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Special Edition: OPIC Announces Inaugural Impact Award Winners 
On March 11, OPIC presented awards for excellence in development finance in a ceremony held at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. OPIC presented eight awards across six categories to winners selected from an exceptional group of recent clients that have worked with the agency to advance development impact in emerging economies.  Learn more

Big visions, greater rewards - a look at the OPIC Impact Awards 

OPIC Vice President for External Affairs Judith Pryor, who served as the Master of Ceremony at the event, discusses how OPIC Impact Award clients and the projects they brought to developing nations all over the world have had a profound impact on peoples' lives that is tangible, enduring and inspiring. Learn more

Helios Investment Partners LLP:

Private Equity Award

One of the ways OPIC supports development is by providing financing to emerging market private equity funds, such as Helios Investment Partners, which is supporting a portfolio of businesses in more than two dozen countries in Africa. Learn more

ContourGlobal: Critical Intrastructure Award

OPIC financing and political risk insurance supported ContourGlobal LLC's construction of the 100 megawatt Lom´┐Ż Thermal Power Plant in Togo, helping to triple that country's electricity generation capacity and dramatically reduce rolling blackouts. Learn more

Global Partnerships: 

Access to Finance Award

OPIC loan recipient Global Partnerships is facilitating small microfinance loans in poor rural communities in Latin America.  It augments that financial support with other services such as business and health education classes as part of its broad strategy to give poor people the tools to improve their lives. Global Partnerships was one of three clients who received OPIC's Access to Finance Award. Learn more
Medical Credit Fund: Access to Finance Award
Medical Credit Fund is using OPIC financing to support small health clinics in Africa, which are a main source of healthcare for large numbers of low and middle-income people in Africa. The Fund was one of three clients who received OPIC's Access to Finance Award. Learn more  


Inter-Mac International Inc.: Access to Finance Award

Inter-Mac International Inc. used OPIC financing to support construction of a community of homes in a low-income region of Honduras that families can purchase through a lease purchase agreement for about $100 a month. The company was one of three clients who received OPIC's Access to Finance Award. Learn more

International Rescue Committee: Development Impact Award

International Rescue Committee is using OPIC political risk insurance to support its work responding to humanitarian crises around the world. Learn more

Ellicott Dredges LLC: American Small Business Award

Ellicott Dredges is a 119-year old company that sells its dredging equipment around the world. The company used OPIC political risk insurance to support sales in Iraq, where its U.S.-manufactured equipment has been used to improve irrigation canals. Learn more

SunEdison, LLC: Renewable Resources Award

SunEdison is constructing a 60 megawatt solar photovoltaic power plant with the support of OPIC financing. The project is one of many that OPIC has supported around the world to introduce renewable energy in a developing market. Learn more

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