"a compassionate voice on your phone"
The worldwide response to Covid-19 has brought all to a time of uncertainty. Many missionaries, pastors, and those they serve need a source of reassuring information. Also, many health professionals simply need someone to listen who understands as a professional. ORH-TELEHELP can provide that reassuring information about medical issues by a phone consultation.

ORH-TELEHELP is not for diagnosis or prescribing treatment. It is a source of information only. It is "a compassionate voice on your phone" listening to medical concerns and giving information which can help the ones served better understand medical needs. The ones served must always seek local, licensed health care professionals to evaluate and confirm the information.

At the top of the ORH home page is a box, "ORH-TELEHELP", which the missionary, pastor, and one served may "choose" to be connected to a professional. A medical caregiver with information that could help them will be available. Encourage your missionaries and pastors to go there now for personal information or for those whom they serve.

The experience begins with paperwork. Please, complete all the forms and return them. If you simply need someone to speak with, sign the paperwork and in the reason for inquiry write, "need to talk." Send these forms immediately back to

ORH professionals have the ability to do skype or zoom by phone, or they can do a phone conversation only. It is your choice. Medical doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses, and paramedics are prepared to help many through confusing times both medically and spiritually. Share with missionaries, pastors, and those around you so they can receive information about their needs.

The Church must begin and sustain intense prayer for the Covid-19 victims and families. We ask all to join with ORH in the supreme effort of prayer. The deaths related to any virus are tradgic and Christian's need to pray.
Sadly, the response to the Covid-19 virus could cause a collateral disaster for over 99% of people in the United States. A disaster which could threaten the existence of thousands of churches because of lost income leading to unpaid mortgages, rent, utilities, school operations, ministry operations, missionary support, and salaries.
ORH's first efforts will be to help church members who are without work.
Eventually, should the present response continue or become more severe, these families will face very difficult times concerning food and lodging. Pray that ORH will be successful. The needs will be great, but the families and the churches must be helped. This will be a time of supreme effort.
 ORH is thankful for the opportunity to work with churches in New York City where the needs are very pressing. Churches which were very prominent in Hurricane Sandy once again are in the forefront of disaster relief work. Pray for the pastors of these churches as they navigate the needs.
If you are aware of any church in need contact ORH. Send full contact details to ORH will always follow our three steps in disaster relief: 1. stabilize pastors, 2. stabilize churches, 3. empower churches to stabilize their communities with good works and the Gospel.
(As per counsel, for the benefit of our donor’s tax-deductible donations, Operation Renewed Hope has added the following statement. The IRS requires that Operation Renewed Hope retain control over distribution of all donations; therefore, please use the designation description “My preference is” before the designated reason for the donation. Thank you for helping ORH honor you and the IRS.)
If you wish to give by credit or debit card, please choose the "Network for Good logo. Please designate the gift for your specific purpose using “My preference is” then stipulate your preference.
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