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A note from OPIC President and CEO Elizabeth L. Littlefield

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to give a brief overview of OPIC's FY 2014 results, and share with you what is in store for 2015. 


We are proud that, since 2011, OPIC has been able to propel more than $5.2 billion in renewable resource projects in every region across the globe. This year's OPIC projects will sustain or create 9,278 jobs in developing nations. And more than 30 percent of our projects will invest in the poorest countries in the world. In addition, OPIC generated positive receipts of $358 million, marking the 37th year the agency has contributed to federal deficit reduction. 


Looking ahead to 2015, we have even more planned, including new financial products and capabilities, and a redoubled effort on renewable resources such as water and agriculture. 


I want to wish everyone a peaceful and restful holiday season with friends and family. It is a privilege to serve our nation as well as those less fortunate than us; and to do so while becoming better stewards of our planet.


Warmest regards,



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