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What motivates us to donate our time, energy, and dollars to various charitable endeavors?
I can only speak with absolute certainty for myself, but I suspect my reasons mirror those of most of you.

If a family member, close friend, or acquaintance has an illness or disease, we’re often moved to contribute to a related charitable cause. Or perhaps we donate to a GoFundMe campaign in honor or memory of a loved one. If there is a natural disaster such as a tsunami or earthquake, many of us donate to an organization such as the American Red Cross to help those in desperate, immediate need. The bottom line, though, is that we want to help others and make a real difference in some way.

In this same spirit, if a friend, relative, or coworker is a strong supporter or founder of an organization, we might donate or become personally involved. Those of us who support The OPHELIA Foundation fall into this category. Founder Jameece Pinckney and Chairman Gil Pinckney serve as an inspiration to us all as they prayerfully and generously devote their time, energies, and financial resources to enabling O pportunities to P rovide H ope, E mpower L ives, and I nfluence A dvancement. Their activities serve as a call to action, and we thank each of our donors, volunteers, and other supporters for joining us in our quest to help those who might otherwise have few or no opportunities.

Saturday, July 14, was a great day for The OPHELIA Foundation. We welcomed more than 50 donors and supporters to our fourth annual fundraiser — "Party With a Purpose" — supporting our youth initiatives. We enjoyed spending time with everyone as we celebrated another year of making a difference. We were also pleased to welcome special guest and inspirational speaker Jason Groce and his wife, Courtney, from Missouri. Jason was the first recipient of a scholarship from our Founder, Jameece Pinckney, as a high school student in 2004. He spoke to the attendees about what the scholarship has meant to him and the effect it has had on his life.

So far, we have raised more than $5,000 of our 2018 goal of $7,500, and we thank all of
you who so generously donated. Our giving campaign for the quarter ending September
30, 2018 has ended. However, if you would like to contribute to our end-of-year giving
campaign, which runs from October 1 - December 31, you can do so in one of the
following ways:

Send a check or money order to The OPHELIA Foundation, 5041 Grand Beech Court,
Suite 201, Haymarket, VA 20169.

You can also donate through our www.gofundme.com/opheliafoundation link.

Make all checks or money orders payable to The OPHELIA Foundation. Please note
that we are a 501(c)(3) organization; portions of your donation may be considered tax
deductible. A letter will be sent to all donors, respectively.

Since our first White Party (which has become our signature Foundation fundraising event), we have raised more than $26,000, which has enabled us to distribute more than 300 backpacks, award scholarships to six high school seniors, and support seven college students with funds for incidental costs totaling more than $2,500.

This year, your donations will enable us to take our giving in a new direction. We want
to extend our reach beyond the elementary, middle, and high schools we have
traditionally supported and focus on foster care youth in need. This might include
donating school supplies, making a grant, or sponsoring an event; we’ll keep you
updated on our progress.

I’d like to mention several ambitious new initiatives we’ll be undertaking. We will provide
support to the American Diabetes Association, introduce a matching fund component to
our existing giving program, and partner with Project Giveback, all to bolster our efforts
to support our youth and serve our communities by focusing on and addressing the
following issues:

P overty
H ealth
E ducation
A rts
S ports
T echnology

Watch your email for more details.

And finally, I would like to welcome our new Foundation officers. These individuals
volunteer their time and energy to make sure the business of our organization gets

Jameece Pinckney, Founder
Gilbert Pinckney, Chairman
Dana Latimer, Vice Chairman
LaShawn Williams, Secretary
Karen Rosser, Treasurer
Darryl Peek, Financial Secretary
Fawn Coleman, Governance & Scholarships
Linda Alkire, Marketing & Communications
Ray Robertson, Community & Fundraising

We’re excited about the many things we want to accomplish, and with every
achievement, we move closer to our goal of creating O pportunities to P rovide H ope,
E mpower L ives, and I nfluence A dvancement .

For a second year, The OPHELIA Foundation has awarded three $1,000 scholarships. Two college-bound high school seniors were the recipients of the Ophelia Scholarship, and a third student received the Gil and Jameece Pinckney Scholarship. The Foundation awarded the scholarships to these outstanding students to help them defray the costs of pursuing a higher education.

