Celebrating our partners - OPIC Impact Awards
On July 7th, OPIC honored seven of our partners at the 2016 OPIC Impact Awards for excellence in development.    Learn more

OPIC's Littlefield speaks at White House Development Summit
"American businesses are among our best ambassadors," Elizabeth L. Littlefield said at the White House Summit on Global Development. Learn more
OPIC leads investment trip to Liberia, Sierra Leone  
A delegation met with businesses to help identify potential investment opportunities in a region working to rebound from the Ebola crisis.  Learn more
Why Africa needs more pioneering investors
Take a look at how OPIC's support for emerging market private equity funds can help mobilize private capital. Learn more

The Global Food Security Act is paving the way to address world hunger and nutrition. OPIC is focused on mobilizing private capital to address major development challenges aimed at advancing food security, as well as building infrastructure to support food production.  Learn more
Advancing Global Development
What constitutes an impact investment? OPIC Director of Social Enterprise Finance Dia Martin, featured in  OnFrontiers , explains how impact investing can advance global development and foreign policy, and describes the sorts of impact investing projects that OPIC supports.  Learn more
An OPIC loan guaranty will help Botswana develop the supply chain for its diamond industry in a sustainable manner that will promote local job creation and diversify economic growth.  Learn more