Rwanda Trading Company, Managing Director explains how OPIC's support helped the company transform a national industry, increased earnings and improved the quality of life for farmers in Rwanda.
An OPIC delegation traveled to Honduras to meet with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández to demonstrate the U.S. government's commitment to bring greater prosperity to the Honduran people through investment.
OPIC and Uzbekistan commit to tackling development challenges and bolstering investment in natural resources, energy, infrastructure, and other critical sectors in Uzbekistan.
Students at a Montessori school in Nigeria work with learning materials acquired through an OPIC-supported e-commerce site that connects African consumers with U.S. retailers.
OPIC committed $10 million to Dimagi,Inc, a U.S. tech company that builds mobile solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of global development programs.
OPIC and the Association of European Development Finance Institutions committed to support development and private sector growth in emerging markets.