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FRIDAY  *  JUNE 13 *  5:00 to 9:00 pm








specializes in contemporary paintings, works on paper, fiber art, sculpture and photography. Featuring Chicago based artists, as well as internationally known artists from Europe, and the Mediterranean Region such as Turkey, Greece, Italy, and the Middle East.   
Located in the River North Art District, the gallery is at the corner of Wells and Superior.
716 N. Wells
Chicago, IL 60654 USA



Portrait of "Dennis Downes" by Dennis Manarchy

"I call this work "IMPASTO" because of the way the negative is processed.  Normally the developing is Zen-like, with flawless  agitation, perfect temperature, timing to the second and fresh chemicals.  This is opposite with an unholy mixture of chemicals, thrown into the negative irreverently, sometimes with a vengeance.  The result is a more interpretive look."  
                                     -DENNIS MANARCHY
BUTTERFLIES & BUFFALO PART II: AN AMERICA PORTRAIT is the second exhibition in this photographic series by Dennis Manarchy, voted one of the top 100 photographers in the world. 
GHOSTRIDERS, PART I, which opened last September was only the prelude to Manarchy's vision of building the world's largest film camera.  Join us on June 13 to view not only the photographs of authentic American cultures, but see the camera and genius behind the building of what is in today's technologically advanced world a vanishing process.  

Dennis Manarchy 35 ft. camera

An enigma in today's digital world, the camera's classic construction and unprecedented 6-foot film negatives are a tribute to a fading era in photography as we approach the 200th anniversary of the camera. Despite its traditional design and function, the camera is capable of producing images with over 1000x more detail than today's most advanced digital cameras. Resulting exhibition prints will be breathtaking 24-foot portraits with detail never before seen in photography. More importantly, they will provide an indelible glimpse into the history, achievements, struggles, and environments of these extraordinary people and their unknown worlds.