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The worldwide response to Covid-19 has brought all to a time of uncertainty. Many missionaries, pastors, and those they serve need a source of reassuring information. Many health professionals simply need someone to listen who understands as a professional. ORH-TELEHELP can provide that reassuring information about medical issues by a phone consultation.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The ORH-TELEHELP program has been a channel of blessing to a remote mountain village outside of Kasese, Uganda. There is no medical care in this village, and during the pandemic precautions, travel is restricted.

Our first patient was an 80-year-old lady with shortness of breath. Pastor Zebedee was able to arrange a video consult by phone. Dr. Scott and Dr. Humphreys were able to provide medical advice.  Our hope is to provide consultation by phone so they can work with a Doctor in Kasese through Missionary Matt Stensaas. Also, ORH hopes to train a village medical assistant to assist our ORH-TELEHELP team and help this village medically and spiritually. There are over 50 elderly and 350 children needing consult.

Read and see the full testimony here:

Learn more about food distribution in Uganda here:
ORH was very grateful to Pastor Janel Nemeno for his effort to help the people around his church, Bible Baptist Church, in Binalbagan Negros Island, Philippines. Pastor Janel wrote us the following.
Please pray for us here in Binalbagan Negros Island. We have 14 days quarantine, many needy people, needy members who need food. Please pray for us and please extend some help for us to buy some food and groceries. The people here they will not die of the virus, but they will die due to hunger. Our church was able to distribute to 125 families with 10kls. of rice and groceries but it’s not enough; people keep coming and begging for food. Please include us in your ministry. Thank you ORH and Sir Jan Milton.
After receiving Pastor Janel’s request, ORH asked for references which were contacted. Then, ORH sent $500.00 to start food distribution. Pastor Janel was true to his word, sending documentation back. When ORH received his documentation for the first $500.00, another $500.00 was sent with the same expectation of documentation.

You can read and see the documentation here:
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