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"Bearing our own burdens...But we all bear one another's burden."
Joseph’s ability to organize disaster relief saved the lives of untold numbers. His quick action and clear vision were the reasons for such results.

Our churches have always been Lighthouses of Hope in communities because of such leadership. Once again, we MAY BE called on to do the same for our churches and our communities.

ORH is suggesting a "Bearing Burdens Coalition" in each state so churches can quickly mobilize when needed. To be a part of the "Bearing Burdens Coalition" go to On the home page choose "Contact." Complete the form and submit it.

Your church will not send money to ORH nor relinquish your church's autonomy.

Baptist Church, Lexington, NC
Pastor Ben Farrell is a very innovative pastor. He has led his church with great vision for the lost during the pandemic. He sent me the following:

"Our church had been praying about a way to minister to our community during the COVID-19 crisis. We decided to take up a collection to provide a boxed lunch for the Emergency Department staff at our local hospital. We contacted Chick-fil-a and explained what we were trying to accomplish. Their marketing director jumped at the opportunity to partner with us in this effort. They ended up donating over 50 boxed lunches for the ER staff. We contributed bottles of water and energy bars labeled with our church logo and a message that we are praying for the medical staff. It was well received by all involved. Now we are exploring other ways to invest the benevolence funds to impact our community for Christ."

We need this great encouragement during these days. Although we are unable to meet face to face, we can still engage in good works for the sake of the gospel.

"Love thy Neighbor" -Grace Baptist Church, Parker Colorado
Pastor Ward Smith has been feeding people for many years. It was my privilege to work with their feeding station while I was visiting his church. Please read what he wrote.

"With other food banks closing down during the pandemic, Grace Baptist Church of Parker Colorado was able to secure more food for free distribution to the community. Earlier this year we averaged 20,000 pounds per week. However, last week, we did 95,000 pounds of food in just one week! Praise God for our hard-working volunteers. "

The picture below is the traffic back-up in front of Grace Baptist Church. Pastor Smith expressed to me that possibly 1500 people came to his church, and that seven policemen came to direct traffic.

Please understand that many people are out of work and need the basic food stuffs. Pray what your church can do to help "Love thy Neighbor."

Neither of these churches were inspired by ORH to love their community. Both
Reedy Creek and Grace Baptist were led by Pastors with a commitment to love their community. ORH is very pleased to encourage you with their initiative. If you have a story, send it to
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