOUR BENEFITS and choose the health insurance that allows you to choose the care necessary for you or your family member to be restored.