U.S. Chamber of Commerce features OPIC partner
"American businesses must look beyond our own borders to strengthen jobs here at home," said President and CEO of Ellicott Dredges Peter Bowe in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce featured post. Learn how OPIC is helping this Maryland small business make it in the world economy.   Learn more

OPIC announces $3.7 billion in new commitments for FY2016
OPIC's portfolio reached a record-setting $21.5 billion across 100 developing countries in 2016 as the Agency marked the 39th year of achieving its mission at no net cost to taxpayers.   Learn more
How OPIC is supporting small business in Mongolia
OPIC recently visited projects in Mongolia that are receiving support through OPIC-financed Schulze Global Mongolia Debt Facility, which provides loans and advice to Mongolian SMEs.   Learn more
Bringing stability to developing countries
In a recent interview with The Deal, OPIC and one of our partners discuss how OPIC financing serves as a stabilizing force for investments in conflict-ridden, unpredictable markets . Learn more

Is off-grid electricity the next leapfrog technology?
In many parts of the world, mobile phone technology leapfrogged traditional communications infrastructure. Today, off-grid electricity is emerging as the latest leapfrog technology, bringing light and the ability to power small appliances to hundreds of thousands of people who are not connected to the grid.    Learn more
Supporting food security in the developing world
Projects OPIC currently supports are helping almost one million smallholder farmers earn a living. This infographic shows the variety of ways that OPIC-supported projects are helping reduce hunger and malnutrition.   Learn more
The Expanding Horizons small business workshop series wrapped up its 10th Anniversary year with an event last month in Baltimore that attracted more than 170 small businesses and entrepreneurs to learn more about the opportunities to grow in emerging markets.  Learn more