Mobilizing $1 billion to invest in the world's women 
OPIC unveils its 2X Women's Initiative to mobilize more than $1 billion to projects that support women in developing countries, unlocking the multi-trillion dollar investment opportunity women represent.  Learn more

Investing in women is investing in the future
OPIC President and CEO Ray W. Washburne writes in The Hill about the significant need and the opportunity for investment in the world's women and OPIC's commitment with the 2X Women's Initiative.  Learn more
Unlocking the potential of women
OPIC Managing Director of Global Women's Issues, Kathryn Kaufman, explains why women are key to meeting major development goals and OPIC's plans to support them. Learn more
Celebrating the Women of OPIC
In honor of National Women's History Month, OPIC recognized the women of its workforce by featuring some if its 126 women employees in the Meet the Women of OPIC series.  Learn more

OPIC projects support access to safe water and sanitation. Featured in The Dallas Morning News, OPIC President Washburne discusses how the U.S. can address global water shortages by investing in private business.   Learn more
Expanding access to clean water in India
An OPIC loan to Water Health will help finance the installation of as many as 900 decentralized plants which will purify water and will help women find employment under the company's WOW program.  Learn more 
Investing in Power Africa
OPIC announced it has committed $2.4 billion to date to the U.S. Power Africa initiative to harness the resources of the private sector to bring more electricity to Africa.  Learn more