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Tuesday, June 9, 2020
M ichigan Flooding Impacting Church Families

Beaverton Baptist Church, Beaverton, MI -- The church secretary writes: " The past few months have been taxing on the world due to COVID-19. Then on top of that, the last couple of weeks have been difficult for so many displaced people in central Michigan due to the recent devastation caused by 3 dams and a levy breeching. Wixom Lake alone, which holds 21.5 billion gallons of water, emptied out in just one hour when the Edenville dam breeched."

ORH has agreed to send by faith $1000.00 to help this good group of people with their needs. The hope is that we will be able to help much more. Pray for God’s supply.

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Reservoir empty after burms break
Brother Serge Jacmel Reports About Food Distribution in Haiti
ORH was very grateful to Pastor Janel Nemeno for his effort to help the people around his church, Bible Baptist Church, in Binalbagan Negros Island, Philippines. Pastor Janel wrote us the following.
Hi, brother Jan! I see some posts by ORH about some reliefs to some countries, like Uganda. Would there be any possibility to send a little something for Haiti, please?

After telling Brother Serge, ORH could send $1000.00, he wrote:

Thank you in advance. I am going to meet with two deacons in my church. There is a deacon woman among them, and we will see how much food we can buy with that amount!
ORH sent $1000.00 through Mission for Haiti, to help Brother Serge and the churches with which he is working.  

Serge is a recent graduate of Bob Jones University. After finishing his degree, he went back to Haiti.   Please pray for him . ORH received this message after he received the $1000.00:

A thousand thanks to ORH for the 1000 dollar sent in response to my request on behalf of some people in my churches (Evangelical Church of the Redeemed) among the poorest.

Pray for the people; things are not easy for them Pray ORH can do more for the people of Haiti.

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Food Distribution & PPE Donation
Operation Renewed Hope is very pleased to work with Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation in Liberia . ORH sent money for food and PPE equipment for the Ministry of Health to distribute. 

Pastor Joseph Nunu writes:
The Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation is most grateful to ORH for thinking on Liberian at this critical time in an unprecedented lockdown, where poverty has enslave people living in slums and villages who cannot afford to live on 1.00 USD per day.
We want to use this occasion to call on our donors to continue to pray with Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation for wisdom to lead. Words are not enough to express our heart desire for how grateful we are to the ORH family.
Pastor Joseph D. Nunu the Executive Director of LOSHF expresses sincere thanks and appreciation to the ORH family: "Well done for the food Money.”

For more information on the situation in Liberia, please follow these links:

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