OPIC to kick off 2017 small business workshop series
We will kick off our 2017 Expanding Horizons small business workshop series on May 4 in Portland, Oregon with a half-day seminar where small businesses can learn about some of the opportunities of expanding into emerging markets, and the OPIC finance and political risk insurance tools that can support them.  Learn more

Partnering with businesses in the Pacific Northwest
As we head to Portland next month to kick off our Expanding Horizons workshop series for small business, we look at some of the businesses we support in the region.  Learn more
Helping a U.S. investor mitigate political risk 
OPIC client Apache, the largest U.S. investor in Egypt, supports natural gas production with OPIC political risk insurance, ensuring development continues through periods of instability.  Learn more
ContourGlobal has repaid an OPIC loan that it used to build a series of combined heat and power plants across the globe.  Learn more

OPIC financing is supporting a partnership between the Government of Guinea, Alcoa Corporation of Pittsburgh, and other private investors to expand a mining facility.   Learn more
Bringing healthcare to remote locations in Ghana
On World Health Day we featured these healthcare workers in Ghana, part of an OPIC supported project to modernize healthcare in the country. Learn more 
OPIC partners with American businesses on a range of water projects in developing countries, including major infrastructure and microfinance lending for irrigation.  Learn more