OPIC signals strong commitment to Africa 
During the U.S.-Africa Business Forum, a day focused on trade and investment opportunities in Africa, OPIC met with world leaders and showcased our increased focus in the region with the signing of new agency commitments.   Learn more

A month of pictures of OPIC's work around the world
Over the summer, OPIC shared images of the work we support in emerging markets around the world, and the people and communities that are benefiting from that work. Learn more about the OPIC Summer Snapshot series. 
How OPIC supported Burma's rapid telecom expansion 
Read more about OPIC's first-ever project in Burma in this guest post in Institutional Investor. OPIC takes a look at some of the key challenges that were overcome to help make a OPIC-supported telecom project in Burma a success. Learn more
OPIC's new Director of Social Assessment talks about OPIC's work to screen, analyze and monitor projects to ensure they appropriately implement social safeguards, including those related to worker rights, human rights, public consultation, and grievance redress.   Learn more

All year we've been showcasing the OPIC partners that repay their loans and help us operate as a self-sustaining agency. The latest installment in the series features Seattle-based Global Partnerships.  Learn more
Expanding access to financial services in Jordan
One of the key ways that OPIC supports development around the world is by working to expand access to financial services. This guest post details how one OPIC-supported project is helping small businesses access loans in Jordan Learn more
"This is a really great place to be, to be able to make a difference, a real difference, a palpable difference in people's lives around the world." Find out how the OPIC team members describe the Agency in this new video.  Learn more