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2019 OPMCA Convention Registration
The 2019 OPMCA is quickly approaching with only two and a half months to go ! The Convention will be held on April 30th, with the Oklahoma Super Trade Show the following day on May 1st. OPMCA encourages all members to attend and register in advance. Additional Convention and hotel information can be found in registration below.
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Friday, Feb. 15, 2019
  • OPMCA Legislative Efforts
  • OPMCA eCapitol Tracking Report
  • Reminder: OSHA Workplace Injury and Illness Posting
  • District Court Grants Preliminary Settlement Approval of Visa/Mastercard Case 
  • RFA Requests an Ethanol Mandate Increase
  • Complimentary Webinar
  • Risk Management Academy Registration Now Open
OPMCA Legislative Efforts
The Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (OPMCA) is working for legislative results that benefit your businesses at the local, state and national level. OPMCA continues to monitor all bills which are introduced to determine those that are detrimental to our industry.  
The last several legislative sessions have been very interesting to say the least. It is an exciting, but critical time for our state. We are looking forward to a fresh start with new leadership in 2019 and OPMCA has already taken several proactive steps. 
We need your support! Please help us protect you by investing in OPMCA Legislative efforts. We have several options to help you help us make a difference in our industry. The monies from the funds below are vital to our legislative efforts. Please help be an important part of our effort by sending a contribution today!
Ways to contribute to OPMCA Legislative Efforts:

OPMCA Legislative Defense Fund - This Fund is used exclusively for the association’s legislative efforts. This contribution can be paid with a corporate check or corporate credit card.

Please click HERE to download the 2019 OPMCA Legislative Defense Fund Contribution Form.

OPMCA Political Action Committee (PAC) – This Fund is used exclusively to thank and support Oklahoma Legislators who are pro small business. This contribution can be paid with personal check, personal credit card or cash.
Please click HERE to download the 2019 OPMCA PAC Contribution Form.

PMAA Small Business Committee (SBC) Political Action Committee (PAC) – This fund helps elect individuals on the national level who are supportive of small business and independent petroleum marketers. This contribution can be paid with a personal check or personal credit card.

Please click HERE to download the 2019 PMAA PAC Contribution Form.
Please take a moment and review the linked materials. You can help us make a difference. Please contact the OPMCA office with questions. We appreciate you and your continued membership!
Thank you for supporting the OPMCA Legislative Efforts in 2019!
OPMCA eCapitol Tracking Report
To view OPMCA's Bill Tracking Capitol report now, please click HERE .
It will be available to you online for the next 20 days.
Reminder: OSHA Workplace Injury and Illness Posting
The 2018 posting cycle for OSHA’s workplace injury and illness reporting rule began the first of the month and runs through April 30. The OSHA injury and illness recording and posting requirements apply to most establishments (workplaces) with more than 10 employees. OSHA requires employers to record and post all work-related injuries occurring during the previous calendar year. Click here to view the PMAA Compliance Bulletin. 

District Court Grants Preliminary Settlement Approval of Visa/Mastercard Case 
Last month, the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York issued an 80 page Opinion and Order granting preliminary approval to the pending $6.25 billion settlement in the consolidated payment card interchange fee class action case (In Re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation, MDL-1720). The settlement class is comprised of all merchants that accepted Visa and Mastercard payment cards from 2004 to the present. The settlement fund is designed to compensate class members for the interchange fees they paid, which were allegedly inflated as a result of certain violations of the antitrust laws by Visa and Mastercard and their participating banks.

Last December, PMAA filed objections to the settlement over concerns that branded marketers would not receive notice or payment because their major oil company suppliers are the only entity known to credit card processors. PMAA argued that it was the marketers who paid the interchange fees. Judge Brodie of the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York addressed this issue by saying, "Class Counsel assured the court that Branded operators would in fact receive notice." Notice of the settlement should go out shortly and opt-outs may be filed until July. PMAA will have more information for marketers soon on how best to proceed.

RFA Requests an Ethanol Mandate Increase
In a letter sent to EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler earlier this month, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) urged the EPA to account for the biofuel gallons lost due to small refinery waivers by increasing the ethanol mandate as part of an expected upcoming reset of the RFS. The EPA is expected to release a proposed rule this spring to reset RFS blending obligations for 2020-2022, as well as biomass-based diesel blending obligations for 2021-2022. Biofuel groups have argued that the refinery waivers have indirectly reduced the ethanol mandate which have driven down RIN values and, therefore, weakened the market for E15. 

The letter states that “EPA issued an unprecedented 48 small refinery exemptions from 2016 and 2017 RFS applicable volume requirements, effectively cutting total renewable fuel blending obligations by 2.25 billion gallons. The practical result of these exemptions has been a flood of RIN credits onto the market, a dramatic collapse in RIN prices, reduced ethanol blending activity in 2018, and historically low ethanol prices.”  

The EPA finalized a rule last year that would increase total renewable fuel volume by 630 million gallons from 2018 to 2019 but does not force large refiners to make up for the gallons of obligated blending volume lost in 2018 due to these small refinery waivers. PMAA believes carrying those gallons over to large refiner obligated blending volumes for 2019 would cause an unlevel playing field in the marketplace.

Last year, Acting Administrator Wheeler addressed some lawmakers’ concerns with the granting of small refinery RFS waivers to large oil companies by the Trump Administration. Wheeler defended the exemptions saying, “Often times these refineries are located in the Rocky Mountains and other regions where they are the only supplier in their region. We have to issue these regulations on the refiner itself." Although many ethanol producers believe that larger refineries should blend more ethanol to make up for the gallons lost due to the exemptions, Wheeler said that doing so could have "a rolling impact on other refiners” and could lead to more RFS waivers.

Complimentary Webinar
Family Succession Planning
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (1 PM CT)
45 minutes | Complimentary | Advance registration required

When most people hear “estate planning,” they think of planning to avoid estate taxes. However, for all but the very wealthiest individuals, the federal estate tax is no longer a concern (although state level estate taxes may still be an issue for some). There is a lot more to estate planning than taxes. That’s why “family succession planning” better describes this process, which includes decisions about who will receive which assets, when they will receive them, and who will have authority to make financial, medical, and end-of-life decisions for you if you can’t.  

  • Anyone with assets and people they care about

  • Which taxes may impact you and your family at your death 
  • What will happen if you don’t do any planning 
  • Impact of property ownership and beneficiary designations on your plan 
  • Importance of planning for incapacity and end-of-life decisions

Click HERE to register for this complimentary webinar now!
Risk Management Academy Registration Now Open
Risk Management Academy
Registration Now Open!
Federated Insurance is offering complimentary risk management training for petroleum marketers on April 23-25, 2019. Through this valuable session, you will discover methods you can use immediately to help protect profits by reducing risk at your business.
Companies that are the most successful at controlling losses and protecting profits have integrated risk management into their overall company culture. Many have designated a key person as their risk manager. This person is supported by your company’s top management and is both responsible and accountable for identifying loss exposures and implementing risk management solutions.
This seminar’s objective is to help your risk manager learn the exposures specific to the petroleum industry, connect with peers from across the country and apply these best practices within your business.
“Attending this training is one of the best investments you can make to help protect your business and its bottom line!” 2018 RMA Attendee
You can learn more by viewing a brief video about the Risk Management Academy. To reserve your spot in the upcoming session or for more information, please contact Royetta Spurgeon at rlspurgeon@fedins.com or (800)533-0472 Ext. 455-5604. Or, visit Federated's website .