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Littlefield on the future of energy in Africa 

During the Clinton Global Initiative, OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth L. Littlefield spoke with Devex about the momentum behind President Obama's Power Africa Initiative, which she said has generated strong interest among developers who until recently had not considered doing business in Africa. Learn more

Powering Africa: 

The on-grid challenge

Last month, we highlighted the need for off-grid energy solutions in Africa. This month, we explain why more on-grid power is also needed. Learn more
Development, national security and OPIC
At USAID's Frontiers in Development conference, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the power of the power of global development. Learn more

OPIC's Annual Report on Development Impact

OPIC seeks to support projects that will serve as foundations for sustained economic growth, and the projects we support typically bring far-reaching benefits. Learn more

A look at how OPIC investments support multiple businesses

Last year, small U.S. businesses accounted for close to 75% of all the new projects to which OPIC committed. And while small businesses have much to gain from tapping into fast-growing developing markets, OPIC's support for these projects brings additional benefits to other local businesses. Learn more

Africa's renewable energy opportunity
Renewable energy is a massive opportunity for both the people of Africa, and for investors. While Africa derives less than two percent of its energy mix from renewable sources such as solar, wind, hydro and geothermal power, these resources are all abundant on the continent. Learn more

Callear named OPIC Vice President for Financial and Portfolio Management

OPIC's Board of Directors recently approved Mildred Callear as OPIC's Vice President for Financial and Portfolio Management, where she will oversee efforts to maintain and ensure the progress of OPIC's active worldwide portfolio. Learn more


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