The Ophelia Scholarships were awarded to:
Jasmine Morgan , who graduated from Thomas Edison High School in Alexandria, Virginia. She is attending Pennsylvania State University and plans to major in veterinary science and immunology and infectious diseases. Morgan, daughter of Cheryl Greene, had a 4.235 grade point average and will work toward becoming a veterinary pathologist.

Yosef Sendek , who graduated from Washington Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia. Sendek will major in political science at Albright College. He had a 3.73 grade point average and plans to become a politician. He is the son of Seble Fekadu and Mulu Fathahun.

The Gil and Jameece Pinckney Scholarship was awarded to:

Mickayla Bacorn , who graduated from Middletown High School in Middletown, Maryland. Bacorn is attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County, majoring in biochemistry. She had a 3.9 grade point average (weighted 4.59) and plans to become a researcher. She is the daughter of Jack and Leyenda Bacorn.

Thirty students applied for the three scholarships. To be considered, all applicants were required to meet academic, citizenship, and other criteria specified by the donors.

OPHELIA Founder Jameece Pinckney said, “The OPHELIA Foundation is pleased to award scholarships to Jasmine, Yosef, and Mickayla to assist them in the next phase of their education.
These talented and ambitious students are high achievers who will excel in their chosen fields of study.

“Our goal in making these awards is to help young people get the best possible start in their college careers. We want to assist our rising college freshmen financially. We hope to increase the
number of scholarship awards to four in 2019, in honor of our five-year anniversary.”
Fawn Coleman, Chair of the OPHELIA Scholarship Committee, said, “The foundation is honored to award scholarships to Jasmine, Yosef, and Mickayla. They are outstanding role models who excelled academically, in extracurricular activities, and in the community. We look forward to their continued successes and accomplishments during the course of their college careers.”

The three recipients and their parents were recognized at the foundation’s fourth annual fundraiser — “Party with a Purpose” — in Arlington, Virginia, on July 14.

Thanks to all of those who participated in the scholarship process. Special thanks to Fawn Coleman, who spearheaded the process from start to finish, and to volunteer Filmona Moss, who provided Fawn with invaluable assistance.
OPHELIA Foundation Merchandise Can be Yours!

Would you love a soft, warm OPHELIA Foundation throw with purple or white lettering? Or maybe a comfy white pillow with purple lettering? Or how about a sweater or polo you can wear to show your pride in our organization?

We’re pleased to offer all of these items for sale! Pillows are just $25; each of the other items is $60. All proceeds will benefit the Foundation.

Our online store will soon be up and running; we'll let you know when it's available. In the meantime, you can purchase these items by completing our form and emailing it to us at: communications@opheliafoundation.org or mailing it to us at: 5041 Grand Beech Court, Suite 201, Haymarket, VA 20169.
Calling All Volunteers!

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others? Then look no further than The OPHELIA Foundation — we need your help! Whether you want to accrue volunteer hours to meet a school requirement, or you simply want to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, please contact:

Dana Latimer
855-9-OPHELIA (855-967-4354, ext. 706)

We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have and will work with you to set up a schedule that meets your needs.
Support The OPHELIA Foundation by Shopping on AmazonSmile!

Do you know about AmazonSmile?

It’s a website operated by Amazon, with the same products, prices, and shopping features as Amazon.com. But when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to a charitable organization of your choice — and we hope you’ll choose to support The OPHELIA Foundation when you do your everyday shopping! 

Just click on the link below and log in using your existing Amazon.com account to select The OPHELIA Foundation as the charitable organization to receive donations from your eligible purchases.

AmazonSmile will remember your selection, and every eligible purchase you make will result in a donation.

Thank you for your support. Your generosity makes it possible for us to continue to help those in need.
Stay in contact with us through our website, Facebook, and Twitter
for updates on our activities throughout the year.
The OPHELIA Foundation: O pportunities to P rovide H ope, E mpower L ives, and I nfluence A dvancement.
A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization Based on the Principle of Helping Others. Established 2014.

Jameece Pinckney , Founder
Gil Pinckney , Chairman
Linda Alkire , Editor
Michelle Lewis Design, Graphics

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