Six Days in Georgia: Reviving an Outdated Agriculture Sector
OPIC Vice President Judith Pryor recently visited Georgia where she was able to tour 18 OPIC-supported projects. In part two of her series on the rebuilding of the country, she looks at some of the ways OPIC has supported Georgia's agriculture sector.  Learn more

"As of this year, the 10-year average emerging market private equity returns are roughly comparable with developed market PE returns," Brooks Preston, OPIC Vice President of Investment Funds, wrote in  a recent piece in Financier Worldwide . Learn more
Energy Security in the Caribbean
In the State Department's DipNote blog, OPIC Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff John  Morton describes his recent visit to Jamaica and highlights that country's commitment to renewable energy and the ways OPIC is supporting it. Learn more
Water is a prominent theme across our portfolio. In honor of World Water Week, we highlight four ways our projects are supporting access to water across developing countries.  Learn more

In our work supporting development in emerging markets around the world, OPIC frequently partners with diaspora investors and businesses that are based i n the U.S. but have strong ties to their home countries. Learn more
Small Business Workshop Travels to Boston and Nashville
OPIC will host two Expanding Horizons workshops this fall to educate small businesses about the opportunities of investing in emerging markets and the ways OPIC can support them with financing and political risk insurance Learn more
Helios Investment Partners has repaid in full a $50 million loan to OPIC. The loan, issued in 2006, helped capitalize a $305 million growth equity fund that invested in various sectors throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Lean more