New video highlights 2016 OPIC Impact Awards
On July 7th at U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the OPIC Impact Awards, now in its third year, honored seven OPIC partners that have displayed excellence in development. Hear from the award recipients and presenters in this new video and learn more about the individual winners below.    Learn more

Innovation Award 
In Rwanda, the coffee industry was in need of innovation to help update outdated processes and facilities. With OPIC political risk insurance, Westrock Coffee Holdings of Little Rock, Arkansas has helped modernize the coffee industry and empower small coffee growers. They continue to provide training and support to local farmers.  Learn more
Development Impact Award
The Afghanistan wool sector was lacking a reliable system for small herders to sell their goods to major markets. Using OPIC financing, American Wool and Cashmere of Beltsville, Maryland built a delivery infrastructure to move raw cashmere for distribution worldwide and created employment for about 1,500 people. Learn more
Access to Finance Award
Millions of people across the globe lack access to financial services, which can limit the well-being of families and potential for communities. With OPIC financing, Habitat for Humanity's MicroBuild has helped to provide loans to low-income families to purchase new housing or upgrade existing homes. Learn more 

Critical Infrastructure Award
A decade ago, drinking water was so scarce in Algiers that it had to be rationed. Hamma Water Desalination SpA used OPIC financing to build a plant which uses reverse osmosis to transform sea water into clean drinking water for hundreds of thousands of families in and around Algiers.  Learn more
Renewable Energy Award
Energy security is a major challenge for the Caribbean. BMR Energy, LLC used OPIC financing to help Jamaica reduce its dependence on costly fossil fuels by building a 36-megawatt wind farm, the country's largest private sector renewable energy project.  Learn more
American Small Business Award
OPIC is committed to working with American small businesses, which can play a key role in advancing development. QuantumID Technologies Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts small business that used OPIC financing to develop a technology to make cargo transport in the developing world more affordable and efficient.   Learn more

President's Award
Sambazon Inc., a San Clemente, California company used OPIC financing to build an environmentally sustainable, organic açaí berry processing facility in the Brazilian rainforest, helping generate income for more than 10,000 family farmers. 

The impact of OPIC's Impact Award winners
These images show the work our Impact Award winners are supporting around the world and the positive impact their work is having. 
  Learn more 
Celebrating the ways our partners advance development
OPIC Vice President Judith Pryor  recaps the Impact Awards with highlights from the award winners and guest speakers.   Learn more